Of Mobs and Mice

When trading or making a large investment one has in mind numbers. By “in mind” we do not mean “this is what we wish to get”. By numbers, we do not mean what is required to break even, what you need for this other thing you want to buy or any other metric unrelated to the actual value of the thing. This you will have properly researched either using recent sales within that market, or if that market is too small, other like markets with a history of a strong correlation.
You will do this because you are a logical and rational person who knows that in the midst of a trade or a negotiation, there is an emotional component that is easily manipulated, so you plan ahead to take the emotion out of the transaction and rely on a set of rules you have imposed upon yourself ahead of time.
So too, as by now it becomes clear that our leaders have gone completely bonkers and are liable to remain irrational for quite some time, you need to impose some rules upon your reactions to events. As much as we might daydream murderous thoughts, or relish the vision of people who we imagine deserve some form of comeuppance dangling from lamp posts, taken too far, such emotions may lead me and you to a bad place.
It’s important to plan ahead how you will respond to certain triggers as events continue to unfold. Your responses should be legal, effective and entirely rational.
For example, if vaccine mandates would impose upon you getting vaccinated to keep your job, and you have decided that is a step too far, you might plan to respond by resigning your job, dedicating time to organising opposition online and building a network of like minded individuals for support. Such a plan does not involve you spending months stewing on the possibility and getting very angry. It requires planning, actions ahead of time preparing for the eventuality, discipline and resolve.

4 thoughts on “Of Mobs and Mice”

  1. Been there, done that, resigned, sold everything, relocated. I believe a mini ice age is coming. Better off in northern Oz where you can rely on the sun for heat and if there is a virus (there isn’t, yet) it just doesn’t like heat. It’s been massively inconvenient . If it is the Great Reset (it is), with a massive reduction in the population, you can take your pick of properties and where to live. And you’re far better off out of the cities.

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  2. Good analysis, Arky.

    Anger as an emotion is a perfectly normal and human reaction. For a time, at least. But if it is your only reaction to something, you will make yourself as impotent and damaged as your abusers think you are…

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