Whatever else it is about, it’s not about your health

Just how stupid are these people terrorised  by Covid. This stupid!

Since the info above is clear and visible to me but not on the blog, here is a summary of what it says.

Australian Flu Cases in 2019:          302,092

Australian Covid Cases 2020-21       46,726

Australian Flu Deaths in 2019:                  950

Australian Covid Deaths 2020-21            985

If these numbers are even remotely correct it’s a shameful madness.

Might match these figures up with another set from Instapundit.

9 responses to “Whatever else it is about, it’s not about your health”

  1. Roger Avatar

    Just how evil are the politcians & health bureaucrats who’ve done the terrorising?

  2. feelthebern Avatar

    Data is violence.

  3. C.L. Avatar

    Unfortunately, even the creator of this table felt compelled to use the qualifier “fully vaccinated.”

    The fully un-vaccinated are at no meaningful risk of death either.

  4. Tom Avatar

    Those terrified of Covid are not stupid, Steve. They’re just scared.

    If the news media had done its job, they wouldn’t be scared because the media would have reported the statistics honestly instead of distorting them to create hysterical fear of Covid.

    But the news media piled on with the Covid hysteria because hysteria sells newspapers and drives TV ratings — the fatal weakness of the news media business model: the media stands for the public inerest until it becomes more profitable to throw tbe public under the bus.

    For 99% of the Australian news media, if you question government health directives, you are a “covidiot”. Dissent is bad for business.

  5. cuckoo Avatar

    For what it’s worth, the Age today publishes an open letter to Andrews saying that lockdowns have to end, and that he needs to start publishing the science that his decisions are supposedly based on. Not much in itself, but possibly a sign that the elites are getting sick of this, which is the only way it’s ever going to end. It will probably have no more effect on Andrews in his Spring Street bunker, than to cause him to angrily hurl his pencil down on the map of Melbourne.

  6. Perfidious Albino Avatar
    Perfidious Albino

    I would love to see if the odds of being hospitalised or dying of Covid UN-vaccinated are actually so much lower that they don’t even make that table…

  7. duncanm Avatar


    read the UK Covid Variant Technical report.

    Of those that visited emergency care, Delta cases:
    Unvaccinated: 390/178k (0.2%) died
    Fully Vaccinated: 679/40.5k (1.7%) died
    > 21d post dose 1: 90/57.5k (0.16%) died

    Read into that what you will. Don’t forget UK vax coverage is pretty high (currently 60+% fully vaccinated), so obviously vaccination keeps you out of emergency.. but by that stage, you’re much more likely to die.

  8. duncanm Avatar

    Another way to view it — 679 deaths from ~60% of the population, 480 from ~40%.

    Doesn’t look like vaccination is saving anybody from death.

  9. Wally Dalí Avatar
    Wally Dalí

    Looks like unless you’ve bent over for the spike protein primer, you don’t even chart.
    That, or you’re unperson-ed.

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