Australian Health Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza- 2019

This plan was written with something like the 1918 Spanish flu in mind. Menu of Actions (Bolding added by Arky)
…This list is divided into the following broad categories:
• pharmaceutical measures:
antivirals, candidate pandemic vaccines (vaccines based on a strain of influenza virus considered to have pandemic potential) and customised pandemic vaccines (vaccines based on the actual pandemic virus);
• social distancing;
community level interventions to reduce normal physical and social population mixing, in order to slow the spread of a pandemic throughout society;
• border measures:
measures that can be taken at airports and seaports to delay the spread of illness to or from a effected countries (or jurisdictions); and
• infection control measures:
measures to promote hand hygiene, cough/sneeze etiquette; the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
Communications measures are used across the categories. Each category lists the key actions in this area (such as school closures, voluntary isolation or working from home, in the social distancing category) and for each of these actions a summary table is available which outlines suggested factors relevant to determining suitability for implementation.
These factors include:
• rationale and objective;
evidence of effectiveness*;
risks and benefits;
direct and secondary costs;
likely acceptability;
practicalities; and
• timing



Note that within THEIR OWN PLAN by this time LAST YEAR they should have been doing this:

Standdown stage
Individual activities will be regularly assessed and stood down when they no longer contribute to the AHMPPI’s goals. The trigger for the AHMPPI as a whole to move into the Standdown stage will occur when advice from CDNA indicates that the pandemic has reached a level where it can be managed under seasonal influenza arrangements.
Standdown activities will focus on:
• supporting and maintaining quality care;
• ceasing activities that are no longer needed, and transitioning activities to seasonal or interim
• monitoring for a second wave of the outbreak;
• monitoring for the development of antiviral resistance;
• communications activities to support the return from pandemic to normal business services; and
• evaluating systems and revising plans and procedures.

Read the thing. They’ve done little of the actual points in their own plan, allowed State governments to go off reservation with lockdowns, mask mandates, travel limits, border closures and QR codes and completely failed their mission, all for something, that unlike an influenza pandemic, kills virtually no one under the age of 60.


15 thoughts on “Australian Health Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza- 2019”

  1. That plan was for us. Looks reasonable, logical, sensible. SOLD

    But the actual plan is different. It was not for us to even look at and ponder. It is unsaleable.

    Oh for some real journalists. All that remains is to ask who, what, when, where and why. We already know the how.

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  2. Here are ALL the social distancing measures listed in the supporting documents for the most severe outbreak:
    Cancel mass gatherings
    (consider High impact on businesses)
    Proactive school closures
    Reactive school closures
    High impact on workplace absenteeism
    Workplace closures
    Substantial costs to businesses and employees; disruption of services and supplies
    Potential for high costs to employees from lost work days.
    Home working
    Not feasible for all
    Voluntary isolation of cases
    Disruption to workplaces and the economy
    Disruption to workplaces and the economy
    Voluntary quarantine of contacts
    High impact on workplace, absenteeism
    Benefits and compliance will be highest if disease is severe
    Impact is dependent on early application
    Compliance is dependent on information and understanding of patients/ contacts.
    Contact tracing

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  3. Notice THAT BLOODY NOWHERE does this document suggest:
    Closing parliaments.
    5km travel limits.
    QR codes to enter businesses.
    Mandatory fucking vaccines.
    Banning antivirals.

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  4. Nowhere in this document is there ANY mention of Keystone coppers running people off beaches, arresting mothers for social media comments, or shooting pellets at protestors.

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  5. I suggest everyone who feels this way vents their rage at their local members, state and fed.

    It’ll make you feel better, if nothing else.

    Suggest it be done by email or post, so they can’t charge you with harrassment, ala. Friendly Jordies or that bloke who gave their local member a serve on the street the other day.

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  6. The fundamental problem is that we are a federation where states retain a degree of sovereignty. As the states are primarily responsible for health they implemented the powers their public health emergency Acts grant them, powers much more draconian than any federal legislation or national plan of response. And it seems in all instances that the state public health bureaucrats who were granted the exercise of those powers were, to a woman, unfit to discharge them.

    If Morrison had taken the sugar off the table back in March, when he promised to do so, odds are so no state would presently be imposing lockdowns, curfews etc. because they simply wouldn’t be able to afford it, either financially or politically.

    One can only assume that at some point since March, Morrison has looked at the polling and focus group responses and determined that pulling funding would be politically untenable less than a year out from an election. To find some way forward he’s come out instead with his 4 point plan, although I suspect Christmas will be a bridge too far. And then there’s still the problem of recalcitrant Premiers itchy to pull the lockdown trigger, most likely McGowan and Palaszczuk.

    To paraphrase Thomas Sowell, never imagine that politicians are concerned with solving our prolems; they are concerned about solving their own problems, number 1 and number 2 being getting elected and then getting re-elected. Whatever number 3 is, it’s way down the list.

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  7. Idiots.

    Yeah…but no.

    I thought so initially as well, because I think it is always more likely to look for plain old incompetence in politicians than evil intent.

    But the current situation is way beyond that possibility now.
    How do we explain:

    – Essentially all developed countries doing exactly the same massive damage to their economies and their populations’ well-being, and continuing to do so despite all the first-hand evidence we now have with regards to just how ineffective it is even at attaining whatever their goals of the day happen to be;

    – The massive push toward experimental ‘vaccines’ which, as we can now see all over the place, are not only killing thousands of people but also are almost entirely ineffective at ‘stopping covid’;

    – The orchestrated vilification and ‘deplatforming’ of so many highly distinguished scientists, as soon as they go against the main stream narrative.

    I could go on, but it has all been said many times over already. This is much bigger than just ‘idiots’ in charge. It is an evil push into full-on totalitarianism.

    And by far the worst thing in all this – at least as far as I am concerned – is that apparently the majority of the world’s population, including in Australia, are entirely OK with this agenda.

    I’ve no doubt that this is THE major crisis to befall on the Boomer/Gen-X/Millenial generations.

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  8. Ive harked back to that document a few times.

    If you read the effectiveness of much of what they have done its either not recommended or there is insufficient scientific data to back it up.

    But not only did they do it, they continued to do so,

    Insane shitweasels.

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  9. John Bayley says:
    August 26, 2021 at 4:58 pm
    And by far the worst thing in all this – at least as far as I am concerned – is that apparently the majority of the world’s population, including in Australia, are entirely OK with this agenda.

    Probably won’t be too OK with it when the bioweapon injection starts knocking them off their perches by the million. But it’ll be too late then.

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