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  1. 11 million Taiwanese jabbed out of 24 odd million, 752 deaths after jabs.
    (NB: Does not mean died from the vaccine, just that they died subsequent to having it).

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  2. They are not testing people for anti-bodies and not testing for contra indicative conditions. There is an agenda at work here. We know what it is, neutralise any more S1 spike protein bioweapon viruses china holds like mers chimerics.

    The left are all in for health passports as the first step towards social credit and social control. jab status is first test of social control in a free democracy. excuses for avoiding the jab like early intervention are made taboo and illegal. Doctors are muzzled. “vaccine hesitancy” turns into “anti-vaxers”, divide and conquer.

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  3. Taiwan’s statistics much the same as Australia’s: 10 million vaccinated out of 25 million with north of 500 deaths. For something that fades after a couple of months. The chance of death is 0.005%. If you required to get a booster shot every six months then the lifetime chance of death rises to near 1%. Has anybody thought this through?

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  4. As you note, Arky, this is a population death rate post jab, unexamined for causation.

    Most deaths in this table are in the over 65 age groups who have a higher death rate anyway with the pattern percentage highest for the over 90’s as expected by age alone. Also there would be some self-selection bias especially amongst the higher age groups as those with comorbidities are more likely to head straight for a vaxx and more likely to die also from debilitating comorbidities. You’d need more detailed information concerning comorbidities and cause of death stats to make much sense of this raw data vs normal population expectations of death by age category. Figures for the first fourteen days do seem high and raise suspicions of being vaccine-related in part at least but the timeline is not disaggregated here by age. 25 deaths at 0 might indicate anaphalaxis, which seems very high if that is the case (which it may not be).

    Pfizer or Astra Zenica? Or both? Any disaggregations re these? Pfizer, I think I recall hearing.

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  5. Sadly, most doctors are too scared to give you professional advice where it in any way conflicts with the edicts of the despots in government or their union.

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  6. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bearesays:
    September 24, 2021 at 12:17 am Edit

    Look at the first three bars in the chart underneath the table in green. Tian means days.
    In the first week after vaccination an average of 56 people per day die after.
    In the next bar, days 8- 14, an average of 20 die per day after.
    The next bar, week 3 after vaccination, 13 die per day after getting the dose.
    Now it could be that as at the point when the data is collected, because vaccination rates could be rising, there might be a bunch more people vaccinated within the last week than there were after two weeks or three weeks, skewing that data, but then, after five weeks the bar jumps again.
    So I think it’s more likely that the excess deaths in week one compared to week two indicate that there is a correlation between the days from vaccination and the deaths. But without the data of the total numbers vaccinated in those time frames it’s impossible to know for sure how much it is.

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  7. All one needs to do is to look up the slide that was used at the recent FDA presentation, which shows VAERS reports of adverse reactions & deaths for ALL vaccines, across ALL age groups, going back 30 years.

    In that, you will finally find the famous ‘hockey stick’. 2021 has gone vertical, at several multiples of past years.

    Correlation does not imply causation. Sure.
    But I call BS on this not being in any way related to the Covid ‘vaccines’.

    And sites like thecovidblog.com document many of these post-injection deaths and serious injuries. Note that in the past, ANY vaxx was pulled after no more than 50 deaths. Now a PhD researcher in the USA says she has found evidence of between 125,000 – 250,000 of post-Covid ‘jab’ deaths in that country alone.

    Yet the death express continues to be increasingly mandated by governments all over the world. Perhaps there would be some justification for this, IF:

    1) Covid was actually extremely deadly. — We know it is not.
    2) If the ‘vaccines’ actually worked. — We know they do not. (See Israel, Iceland, Seychelles, Gibraltar, UK, to name a few.)

    This is a crime against humanity.

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  8. Angus Black:

    Sadly, most doctors are too scared to give you professional advice where it in any way conflicts with the edicts of the despots in government or their union.

    It seems to me that the amount of Doctors that are standing up for their patients is a lot less than the average.
    Or am I wrong?

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