An Arky Table of probabilities and outcomes

PandemicTyranny easingTyranny sameTyranny risingTyranny Maximus
after one or two
more waves
– Vaccine passports quietly dropped
-Boarders re-open
-CMOs scapegoated
– Rolling lockdowns until no more cases
-Economy permanent rooted
-Protests fill streets
-vaccine passport morphs into social credit passport
– Dan hastens to sell Vic to Xi in return for a tin of that grippy stuff
you use on stairs
Flu like
-QR codes permanent but most ignore use
-Boarders open with testing to enter country required
– Vaccine passports
– travel permanently disrupted
-QR codes
– Vaccine passports
– Permanent travel restrictions on “unvaxxed”
-The Berk lays an actual egg live on TV
– Elections called off
-Slow return to sanity– Claims of vaccines working as expected
-Restrictions remain past ludicrous
– QR codes enforced
– Private business “encouraged” to police compliance
– Economy lies in the corner whimpering in a pool of it’s own urine
Endemic (worserer
-Australians “accept” suite permanent testing, vaccine requirements
– Intermittent restrictions
– Booster shots forever
– travel impractical for most
– Economy crawling on floor vomiting
– Can’t go anywhere
-Can’t do anything
– Economy begs to be taken to doggy hollow and put out of it’s misery

7 thoughts on “An Arky Table of probabilities and outcomes”

  1. Arkey in level 4 is Death. With no immunity to the mutating strains across the globe fortress Australia will be as history shows an isolated population suddenly exposed to disease where the vectors have natural immunity through exposure and they had none.

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  2. The rest of the world carks it and Oz morphs into the B Ark of officious l
    A-holes lording it over the unclean

  3. – Elections called off

    I can’t imagine lockdowns occurring to March next year when the campaigning for the next Federal election begins (elections due by May 2022.)

    The last thing the Uniparty wants is to see Craig Kelly’s face constantly on the TV promising “no more lockdowns.” They will have two options, either end the lockdowns or cancel the elections due to “health concerns”. Which way will they go?

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  4. No vaccine passport for me so I become a second class citizen.
    I didn’t see any politicians when I deployed.
    What have these fat cats done for Australia apart from Hoover up tax money?

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