Y’all a bunch of idiots.

Read the comments below the viddy. About 50/50 in favor of sacking nurses who don’t get vaxxed. A sample:

OMG….keeping the top sales guy is more important than protecting peoples lives?….”Money is more important than life”. Wow….

The vaccine is safe and effective, there is no reason to quit your job over it.

Yeah what happens when thousands of people are laid off in your area, and 80%+ of employers are mandating… should I walk 80 miles away hoping to get a job?

Just get the vaccine ?

Oh, and make sure you view to the end to hear Ramsey’s excellent rant against corporate America:

17 thoughts on “Y’all a bunch of idiots.”

  1. The vaccine is safe and effective, there is no reason to quit your job over it.

    Flawless logic.
    Moron alert!
    If it is so “safe and effective” as you say, and you are vaccinated yourself, why are you so scared of the “dirty” unvaxxed?

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  2. A social line has been crossed, and there is no going back.

    The unspoken social bond between employers and employees for job security and loyalty and commitment has been chucked under the bus.

    From the most prosperous employee to the laziest, your job can be gone on a government mandating whim, and your employer will enforce this on you, no matter what your commitment to the company.

    The mandated jab workers who watch family members become unwell, they will grow to detest their job, workplace, and boss.
    With loathing, they will go to their work, knowing it is this coerced jabbed future, or starve.
    Not good for morale in the company.

    There is no going back to what was normal.

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  3. Kiss my arse you crowdvaliant bullying fascist noodlearmed chickenhearted sheepbrained dogsdigllicking imbecilic myrmadonon borg .
    You shit me to tears.

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  4. @Plasmamortar:

    When I first watched Idiocracy some 15 years ago, I thought it was a comedy. It is now clear that it was in fact a documentary.

    The scene where Brawndo Corp (‘It’s Got Electrolytes!’) simply buys the FDA in order to get its product selected as baby food and for crop irrigation is especially prescient, given the same development with the expediter Pfizer ‘vaccine’ approval, which broke just about every single rule the FDA has been operating under in the past.

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  5. If we aren’t being subject to some bizarre global social experiment, then why the f*ck are we tolerating being divided into castes?

    The Australia I grew up in prided itself on being a classless society.

    What a sham. One generation away from totalitarianism – and here we are.

    Our precious, glorious way of life in a magnificent unique land, gone, never to return. 🙁

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  6. ICYMI.

    This link is a sad insight into where our Australian society has fallen so far …

    ‘You ain’t no Rosa Parks’: Actor Sam Frost deletes account after anti-vax video backlash

    “The 32-year-old Sydneysider, who stars in Home and Away, released the video on instagram on Saturday in which she used the word “segregation” to describe the treatment of unvaccinated people.”


    There is a link to the deleted video in video.
    It’s worth a squiz.

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  7. When did coercively threatening and forcing the unvaccinated to get vaxxed to protect the vaccinated become a thing?

    Oh, about three months after they insisted we were idiots for saying that’s what they were going to do.

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  8. given the same development with the expediter Pfizer ‘vaccine’ approval,

    FDA gets over 40% of their income from pharma – ‘user fees’, I think they call it.

    He who pays the piper ….

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  9. Am I reading this correctly?
    Police as well as magistrates, court workers, are now exempt from vaccination?
    Did the Diktator realise he’s losing their protection if making them submit to the same insane regulations as the rest of the plebs?


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