Mobs and Mice 1

Those locking us down, proposing vaccine mandates and compulsory use of QR codes do so as the result of a faulty logic. We know this because they say that the important thing is the “messaging”.

How does a person get to the point of deciding to message an electorate?

Here is the chain of (faulty) logic:

  1. There is this thing I have decided is required.
  2. It must be done by more people than I can reasonably convince in order for it to have the outcome I think it needs to have.
  3. In order to get the shortfall of people to do it, I have to mandate it.
  4. In order for the electorate to accept that compulsion, I have to emotionally manipulate them.
  5. The manipulation requires devising an effective “message”.
  6. I need colleagues and media to repeat this message often enough that enough people will accept it.
  7. In order for the media to accept their part in this manipulation, I have to convince them that they are have an expert role in the scripting of the message.

You can all see the numerous, obvious spots where this chain falls down.

Australians have form in this, for example being one of only three countries to make voting compulsory. I have long argued against that particular little logical slime filled pit.

That the response to the cov has been particularly heavy handed in Australia comes as no surprise given it’s history as a penal colony. Those of you pointing at New Zealand right now are right, but that country has it’s own peculiarities that neither time nor space allow me to outline here, but of which I am all too aware.

Which leads us to the question of what to do. I don’t know. I do suspect that the response we want to give has many dangers and possibilities of unintended and vicious outcomes. I do know that what is occurring is in some respects not just what our health experts think is the best response to a pandemic, but part of a global push towards something.

That public servants who are convinced that the globe will end in a fiery hell within a decade or so if the economy is not “de-carbonised” cannot possibly be unaffected by those beliefs while exercising their new powers- shedding jobs, permanently altering the economy and accelerating other things they consider desirable.

How should we respond? When one is buying a house, or trading shares, one decides numbers or stop losses: rules by which one imposes limits on one’s own actions in order to remove the emotional responses during trading or negotiating…

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  1. Another example of faulty logic:
    Masks work. If true, then why are medical establishments forcing their staff to wear an additional layer of protection is the form of a Ned Kelly plastic mask?
    Because the logic is faulty.

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  2. Sorry for the disjointed posting and editing mistakes in this post.
    I struggled to get it through WordPress and hit “post” too soon on the first chunk.
    Will do better next time.

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  3. This shit happens because there is zero accountability for public servants.
    The only accountability for politicians is to be voted out. Harder than it seems.
    Until both these classes are held truly accountable we are going to be fed the same shit sandwiches. Over and over again.

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  4. I don’t know about others, but I am going through quite an existential crisis making sense of this enormous “thing” that is happening to our way of life, our country……..not to speak of what to do.

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  5. I rather think this shit happens because the marxist infiltration and subversion of institutions fervently believes that truth is defined by messaging and not what is actually true. The greatest current example of this is the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. Were the Marxist refrain of USA is a bunch of white supremacist oppressors remotely true, the Afghan population would have been celebrating in the streets instead of lining up at the airport for a ticket to the hell hole that the marxist blm would have us believe is the USA.

    The sad part is to watch right of centre politicians fall for this bollocks.

  6. Similar response in nearly all countries based on entirely false “facts”, similar language by politicians, media, breach of all established protocols everywhere and enforcement of harmful “rules” – it’s coordinated. Classic marxism, Alinsky’ rules for radicals. Once again millions are going to die. The damage is done, now we watch. Look after you and yours. If incidents come to court, “not guilty, your honour”. And very important, if you hate someone, Koshie, SloMo, your neighbour et al, make sure they’re masked. All the time.

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  7. When one is buying a house, or trading shares, one decides numbers or stop losses: rules by which one imposes limits on one’s own actions in order to remove the emotional responses during trading or negotiating…

    There are no limits on govt(s), and if there are, they’re being ignored by the politicians.

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  8. There are no limits on government cos the modelling tells them they need to act. To not act is not an option ..cos of the modelling. Your rights do not matter …cos of the modelling. And if you lack confidence or direction as a government leader …best get modelling.

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