The Triumph of Them

Imagine what it would be like if you have to sign into every place of business you enter, with technology that tracks your movements and is linked to your home address and unique identity.

Shop lifting will disappear overnight. No more free rides on public transport for those nasty turnstile jumpers. No more antisocial behaviour in restaurants, no running off without paying the bill, no more walking out of Bunnings with free Chinese- made shit.

All this must be mighty attractive to all those old style, lock ’em up right wingers. These talkback radio types we listened to every day, like pulling on an old, half chewed pair of slippers: ugly and smelly but also familiar and comfortable, A habit of mind. Might explain why they are strangely right- on with Dan Andrew’s new Victoria.

It’s the uniting of the authoritarian right and the authoritarian left. A new way to look at the long talked about political realignment. There is Us, and there is Them. They are everyone who want to manage and control everything and everyone using some really, really bad ideas. And we are everyone else. Everyone, no matter why, who doesn’t want to live in a gigantic, open air human version of a chicken farm.

We might find ourselves in the company of people we used to think of as the enemy. Old school unionists. Anarchists. Ratbags. Maybe some of our brothers in a certain religion (what side will they come down on as these systems chew into their freedom to do the things they do?).

Meanwhile, people we might have used to think as being broadly on the side of the angels, aint. Not at all. We must look at them with new and much more critical eyes. The Liberals have sucked the big one for quite some time now, maybe they always did. They are as attractive to most of us as a broken down whore. Which is essentially what they are. Those coppers, who for years whined about their lack of resources, who couldn’t tackle actual riots because of “civil liberties”, who couldn’t track down your stolen property or find your missing loved ones, what a sham they turned out to be.

And then there is the media. The disgusting media and their toadying, weaselling and stooging.

Horrible people.

Edit: (Scroll down to Gab’s excellent post below about no jab no job)

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  1. “And then there is the media. The disgusting media and their toadying, weaselling and stooging.”

    Correct and as far as I’m concerned, herein lies the problem and the danger. There are far too few “journalists” who are willing to hold the likes of Daniel Andrews and co to account….apart from a few News Corporation and Sky journalists and perhaps also Chris Uhlmann at Nine but that’s about it. Real journalists doing real journalism are very thin on the ground nowadays. They’re too busy being progressive political activists, spruiking the latest progressive political and social fad. And of course this doesn’t just apply to Australia, it’s a common theme across the west.

    What amuses me about the journalists that infest our national broadcaster, Seven, Nine and Ten, who continue to merrily sprout bulldust is just how territorial and miffed they get at the likes of Rukshan and Avi, both of whom are are doing real journalism and neither of these men have “journalism/media” degrees from Monash or UTS. This was evident last Tuesday morning when Billy Shorten described those men outside the CFMEU office on Monday as “Nazis”. Any journalist worth his or her salt would have challenged Billy for his absurd statement….but no…nothing…they either let such nonsense pass or nod in furious agreement.

    Journalism and the MSM are a joke.

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  2. The media’s role in the peddling of anti scientific fact and evidence hysteria and their incessant bleating in support of the idiotic bat flu restrictions over the 18 months has been appalling and infuriating.

    They must be held to account for this, censured and punished.

    No prizes for guessing what my preferred punishments would involve, the most obvious being shutting them down, for example, revocation of the braindead commercial FTA TV stations’ licenses. As for the ALPBC, don’t get me started.

    There is no role in any just society for collectivist propaganda peddling imbeciles, especially those bankrolled by extorting productive citizens.

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  3. And then there is the media. The disgusting media and their toadying, weaselling and stooging.

    The picture of Neil Mitchell atop this article is perfect — old Mr Bob Each Way, working the commercial radio ratings system like Anastasia Palacechook’s fear-mongering on Kung Flu, with all his fake opposition to Dictator Dan as he cheers on the evaporation of our liberties.

    Without the genius of Ross Stevenson’s breakfast slot inflating his mid-morning popularity, Mitchell would be just another also-ran sacked years ago.

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  4. I note he points the finger at conservatives, and there is a cohort that would like the state to push miscreants and those who deviate.

    But it is as well not to miss the distinct ingredient of the left as well: the one that hankers for class enemies and punishing collective sin. Lopping off 500 heads in one fell swoop can be cathartic if you don’t see them as individuals.

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  5. The only difference between the authoritarian Right and the Authoritarian Left is the symbols and slogans that they use.

    In both cases, they seek power by dividing the people and setting them against each other, ruling by and through a small, unelected oligarchy… and exercising complete control over all forms of production, distribution and exchange. If judged by their actions – instead of their propaganda – Stalin and Hitler were both Socialists.

    If you ignore the cosmetic differences, it becomes obvious that the supposed difference between Left and Right is fake and that the real difference is between Authoritarians and those espousing the liberty and responsibility of the individual.

    The other lie is that if you reject authoritarianism, you must embrace some form of anarchy. That the only choice is between totalitarian government and no government at all. Humans are social creatures and function best in a social community. That requires a constant negotiation of how the rights and desires of each individual, interact with other individuals. Your right to swing your fist, ends at the end of my nose. My right to free travel, ends at your front gate, etc.

    The true Conservative sits somewhere towards the Liberty side of the bell-curve, because he recognises that that is where both individual and society function best. He is not against change – because change is necessary to improve – but he is against change for the wrong reasons, because not all change is good, and we should judge all change by the standard of that which it replaces.
    Our ancestors were not idiots. Most of the things that we have that we regard as superior, are the result of their hard thinking and hard work.

    We should not worship them, but we should respect them.

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  6. My enemy’s enemy is my friend.
    But makes for strange bedfellows – I have recently found myself a fervent CFMEU supporter (of the rank and file type) and considering taking a knee for BLM (after they protested the banning of black customers at a NY restaurant because they had not been vaccinated – raaaaaaaacism).

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  7. In Better Angels, he[Pinker] continued, he wrote about this dynamic of the “spiral of silence”, which led to witch-hunts, the Inquisition, the French Revolution, Stalinism and Nazi Germany. He also compared what he sees as the intellectual bankruptcy of woke orthodoxy to the folktale The Emperor’s New Clothes. “It takes a little boy to point it out,” he said. …

    “Whatever happened to good old liberalism?” Pinker said to me later, exasperated but cheerful. “Who’s going to actually step in and defend the idea that incremental improvements fed by knowledge, fed by expanding equality, fed by liberal democracy, are a good thing? Where are the demonstrations, where are the people pumping their fists for liberal democracy? Who’s going to actually say something good about it?”

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  8. Well In NSW come December the state police will not be checking vaccine passports in venues. Perhaps the strictures of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 has finally perulated through to their Neanderthal skulls.
    Nasty little thugs that they have degenerated to. They can kiss my arse.

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