What are we Doing?

‘What are we doing” was the question that went through my brain a number of times the last two days. As another poster on here and I did our very best to make a particularly stupid spectacle of ourselves.

Which I’ve done before, and no doubt will again, as will a number of you reading this. Now I know its fun to be cynical, and it’s enjoyable to land some barbs on your foe. Also, the tut- tutting, finger wagging and censorious belongs to the other side, not to us. And if I were to lecture on something I just did, well that would be quite silly.

However, (groan- here it comes) if someone I met in real life and I can in the space of an hour interacting online be at each other’s throats and convinced that the other party is the very embodiment of evil itself, to be run off if not utterly destroyed, and we actually get along pretty well in person, despite disagreeing on almost everything, the question is: Just what the hell is that?

For sure the answer might be: “Well, you two are just a pair of nutters”. Which I wouldn’t completely discount, except for the fact that we are very far from being the only ones. I notice if two people are at each other’s throats on the blog, other feuds, long dormant or previously simmering also break out. It’s an interesting phenomenon at the very least.

Which brings me back to “What are we doing”? As the media pumps fear into the populace on an hour by hour basis, as we polarise around vaccinated v. unvaccinated, as there are huge profits to be made by corporations, and good employment to be had by individuals in presenting every single thing from only the most extreme viewpoint.

The new establishment of big, globalising government, big tech and Marxist academia will look at the crazy stuff online and say: “See? They must be monitored, controlled, censored and corralled”. Meanwhile, the internet is home to all that is the very worst about humanity, our society has stared into the abyss for far too long, and that abyss now knows exactly what our worst instincts are and how to exploit them, in the form of vast data sets tailored to teach the new artificial intelligences.

Only it won’t be the sickest and worst things that disappear, it will be the open debate of ideas contrary to the interests of… big, globalising government, big tech and Marxist academia. Already we can’t get out there effectively that there might be more to this vaccine issue than “reaching herd immunity”.

We’re going to have to get a damn sight smarter about a lot of things if we want to make even the smallest dent in the massive amounts of stupidity and depravity rolling over us in stinking waves every day.

Sorry that I got distracted by something very dumb instead of doing my bit.

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  1. A thought on the insanity.

    Having worked corrections and seen how a small group of turds can effectively run a group of 1000..

    You keep making things worse.
    You add more rules arbitrarily applied.
    You make sure the spoils system rewards your lieutenants.
    When a new rule you dont like is introduced find a way to make it unworkable, then present your own solution to the problem.
    For the handful of people who see through you doing this single them out one at a time for special treatment.
    Be present at violent incidents but dont actually carry them out yourself.
    That way you can position yourself as “the voice of reason”in the mob whom the “äuthorities”will try to deal with.

    Its super effective, but this time it appears its the government itself which has decided it doesnt want to be shackled to “norms’ and wants instead to freed from responsibilities.

    There is a cure for this in detention. Chokey for the organizers 7 thugs, hard, fast and at every opportunity.
    If you dont then the broader population sees thuggery as a normal way of getting advantage with few if any drawbacks and join in.

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  2. It’s very biblical.

    The various laws lately being pushed to make publication of “misinformation” illegal are a final insult, since most of what these people accuse of being misinformation is actually the truth.

    I thought this many years ago with the global warming hysteria (which still isn’t visible in real world data) and the Covid “emergency” is an extension of the same gestalt. Or at very least, if you aren’t Christian, it’s confirmation that a whole generation of the elite class can indeed go collectively mad.

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  3. There’s something else going on too though.
    As the Anglo countries become less traditional, less Christian, less sure of what unites us, we are dividing off into interest groups and classes.
    JC and I are from different classes. Our interests do not coincide in a whole bunch of things.
    I can spend all day on here trying to explain my interests and why I might think those interests are also the country’s interests, but we’re just never going to change each other’s minds.
    In the end, about industry, tariffs, filling Australian universities and schools with fee paying overseas students, the nature of work, I’m never going to convince. Never.
    Ultimately, one of us is right and one is wrong.
    If I’m right, we’re heading for dissolution of our nations, or a complete change of who lives here and and what ideology they represent, in a not good at all way. Not at all.
    One of us is right, and one is wrong.
    You can explain and argue all you like, but the other party can never really “see” what you see, never understand your interests. And without a larger national interest to unite us, our own interests are all that is left.
    For the new left, and all too many of those who call themselves libertarians, not only do they not see a national interest, they don’t much like the people the share the nation with. This is also becoming true of the right. When we say “I can’t believe how stupid everyone is being throwing their freedoms away. This isn’t the country I grew up in. I no longer care what happens to these stupid people”.
    It’s not the way.

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  4. Imagine (if you will) that you are a cup filled up to the brim. Then imagine you get knocked or jostled.
    You spill over. What it is we spill out tells us a lot about who and what we are.

    It’s a humbling thought.

    We’ve laid aside a lot of the conventions of courtesy that have, in the past, made civil discourse and disagreements not only possible, but constructive.

    I don’t know how we get back to that. For every ‘fact’ or ‘proof’ or ‘study’ one person provides, the other counters with their ‘fact’ or ‘proof’ or ‘vastly superior study’. Then any ensuing discussion just gets bogged down in name calling and denigration of the site or person or study that was linked.

    The truth is out there, somewhere, but we are all choosing which source we feel most comfortable trusting, and then waiting to see how it all unfolds.

    Some suggest that if you believe one ‘conspiracy theory’ you believe them all. Which has to be ridiculous, because there’s a contradictory theory out there for every other. Others suggest that if you doubt these theories, it’s because you ‘just believe everything the government tells you’, which is also stupid because, again, we all know governments lie and contradict themselves.

    When people don’t know, they speculate. Rumours abound, theories rush in and out of favour, narratives change and minds change depending on personal experiences or the latest data we’ve just looked at. We just need a way to share all this without becoming as spikey as ‘rona or spilling unsavoury muck about us in the jostle.

    But that’s just my opinion. Others will disagree, no doubt.

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  5. You can explain and argue all you like, but the other party can never really “see” what you see, never understand your interests.

    Arky – All you need to know is Biden’s approval rate AFTER the Kabul fiasco is still 48%.
    So 48% of polled Americans approve of the job he is doing.
    That is an impressive level of cluelessness.
    Or an impressive extent of evil.
    Or perhaps both.

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  6. Bruce of N

    Or at very least, if you aren’t Christian, it’s confirmation that a whole generation of the elite class can indeed go collectively mad.

    As happened in 1930s Germany. And they had eventually to be put down like rabid dogs (NADT).

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  7. That is an impressive level of cluelessness.
    Or an impressive extent of evil.
    Or perhaps both.

    If, by evil, you mean lying and poll fixing…yes.

    Trump won.

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  8. Dan Bongino was talking about a national divorce, Red from Blue States. Would not work here as we have seen in the last 18 months the majority population of all States are gaslighted, scared and ignorant.

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  9. I fled the blog when your dispute with JC escalated yesterday and continued into the evening. Having met you both, albeit briefly and in the presence of alcoholic bonhomie, I was torn between wanting to smack your heads together and demanding, school playground style, that you shake hands while mouthing an insincere sorry.

    Neither pathway would have provided a way out of the anger and spite flying in both directions and remembering that my dad always whacked all participants in a sibling conflict because:
    (A) he could be confident he had punished the offender/s, and
    (B) he claimed that it was impossible to conduct a fight by yourself, it always required a minimum of two to play,
    I stayed well out of it.

    We are suffering through oppression and it’s accompanying uncertainty. We see, but through a glass darkly.

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  10. The majority are reacting like the participants in Stanley Milgram ‘s authoritarian experiment . However many starting to fall apart in my environment .
    Like Cassie I am trained in Stocism of Epictetus , Epicurus and Marcus Aurelius which are the philosophers under lying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy . I also write a lot and pester those who are putting in the rules For instance last year I contacted State LNP and urged them to run the guilty ads again . They have listened and will appear on TV soon.

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