We need more of you people who believe the vaccine is great to take this stance. It isn’t the vaccine that worries me. It’s the lies, enforcement and coercion around it. Make a stand. They’re compelling people to get injections they don’t want, a medical intervention, just to maintain some minimum facsimile of the lives they’re used to. If you don’t take an active stance here, I doubt you will over anything subsequent.

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  1. They can “vaccinate” my cold dead corpse. It’s an oxymoron calling these untested spiked proteins a vaccine. Apparently they don’t protect you against what you are vaccinated for.
    I’ve had heaps of vaccinations. I had to be vaccinated to be up to date to be sent overseas at anytime by the Government. You could trust them in those days.
    Before that as a child travelling you had to have your health card along with your passport to visit places. Heaps of tested and efficacious jabs.
    If these vaccines government is forcing on us we’re any good why the coercion?
    Not to forgot the NSW CMO’s New World Order speech.
    This used to be a height trust society. Won’t see those days again.

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  2. I have told the work clipboard list warriors I am not putting my name down only any star chamber list as having been vaccinated. None of their business. No doubt I am now branded as an antivaxxer. (Boss knows I have anyway though as we went together).

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  3. No problem with vaccines. Like most people I have had plenty over the years. This concoction that the “Health” are pushing isn’t a vaccine though. It’s a treatment at best and not all that effective from looking at the stats worldwide.

    I want to travel O/S next year and will probably have the Novavax if available. To the best of my knowledge it is the most promising and safest.

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  4. I’m a twofer vaxxed individual and I totally oppose people being coerced into getting the jab. It’s disgusting trying to force people and it’s disgusting what we have to endure with the lockdown.

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  5. Having said that, it’s also about time the no-vaxxers stop beating up on people who have taken the jab. As I’ve said here many times, a large number of no-vaxxers have been acting like whiny little bitches towards those who have.

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  6. Farting against thunder I’m afraid. The “opening up” will only be for those who are vaxxed- that’s the message and I suspect if it’s enforced (which I see they are trialing now) , we’ll get the 80% target. Life for those unvaxxed will be a nightmare , the PTB will see to that.

    Yes, it’s wrong to coerce and strong arm people into the vax but that’s what’s happening. Both from Govt and the citizenry. And I don’t see it being turned around, but dialled up. I see now in the US and also here there are the “conversations” about shunning the unvaxxed. I’m expecting them to be come front and centre as we approach Christmas.

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  7. You might like to tell the government that.

    What would you like us to do, Indolent? I’m happy to fight your battles, but what battles are you fighting at this very moment other that posting your concerns on a blog?

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  8. I’m happy to fight your battles

    It’s everyone’s battle.
    Unless you think they’ll roll back the tyranny after everyone complies.
    I don’t think that’s how tyranny works.
    They’re coming for everything eventually. Your house. Your business. Your kids. The lot.
    Think Doctor Zhivago.
    Don’t be Doctor Zhivago.

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  9. One problem is that you can’t argue with science-ignorant voodoo worshippers, to whom “all hail the vaxx – everyone must worship the vaxx” is a substitute for the rational thought they’re incapable of engaging in.

    The risk of a person giving covid to other people is a product of two variables:
    (a) how likely is the person to get covid; and
    (b) if they get it, how likely are they to transmit it.

    As to (a) we’ve got the stats from all over the world, including hyper-vaccinated societies like Israel, and it’s clear that vaccination makes no difference.

    As to (b), Johns Hopkins University, the world renowned medical research institution, says that the current data suggests that vaccination makes no difference to that either (though admittedly they’re circumspect about whether enough work has been done) – https://publichealth.jhu.edu/2021/new-data-on-covid-19-transmission-by-vaccinated-individuals .

    Until and unless it’s shown that unvaccinated people pose a greater threat to others than vaccinated people do, it’s the cheer squad for coercion, not the “vaccine hesitant”, who are the superstitious irrational hysterics.

    Yes, the fallback is “but if you don’t get vaccinated and you get sick the taxpayer has to pay, so you shouldn’t be allowed to take a higher risk”. I’m quite happy to have a generalised discussion about abolition of socialised medicine to get rid of that kind of risk-outsourcing, but in relation to the covid pseudo-vaxxes three things need to be noted:
    (a) on the “you first x 100” principle, anyone saying that should be prepared to have regular audits done of their own lifestyles to identify what government prohibitions need to be placed on them for the benefit of their fellow citizens’ tax bills;
    (b) I’m best placed to decide what the actual risks of vaxx/no vaxx are to me (and, without going into details, they aren’t the same as for some generic demographic stereotype); and
    (c) in any case, that proposition is irrelevant to unvaxxed people being allowed to go places (e.g. work – how does it help the vaxx-worshippers reduce their tax bills if the unvaxxed aren’t permitted to work?)

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  10. What would you like us to do, Indolent? I’m happy to fight your battles, but what battles are you fighting at this very moment other that posting your concerns on a blog?

    Thank you Arky for answering probably better than I could.

    You’re either free or you’re not. Even the vaxxed, how free are they if their rights are based on their government classification? What about when the next shot comes along and their “freedom passport” is cancelled unless they get that? It’s already happening, just look at Israel.

    They are playing the divide and conquer game. The only answer is to stick together and refuse to play along. Who was it who had the vaccine but burnt their passport because it was nobody’s business but his own? That is the only answer.

    In France the vaxxed and the unvaxxed picnicked in the middle of the street outside empty restaurants which discriminated against people based on vaccination. If we don’t stop this NOW we will never be able to get our lives back, any of us.

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  11. I think we are facing a serious threat with the pseudo-“freedom” being promised, to be logged and traced and tracked – and our passports demanded by everyone from Hoyts to the local cafe – that Andrews &c’s “freedom” will be a permanent state of affairs that ends true freedom (what little we had) forever.

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