13 thoughts on ““Rather strange”. Indeed.”

  1. So if this guy is correct, the government is lying.
    Of the three diseases they claim to need to save the Ivermectin for, one doesn’t exist in the country, and the other two have perfectly good, more commonly used alternative drugs.
    Bloody liars.

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  2. Second rate bureaucrats giving “advice” to doctors.

    Because they scan social media and they don’t like what they see, they assume that doctors are doing the same.

    I trust my doctor. I don’t trust the Health Department. Simple as that.

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  3. I’m glad you posted this, Arky. It’s worse, the TGA also claim they are worried doctors will wrongly prescribe it by following the advice of social media. Really?! Also, the idea that they cannot meet demand for a widely available drug is absurd. India has no trouble. Their reasons are absurd nonsense. The minutes to the advisory group meeting would be instructive.

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  4. And Arky, backing up what the nurse educator is saying here, in the comments section of his video, there is a reference from “jules on the beach” (that may have been cited earlier here at NewCat) to an article at Quadrant 13 September 2021, entitled:
    “A Sad and Shameful Day for Australian Medicine” from Robert Clancy, Professor Emeritus of Pathology at University of Newcastle.

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  5. India has no trouble.

    Neither does Japan.
    Or Mexico.
    Or the over 5billion doses to date globally.

    It’s just like hydroxychloroquine.
    The US DoD has 600mill doses on hand for the next time they go on an adventure where it’s needed.

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  6. The good Dr indicated, but wisely didn’t say it, that the reasons given smacked of politicisation.

    My posts about how the vaccines got through the gates, give off a similar stench.

    My faith in the TGA couldn’t get much lower. They’ll come out of this with a reputation on par with VicPol.

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  7. Surely it is far, far better to get the correct dose of Ivermectin from a doctor, rather than getting it on the blackmarket or the sly and overdosing?
    It is nonsense as the doctor says that GPs would get their dosage advice from social media.
    You could get the wrong dosage advice on social media for any drug.
    Doesn’t mean they’re banned.
    One of the biggest arguments against outlawing abortion is that it drives it underground and is often botched; how is this not different?

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  8. “My decision was not open to public consultation, given the seriousness of the circumstances, the risks to the community and the immediacy with which action needed to be taken. However, the ACMS (including state and territory representative members) was consulted in relation to the proposal and supported the amendment. Further, it was considered necessary to make the amendment urgently in order to support the Australian Government’s response to the COVID-19 public health emergency.


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  9. “Further, it was considered necessary to make the amendment urgently in order to support the Australian Government’s response to the COVID-19 public health emergency.”
    Oh dear. Read the material and not convinced decision was on principles or science but on pressure. Karma will get these guys while they sleep, if they do sleep any more.

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  10. Further to this, Rebecca Weisser in Spectator.com.au 18th September has an excellent article outlining the TGA machinations and also the response from the Covid Medical network who have written to the TGA demanding repeal of this decision. They have used ivermectin to successfully treat outpatients in Australia as well as giving it to doctors in the frontline as a prophylactic measure. There is something very rotten in the health department.

  11. Seems to me like good old fashion corruption. What else can explain this vaccination at all costs, including treating people with legitimate therapeutics.
    Btw I would be interested to know why they haven’t cracked down on the use of purity blockers and hormone treatments for conditions that those drugs were never approved of and despite the negative effects, especially increased cancer risk.

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