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  1. Election fraud? What election fraud?

    Yeah, the Dems are now blatantly trying to steal the Virginia election for governor.

    Terrified Virginia Democrats Seek to Change Election Laws After Voting Has Already Started (12 Oct)

    Sure enough, the Democrat-dominated Fairfax Board of Supervisors has asked Gov. Ralph Northam to waive the witness signature requirement that Virginia law stipulates for all absentee ballots.

    Transparent. Blatant. Evil.

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  2. Ezekiel 25:17

    The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and goodwill, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper, and the finder of lost children.

    And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee

    If you’re going to now hide behind a religious cloak, reeeeeerrssr, this is my personal favourite.

    You won’t get it, but that’s kinda the point.

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  3. My 2c worth on the Ridd decision. I’ll take at face value others interpretations here, I remember some saying last year his legal team took the wrong angle. However we as taxpayers fund these institutions, if they want to turn the clock back 400 years and resemble the closed shops of Galileo’s day then do it without my help.

    BTW I read that article from Adam Pigott today, great article and much to think about now especially with this.

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  4. Do one for Vic now please. 13 elderly died overnight and all were vaccinated.

    Not sure if that right … may be … but seems high when in NSW we usually had the majority of those dying unvaxxed.

    In NSW, in the week ending 25 Sep

    602 (8.4%) of locally acquired cases were fully vaccinated
    992 (13.9%) were partially vaccinated
    3,141 (44.1%) no effective dose
    2,392 (33.6%) under investigation

    [Note there likely were some in the under investigation bucket and prob some “partially vaccinated” in the no effective dose (as they may have had a shot but only in the 2 or three weeks before tested).]


    And – I suspect that there would be A LOT more of breakthrough cases which were asymptomatic and hence untested…

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  5. Plow it into FMG,

    I’d be careful about i/o. The China RE market is still bringing out the bodies so a lot more demand destruction to come. They are dumping masses of sq mtrs , bringing down prices and undercutting existing owners. And we know there are cities full of empty apartments there. Steel demand in China’s biggest market for it won’t be bouncing back soon.

    There’s a major economic shake-out in progress in China.

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  6. Chant two days ago said masks inside for years to come.

    Has Chant or her sideckicks made a media appearance since Perrottet brought in the “looser” restrictions?

    I know that Perrottet was strongly questioned on whether Chant agreed… It will be a hoot if Perrottet moves the 1 Dec “freedom” to earlier. [Some say next week even]. I would really LOVE to see Chant interviewed and questioned on her support for that [You know … the Great Leader must be supported at all times! Good days! LOL]

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  7. I’m barracking for freedom day to be moved forward though low vaxx rates in some regions might stymie that being across the board in NSW.

    What is stymiying that is a love of fascism.

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  8. What is wrong with these people who think of themselves as smart and compassionate?

    They think that there every mood swing or petulant outburst is actually smart, and everything they cannot accept is beyond the bounds of compassion.

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  9. I got my hair cut! Guy didn’t ask my vax status.

    I rode on the bus due to the rain and went rather further afield than usual. Because it was cloudy the contrast between light and shadow was not so stark and it was possible to see inside the shopfronts which were not lit.

    So many shops are now empty. With what little ambient light penetrated the hollow grey rooms they just gave the impression of empty eye-sockets. Most of the places represent personal tragedies, with the suffering out of sight in peoples homes (if they managed to keep them).

    The government considers they have been a success.

    They are that dangerous.

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  10. JCsays:
    October 13, 2021 at 3:08 pm

    No, you’re not taking the fucking blame for it. ? He made all these enthusiastic promises and the site ended up with Bird making deplorable blood libel accusations against the Tribe and threatening to kill people, en masse, who didn’t agree with him. He let that crap go on for weeks and then, he finally posts a long laborious comment about how he’s busy running an online candy store and moving his family to another state. He didn’t have 15 minutes a day to clean up the shit Bird had sprayed over the walls and start a new open thread. Give me a fucking break.

    You, JC and others who sat on sinc’s cat for a great deal of the night, regularly interacted with & made excuses for Graeme Bird’s flooding Sinc’s cat with Jew Hate.

    His posts and other’s friendly interactions with him would all sit there all night (day for so many others around the world), then when Sinc found time in the morning, he’d delete his posts.

    Now when G.B. did the same thing on AdamD’s cat, you all jumped on AdamD for not having a ‘report’ button, which he did set up (but Sinc never did), but that wasn’t good enough, you wanted him to make ban hammer wielders out of a bunch of you (something you didn’t trash Sinc for not doing), and offered a whole host of other ways he could keep Bird out (ways that never even got tried by Sinc and aren’t 100% even here at Dover’s), but it isn’t about Your Friend Graeme Bird is it.

    You just want people to stay away from AdamD’s where people like mh, Steve Trickler and a whole bunch of others of good will, post links to real world information on this whole Wu Flu Jab Scam, that you are invested in.

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  11. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bearesays:
    October 13, 2021 at 4:09 pm

    Well, it’s extraordinary that every single thing you’ve complained about the critics and their supporters allegedly having come up with by “confusing” the authors’ own sample data with some other numbers turns out to be calculable by a straightforward application of the author’s own sample data without any reference to any other number whatsoever.

    Including the 82% vaxx/spontaneous miscarriage number (though that’s obviously superseded by the authors’ revised updated data, subsequent to all the criticisms of the original).

    But if you want to believe that a number of other people somehow all got all the author’s own sample data mixed up with something else, but by amazing coincidence all arrived at exactly the same percentage as the critics did by a simple application of the authors’ own sample data, rather than thinking that maybe it was you who has been confused all along, then sure I’m happy to move along.

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  12. Because the ABC wont cover it…
    At all.

    A Labor staffer has told a Victorian anti-corruption hearing he handled “wads of cash” from MPs to pay for party memberships and bought thousands of dollars worth of stamps using public funds that were used for political purposes.

    Adam Sullivan, who worked in a series of roles for MPs in Labor’s moderate faction, gave evidence on Wednesday at the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (Ibac) investigation into branch stacking within the Victorian branch of the ALP.

    Ibac has heard Adem Somyurek allegedly masterminded a vast branch stacking operation on behalf of the moderate faction. He has not appeared at the public hearings which started on Monday.

    Branch stacking and paying for memberships is not illegal, but the commission is investigating whether public resources were misused to further factional activities.

    On Wednesday, Sullivan said that in 2018 he was advised by Nick McLennan, another staffer who worked on behalf of the moderate faction, to buy stamps using the electorate office budget of Somyurek. Sullivan said he was asked to “re-route” the stamps inconspicuously, so as to not attract the attention of parliamentary services, the body which investigates electorate office spending.

    Sullivan was employed as a full-time electorate officer for Somyurek at the time. While he had no direct knowledge of Somyurek approving the scheme, Sullivan said McLennan told him he had spoken to Somyurek about it, and Sullivan did not believe it would be a problem because of the “environment” within the office.

    Sullivan said he bought $11,000-$14,000 worth of stamps and “a fair number” of them were sent on to be used in the election campaign of Tim Richardson in Mordialloc. No suggestion was made during the hearing that Richardson, a current MP, was aware of the scheme.

    Sullivan said he heard evidence given earlier this week by federal MP Anthony Byrne in relation to widespread branch stacking within the moderate faction, which involved paying for the memberships of others in breach of party rules.

    When asked by Chris Carr SC, counsel assisting, where the funds to pay for these memberships came from, Sullivan said in his experience it was provided by MPs or “aspiring” MPs.

    He gave three examples during which this occurred: when he was given about $700 by Byrne, when he was given $2,000-$3,000 by Somyurek, and when he was given $4,000-$5,000 by Steve Michelson, a former Labor staffer.

    Byrne gave evidence earlier this week that Michelson made the contribution to the memberships kitty so that he would be looked upon favourably in his bid for a federal seat.

    With the exception of Byrne, Sullivan said the other payments were made in the form of “wads of cash” in an envelope. Byrne has previously told the commission the funds were sourced in part from holding large fundraising dinners.

    Carr asked Sullivan a series of questions about the cleanliness of Somyurek’s electorate office, where he worked full-time for eight months starting in August 2017.

    Sullivan described it as “decrepit, run down, it came complete with cobwebs”, and there was a cockroach infestation in the kitchen that required an exterminator.

    Somyurek paid for his father to clean the office, Sullivan confirmed, but he said the only time he saw him was when he arrived asking to be paid. The only evidence any cleaning had ever been done was about once a week when it appeared the bathroom had been cleaned, he said.

    Sullivan gave evidence there was a “pattern” of Labor branch secretaries also holding positions in electorate or ministerial offices, despite the former being a political role and the latter being publicly funded.

    He believed there had been an acceptance of branch stacking within the party, and a disregard for any concern about the use of public resources for factional work, because everyone in the party was doing it, and therefore had “skeletons in the closet”. Nobody would blow the whistle because it would have led to “mutually assured destruction,” he said.

    Carr said Sullivan was described by those that knew him as a “thoroughly decent person”. When asked whether there “were things you did in the course of your employment … that you are thoroughly ashamed of”, Sullivan said he agreed.

    The hearing continues.

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  13. I know someone who worked in a lnp state member’s office for a few years.
    Not even a hint of this kind of behaviour.
    The Labor party seems to have done it as a matter of course.

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  14. The vid attached on Rukshan from Tropher, how nice of Josh to not arrest in front of the family (Sarc).

    Frollicking, follow Voice for Victoria twitter feeds. Concise commentary of the IBAC proceeding dropped like breadcrumbs across the day.

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  15. post links to real world information on this whole Wu Flu Jab Scam, that you are invested in.

    Oooooh. Plotters! Lizard people!

    You really are a funny old nanna.

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  16. Rukshan and Avi next?

    Obvious white supremacist terrorists.

    Jailed Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny says he has been designated an ‘extremist and terrorist’ by a prison commission, but jokes that ‘he doesn’t have to kiss a portrait of Putin’ (11 Oct)

    And unlike Russia here they will be required to kiss a portrait of Daniel Andrews.

    (Pretty amazing that Victoria is now more fascist than Vlad’s regime. Who ever saw that coming?)

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  17. On further reflection there is a lot of smoke and mirrors in the Ridd Judgment and not as much brightness as I first thought. The HC affirms Ridd’s right to express honestly held views related to his expertise but simultaneously confirms the ascendancy of confidentiality clauses in his EA so that he can hold honestly held expert views but just can’t express them.

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    13 October 2021

    Transport for NSW is committed to creating a safe workplace that
    minimises the risk of COVID-19.

    Controls to manage COVID-19
    Consistent with our ongoing commitment and obligation to provide and maintain a safe work
    environment, revised control measures will be introduced to Transport workplaces to manage
    the risks to health and safety associated with COVID-19.

    These control measures are set out in Transport’s COVID Safe Plans and associated
    procedures which, are updated regularly and should be read in conjunction with this Policy.
    The existing control measures are set out in the COVID-19 Controls Schedule A. The existing
    controls mechanisms are:
    ? Vaccination
    ? Health surveillance
    ? Physical distancing and capacity restrictions
    ? Cleaning and sanitising
    ? Point-of-entry check-ins
    ? Personal protective equipment
    ? Ventilation system controls
    ? Flexible work arrangements
    ? Support arrangements for vaccinations, testing and self-isolation
    ? Information and training in COVID-19 policies and procedures
    Transport has revised all implemented control measures and additional vaccination and health
    surveillance controls have been added to the existing multi-layered approach as set out in
    Schedule B.

    A combination of controls from the hierarchy of control measures is necessary to minimise the
    risk of COVID-19 transmission, so far as is reasonably practicable. (It’s not).

    Implementation of controls

    Many control measures have been implemented and already are in place. From time to time,
    Transport will be required to implement certain controls in stages on an interim basis (??? eve against whole of government policy?). Controls other than vaccination against COVID-19 commence as at the date of this Policy.

    From 1 December 2021, for those roles identified in Schedule B, it will be a requirement of the
    role that those workers have had at least the first dose of COVID-19 vaccination. Thereafter,
    workers engaged by Transport will be required to be fully vaccinated in accordance with the
    recommended timeframe between vaccinations.

    Workers will be required to provide Transport evidence of vaccination status by no later than 1
    December 2021. Evidence will consist of vaccination status from an accepted Government

    Information collected in relation to the implementation of any controls referred to in this Policy
    will be managed in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998,
    Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002, Transport Privacy Policy, Transport Access
    to Information Policy, Transport Records Management Policy, and Transport local level

    Workers are required to comply with COVID-19 safe work practices and control measures as
    set out in Schedule B to this Policy.

    Other than those with legitimate reasons such as a medical contraindication, workers are
    required to comply with lawful and reasonable directions issued by their principal/ employer.
    Lawful and reasonable directions can include a requirement for a worker to comply with any
    control measure, including being vaccinated against COVID-19 (NO) and a requirement to provide evidence of this.

    Any failure to comply with the requirements of Transport policies, procedures, standards or lawful and reasonable directions will be managed in accordance with applicable policies and
    procedures. Action up to and including the termination of employment or engagement may
    (Really? You’d get fired for not following procedure – even if it wasn’t best practice?)

    This Policy applies to workers performing work for, and working at workplaces
    controlled or managed by:

    ? Transport for NSW
    ? Sydney Trains
    ? NSW Trains
    ? State Transit
    ? Sydney Metro
    ? The Point to Point Transport Commissioner
    ? Office of Transport Safety Investigations

    The term ‘worker’ includes all permanent, temporary and casual staff, staff seconded from
    another organisation and contingent workers including labour hire, professional services
    contractors and consultants.

    Rob Sharp

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  19. That document is problematic.

    Is it really a final draft for consultation?
    If consultation matters, are the directions truly from the principal?
    Is it appropriate to discuss termination for this cause only in a draft document?
    Nothing in that document follows WHS & tort law. Proving causation from an unvaccinated person is very difficult if not impossible or prohibitively expensive.
    The use of immunisation data is contrary to the aims of Federal legislation, re the Australian Privacy Principles & the explanatory memoranda of the Australian Immunisation Register. The use of this Federal data is appealable under the ADJR.
    In light of Ridd v JCU, the enterprise arrangement & employment contract trump a code of conduct, certainly introduced after the fact.
    *You* never agreed to get vaccinated as part of that, the legality of a transport agency enforcing medical procedures in light of the above is very dubious.

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  20. VicPol arresting citizen journos on trumped up charges..

    Yep, despite the attempt by the blondie Sergeant of VikPol’s Inclusive and Diversity Dept to portray the black shirted swine as “victims” , there are plenty of utter c***s in their ranks still eager for an opportunity to brutalize the citizens of Victoria. No sympathy whatsoever for what befalls the despicable turds of VikPol. Zero.

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  21. The HC affirms Ridd’s right to express honestly held views related to his expertise

    The fact that he correctly called a fraud a fraud – and should not have been sacked or censured for that – are going to be lost in the “Ridd lost 7 nill in the HC” yammer.

    The issue I’m struggling with is that if he wasn’t censured and sacked in the first place, he would not have had to defend himself … which was then determined to be entirely justifiable a reason for him being sacked. So if the initial wrong did not occur – he would have his job.

    Fruit of the poisonous tree?

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  22. Unbelievable!! I was shopping at our shopping centre today, it is fairly large, containing Coles, Woolies, and numerous small shops. We are in the Brisbane LGA group and have had no cases of covid. I would say that close to 98% of the people in the centre all were masked, despite them not being needed unless social distancing cannot be achieved.

    Still shaking my head.?

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  23. Topher Field arrested in his home by Andrews’ praetorian guard, aka VicPol. The charge: incitement

    Incitement to what??!

    Topher was always a “talk the left into submission Ben Shapiro type libertarian/conservative”.

    If he’s guilty of incitement, I should be hanged.

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  24. “Topher Field arrested in his home by Andrews’ praetorian guard, aka VicPol. The charge: incitement”

    And of course you won’t hear a peep about it from the MSM.

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  25. ussr at 5:47.
    I can tell you’re upset.
    Now, let’s correct the record.
    AdamD left Birdshit on his site for six weeks. Sinc would get rid of it within hours, which is the best anyone can do unless they are on meth and awake 24/7.
    Let me hazard a guess.
    You quite liked the free-range nature of Dash-Cat because you could post Anne-level red-shoe pizzagate conspiracies, well, 24/7.
    You aren’t as comfortable at Flash-Cat because you know Dover has a very low shit tolerance for that sort of stuff.
    This means that, if you pull the same shit you did on Sinc’s Cat, it will end the same way.
    Dash-Cat is screwed.
    Get over it.

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  26. @PatsKarvelas
    TGA tells Pfizer it can apply for vaccine approval for five- to 11-year-olds #COVID19

    At a time where nations are banning mRNA shots for under 30’s… yeah who is being bribed? And with the Goebbelsian comments – just shows how easy it is to brainwash people. [Though I would suspect that a lot of these comments are bots or plants trying to influence … fact is I trust nothing anymore!]

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  27. areffsays:

    October 13, 2021 at 6:15 pm

    Topher Field arrested in his home by Andrews’ praetorian guard, aka VicPol. The charge: incitement

    This IBAC thing is causing Hunchback’s gyros to topple.

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  28. Probably gulaged, Dot. You’ll be in good company and will learn a lot about birds.

    Now we see BoNs cunnng plan.
    By becoming “friend to the birds” hes actually lulling them into a false sense of security when they later become gulag snacks.

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  29. Apropos the Asians less likely to die of covid theory.
    Someone should tell our local community.
    First into facemasks and gloves last year, still wearing masks outside during our brief respite earlier this year and young Asians are about the only ones I’ve seen wearing the face masks, face shield and gloves combo to drop parcels at the post office.

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  30. Heinlein has a lot of insights into slavery, and observes that it’s bad for the slavers as well as the slaves.

    Carl Sagan said the same thing about slavery regarding the ancient Greek civilisation in the TV series he made in the 1980’s.

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  31. Inside a Facebook bot farm that pumps out 200k+ political posts per month
    Bots can be used to artificially inflate the public’s perceived enthusiasm for a certain cause, person, product, or viewpoint. Astroturfing, for example, masks the real sponsors of a message to make it appear as though it originates from and is supported by grassroots participants. If people think bots are human, they are more likely to believe that the message has popular support.
    Bear in mind that bots are not necessarily malicious all of the time. They might be configured to post benign content until the bot farm administrator decides to weaponize them in an attack.”

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  32. What’s common to smokers, bikies, the unvaxxed and Clive Palmer?

    All no longer enjoy the protection of The Rule of Law in the former Commonwealth of Australia. But that’s OK, most people are cool with that.

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  33. @PatsKarvelas
    TGA tells Pfizer it can apply for vaccine approval for five- to 11-year-olds #COVID19

    Last week my daughter finally got her vaccination, Moderna, as she was tired of the pressure from work, her friends and those parents at her kids school, a Catholic school, who were saying they did not want their children at school with those of unvaccinated parents. Her two are 9yrs and 10yrs old beautiful healthy kids. She swears she will never let them receive the vax.
    Her husband had to be vaxed or lose his job.

    Tears came to my eyes when I read that Karvelas tweet.

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  34. COVID vaccination is like being an Anglican in 1535.

    Sorry old mate.

    I can’t see the spiritual validity in a fetal cell derived vaccine that works 60% of the time to lessen symptoms of “the disease”; for which 30% of the population has full natural immunity to.

    Dom, it profits a man nothing to sell his soul for the world…but for drinking a beer sitting down and wearing a mask at all other times?

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  35. I think it’s really creative of Cowra people to invite Chris Hemsworth to help them with a tourist ad. Even without Hemsworth’s agreement they could now hold a Thor festival a la Parkes’ Elvis festival and invite dress-up impersonators.

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  36. srr says:
    October 13, 2021 at 6:51 pm
    Shane Patton recommended no charges against Labor MPs for Red Shirts taxpayer rorts

    Team player.
    Up for Best Clubman award.

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  37. Heinlein has a lot of insights into slavery, and observes that it’s bad for the slavers as well as the slaves.

    Unlikely. Slavery had clear economic and wealth-producing benefits. It also soaked up all those PoWs that, like the Taliban, who if allowed to return home would be back again instantly on the handle-end of a claymore.

    Only later did education and technology get to the point that an employee would be more productive than a slave.

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  38. FDA Ties Fetal Organ Harvesting To Vaccines Development!


    Oct 13, 2021
    Judicial Watch

    HORROR! Biden FDA admits and defends use of fetal organs of unborn human beings killed through abortion used for vaccine development! From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

    In a…statement to the DCNF, the FDA did not deny purchasing the unborn baby body parts and downplayed its use of human fetal tissue, saying it was only used in situations “critical to understanding the safety of drugs and vaccines and in which it couldn’t be feasibly achieved through another means.”
    “So now the Biden FDA is defending chopping up the parts of unborn human beings to create vaccines,” Fitton said to the DCNF. “Is that their position?”

    “What they don’t tell you,” he continued, “is that the funding was cut off under Trump. And it was announced earlier this year by the Biden administration that the spigot was going to be turned back on again.”

    “There are few Americans who would support chopping up the remains of unborn human beings for scientific research, using their organs, selling their heads for whatever Frankenstein experiments, the FDA and their researchers want to cook up,” Fitton said told the DCNF. “It’s barbarism. There should be a criminal investigation to figure out whether the laws against profiteering for fetal organ trafficking were violated as a court suggested they may have been.”

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  39. Team player.
    Up for Best Clubman award.

    Don’t want them opening the skeleton closet for an immunity from prosecution. See also code of silence. cf – OMCG

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  40. Australian high school student shares Covid story after one month in hospital: ‘it almost killed me’

    We’ve been discussing that one on the Apartheid thread.
    If she’s that enormous after a month in hospital how big was she when she went in?

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  41. Earlier this year someone posted a link for a site where you could purchase Ivermectin. I took the plunge and ordered 20 3mg tabs.
    Checked my bank details daily fully expecting a scam. No problems. Arrived about 3 weeks later
    Came from India where a Dr.’s prescription is not required.
    I have since purchased 6mg & 12mg tabs plus hydroxy and doxy. Not cheap, ranging from $4.00 to $10.00 per tab. In all I made four separate orders. Good tracking service to keep up to date.
    Not one single email has come from the company so quite discreet.
    My tip is to make a note of your order number for tracking purposes.
    Have a copy of early treatment protocols to ensure proper dosage and time frames.
    As each order has arrived in my letterbox I have felt a wave of gratitude and relief. I feel I am in charge of my health and I intend to keep way under the radar. I keep pretty quiet about this because most people I know have had the vax.


    Keep safe everyone and God Bless the Cat.

  42. Shane Patton recommended no charges against Labor MPs for Red Shirts taxpayer rorts


    Bet he kept that in the back pocket on the off chance he’d be interviewed for the Commish’s job.

    His file would have been stamped ‘Reliable’.

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  43. This Australia. A childless lezzo celebrating jabbing kids with an experimental vaccine for a disease which doesn’t affect them.

    I’ve read she has a 6yr old and 7yr old, Stella and Luca.

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  44. H B Bear says:
    October 13, 2021 at 7:01 pm
    Team player.
    Up for Best Clubman award.
    Don’t want them opening the skeleton closet for an immunity from prosecution. See also code of silence. cf – OMCG

    Seriously HB, Patton could be up for some very serious questioning in light of the damning testimony at IBAC.
    No charges laid against anyone involved in the Red Shirts “investigation.”
    Any opposition worth their salt should be asking Patton to justify that in light of known facts.

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  45. I suppose it is too much to hope that the whole IBAC thing might have inadvertently broken Sir Humphrey’s first rule… that you don’t have one unless you know the outcome?

    Yes, yes, of course it is. What was I thinking?

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  46. Give me strength – bloody Bolt interviewing Josh Frydchickenberger about the death of Eddi Jaku, with JF prattling on about “the dangers of marginalising certain groups in society” while obviously not having a clue what a monumentally hypocritical moron he sounds like.


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  47. Any opposition worth their salt should be asking Patton to justify that in light of known facts.

    Do we have any oppositions worth their salt in Australia?

    That seems to be a large part of the problem with our democracy.

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  48. Lord TaliDan looked shifty and under pressure when questioned over this IBAC inquiry. Couldn’t quite get the turned eye lined up.

    Let the Reaming of the Minions begin!
    Patton, you’re up.

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  49. They’re after Tommy Robinson again:

    So you probably guessed correctly, I’m back in court today (shocking I know).

    I’m in court because a certain left wing ‘journalist’ who writes for the not so ‘Independent’ Saudi owned national newspaper believes she can and should be treated differently to everyone else. You know, there’s not too much that surprises me any more, especially when it comes to our judicial system. The amount of times I have spoken to briefs who tell me ‘Tommy we have justice, we have the law, and we have decisions based on the fact you are Tommy Robinson’. It’s this kind of running joke now, I never expect to win anything. I had a glimmer of hope with the Jamal case but as usual, the system decided to rule that child witnesses were liars, and I lost my case, so go figure!!!

    The ginger journalist ‘who should not be named’ actually said in court she believes I am responsible for what other people post online. For example, when I called her out for saying I ‘directly messaged’ Darren Osbourne, the man responsible for carrying out a terror attack on Muslims in Finsbury, THAT WAS A LIE. Some people on Twitter posted ‘hurty words’ in response to me calling out her LIES, and somehow she believes I am responsible for those people posting ‘hurty words’.

    You couldn’t make it up could you? 

    Maybe if she hadn’t LIED about me ‘directly messaging’ Darren Osbourne then she wouldn’t have received the responses she got???

    But of course, the same rules shouldn’t apply to the ginger journalist. She actually said in court she doesn’t believe she is responsible for what other people post when they reply to her online drivel.

    Like I said, you couldn’t make it up.

    These type of soppy, soft, left wing journalists think they are a special breed deserving of special treatment. Rules for thee but not for me comes to mind.

    Anyway, when I last tried to raise some funds for the legal team I had (who did a brilliant job by the way), lefties decided to kick off and the donorbox was taken down before I could raise enough to pay the full amount. Lefties love their lawfare and mass reporting. So, if you can, please donate to my fighting fund.

    Your continued support keeps me fighting, it keeps the passion and fire in my belly, because without people like you, Id be on my arse.

    PLEASE CLICK HERE to make a donation for my legal fighting fund.

    If you want to watch a video explaining the situation then CLICK HERE

    Costs for the case can be found below, any excess funds will go towards my kids.

    Fighting Fund – Donate Here!!! – Square FT

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  50. Every Commissioner of VicPlod leaves under a cloud.

    Well, duh!

    Melbourne (and general Viktoristani) weather is infamously changeable.

    4 seasons in a day, and 40+ with 98% humidity to single digits and 90-degree driving rain in the space of less than 30 minutes, and then back again (one of my more remarkable Puckapunyal-in-summer moments).

    But remember that for each VikHydra head lopped, 5 more rise up to bite each other in its place…

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  51. I suppose it is too much to hope that the whole IBAC thing might have inadvertently broken Sir Humphrey’s first rule… that you don’t have one unless you know the outcome?

    Mark – The problem is that Labor thought it was safe under the Sir Humphrey rule. But as is usually the case with the ALP they have more skeletons than they have closets to hide them in. Which I think they’re now finding.

    If somehow the Biden and Clinton families face the music the fireworks will light up the entire Solar System.

    It won’t matter. The faceless Minister who resigned yesterday, whose name I can’t recall, and who I didn’t know existed until yesterday, is just the first of the sacrificial animals of no consequence.

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  52. Knuckle Draggersays:

    October 13, 2021 at 7:22 pm

    Any opposition worth their salt should be asking Patton to justify that in light of known facts.

    Damn straight.

    And adding a little rider, “Think carefully before you answer”, then get one of their off-reservation guys (Smith, Finn?) to drop hints about going to the election with a policy of superannuation forfeiture for misconduct in high office (covering the top three levels in the public service).

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  53. H B Bearsays:

    October 13, 2021 at 7:30 pm

    Every Commissioner of VicPlod leaves under a cloud. 

    Not entirely true.
    They couldn’t find a cloud big enough for Christine.

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  54. (Really? You’d get fired for not following procedure – even if it wasn’t best practice?)

    Welcome to the Public Service Dot.

    Come for the steady pay and job security.

    Stay because the shackles are damned heavy…

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  55. Welcome to the Public Service Dot.

    Come for the steady pay and job security.

    Stay because the shackles are damned heavy…

    Okay, that was unnecessarily hyperbolic. But there are good reasons why the best and brightest who should be there and at the critical middle, upper and specialist positions burn out, punch out or (smartest of all) never seek such employment in the first place.

    And mindlessly dogmatic insistence on unquestioning adherence to established or imposed procedure is but one of them…

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  56. Project Veritas FIGHTS BACK And Trends On Twitter Despite Big Tech Censorship


    Oct 12, 2021
    Timcast IRL
    1.09M subscribers
    Tim, Luke, and Lydia join potential libertarian Georgian gubernatorial candidate Shane Hazel and investigative journalist James O’Keefe to break down how Project Veritas has managed to defeat Big Tech overlords.

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  57. H B Bearsays:
    October 13, 2021 at 8:02 pm

    Exactly HB and that’s how Beattie has been like teflon. Hell they even gave a state funeral to one of his head kickers who himself slid his way out of corruption allegations. Loose lips sink ships and apart from the problem of Mary Rose which dealt with ruthlessly he has been lucky. Maybe being a smiling assassin part helped though if Ken Talbot hadn’t been killed in a plane crash I wonder…

    As for Victoria we are seeing a lot of loose lips. Dan has no redeeming features or charisma. Personally I’d say it appears the workplace was and still is toxic and a lot of staffers were burnt so are now extracting their pound of flesh. Wow on some of the names that have floated up, Somyurek, Merlino, Richardson and the likes of Kitching, Byrne to even Shorten’s office.

    I’d be more excited if was going to go somewhere but mmm cynical I am…

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  58. Silly Cafe Bruce news.

    Much galumphing on tin roof this half hour, so I go outside armed with Coles bread.

    Sure enough elderly brushtail lady appears over the roof guttering. She gets the big piece. Then, with great caution and apprehension, son brushtail emerges a couple metres away. Out of slash-range from mum. He carefully sidles to within my reach and gets the smaller piece.

    He’s gotten his eviction notice.

    Then interestingly I watched mum for a while, she took her slice of bread and ate the crust off. All the way around. She’s a crusty! Then once the crust was gone she started on the rest of it.

    I get this with the various Cafe denizens. Some cockies for example love bread crust and don’t like soft middle, but other cockies eat middle and discard the crust. Noisy miners too. They’re terribly spoiled, like small children.

    Anyway, mum brushtail has eaten most of her bread slice when, very cautiously, son sticks his nose over the guttering again, well separated from mum. I wave a small carrot. He stretches as near to mum as he dares and ropes in carrot with his claws, then retreats to the roof far away from terribly terrible mother. Mum finishes her bread serenely, and gently collects a carrot too.

    Poor kid. Life for male brushtail possums is arduous, hungry and miserable. He’s just about to embark upon it, propelled by his frightful mum. I wish him well.

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  59. H B Bearsays:
    October 13, 2021 at 8:02 pm
    Victoriastan presents as a classic Fitzgerald situation. Whatever thread you start pulling the whole thing unravels.

    Fitzgerald Inquiry was mostly a beat up.

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  60. Completely inappropriate’: Taliban to address Australian Muslims

    Ben Packham
    57 minutes ago October 13, 2021

    Australia’s peak Islamic body has invited two members of the Taliban to appear in a live webinar on Saturday, in a move that has been condemned by Afghan refugees and Australian veterans.

    The invitees include longtime Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen, who failed to rule out a return to stonings and public executions under Afghanistan’s new leadership, and senior Taliban figure Sayed Abdul Basir Sabiri.

    The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils said it had brought together a “stellar panel of speakers” for the event to discuss “the future of Afghanistan and our role, regardless of whether we are in favour or against ­recent ­developments”.

    Refugee advocate Sitarah Mohammadi, a member of Afghanistan’s long-persecuted Hazara minority, said she found it “horrifying” the Taliban figures would be given a platform by Australia’s Islamic community to spread the regime’s propaganda.

    “It is completely inappropriate,” she said.

    “As part of the Hazara community, my family and I fled the rule of the Taliban in the late 1990s. To see faces like these on a prominent event like this is really traumatising.

    “Our people have suffered so horrifically at their hands, and continue to do so to this day.”

    Ms Mohammadi said the event would allow the Taliban to advance its push for global legitimacy so it could unlock inter­national funds to strengthen its oppressive rule over the country.

    Liberal Member for Herbert Phil Thompson, who was seriously wounded by an improvised explosive device while serving in Afghanistan as an army private, said the decision was a “misstep” by the council that would outrage veterans.

    “These two people from the Taliban should not be given a platform. The Taliban is an illegitimate government,” he said.

    “We have seen young girls unable to attend school. We see girls and women treated as property.

    “They are vile and barbaric. They rule with an iron fist and murder, and this organisation should not be given a platform in Australia.”

    The chair of the federal parliament’s intelligence and security committee, James Paterson, also warned against giving the Taliban an opportunity “to sup­port their claims of legitimacy”.

    “We should instead be doing everything we can to advance the cause of freedom for millions of Afghan girls and women who are now living under the control of a regime with a proven history of violence and brutality,” he said.

    AFIC president Rateb Jneid and National Grand Mufti of Australia Imam Abdul Quddoos Al Azhari will also be among the speakers, along with Islamic legal scholar Mohammad Naqib Jan.

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  61. Zulu Kilo Two Alphasays:
    October 13, 2021 at 8:42 pm
    ‘Completely inappropriate’: Taliban to address Australian Muslims

    Ben Packham
    57 minutes ago October 13, 2021

    These fuckers should be deported to afshitistan

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  62. Mark from Melbournesays:

    October 13, 2021 at 7:29 pm

    I suppose it is too much to hope that the whole IBAC thing might have inadvertently broken Sir Humphrey’s first rule… that you don’t have one unless you know the outcome?

    I think they did apply the Sir Humphrey principle (but through the prism of ALP factional politics).
    I’ll bet there was lots of high-fiving in Hunchback’s office when Somyurek had his gotcha moment on video.
    They thought this was a stitch-up of a hated factional opponent.
    But this is where this sorry tale departs from the normal Liars script. The Federal party was going to run through the motions of “branch reform”. Somyurek was supposed to swallow his lumps, sit tight for twelve months and then accept a $300k job as Chairman of the Recreational Bike Paths Commission or somesuch.
    Either Hunchback was too stubborn to throw Somyurek a bone, or Somyurek’s price was too high (he is Turkish, after all).
    So this neat little melodrama which was supposed to be a little factional victory for the ALP Left faction has got out of hand.
    The public don’t give a fat rat’s clacker about factions. All they will see is Liars taking cash out of the public purse to pay memberships for people who are now very tightly packed in formation at Springvale Crematorium.
    The main thing is, Somyurek is not playing ball, and seems determined to take a few with him.
    Popcorn. Large family bucket please.

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  63. FMD!

    two in a row on the ABCess

    advertisements full of Joe Rogan an Alex Jones and how stupid everybody is
    who listens to those two shit-talkers anyway?

    how catchy is …. The science has got yr back … get the vax.

    conquering Mt Stupid on prime time

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  64. Heinlein has a lot of insights into slavery, and observes that it’s bad for the slavers as well as the slaves.

    Unlikely. Slavery had clear economic and wealth-producing benefits.

    It paid in cash terms, but the effect on the psyche is very bad.

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  65. MatrixTransform says:
    October 13, 2021 at 9:04 pm


    two in a row on the ABCess

    advertisements full of Joe Rogan an Alex Jones and how stupid everybody is
    who listens to those two shit-talkers anyway?

    One possible positive is that there may be a few in the ABC audience who’ve never heard of Rogan or Jones and decide to check them out.

    I well remember many years ago Media Watch attacking Quadrant. It made me curious as to what Quadrant was, so I checked it out. Now I’m here.

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  66. Gilas says:
    October 13, 2021 at 4:57 pm

    Our Cossack should be a comedian!

    Thanks Gilas, that was clever. “I’m 87 year old Bill from Hunters Hill” – a very funny bloke, and he got past the censors on 2GB, that’s an achievement.

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  67. rickw/old bloke:

    I salute you rickw, and others in your predicament.

    I’ve only ever had to resign over a moral issue once, so I know it isn’t easy for you.
    But you do keep your self respect and that can’t be bought for any amount of money.

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  68. Dragnet:

    I am very disappointed in the outcome of Peter Ridd’s HC appeal too, but it might be helpful to read the entire judgment before expressing broad criticisms of their Honours.

    Why don’t we just go for the hangmans noose for the Judges, just to be sure.

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  69. S ancho at 8:56 – it does rather reek of the kids-in-short-pants being too clever by half. I suspect you are probably pretty close to the truth. A career limiting moment for some rising star soon to be dispatched back to a crib room near you.

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  70. The HC endorsed a right while simultaneously confirming an inherent process which defeats that right. Tudge and his fellow spittle licking turds in the government have to make a mandatory EA template for academics and their arsehole uni employers which makes that right unfettered.

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  71. Guys, petition to government – freedom of choice

    I haven’t posted this one before. It takes 2 seconds.

    https://www.aph.gov.au/e-petitions/petition/EN3233 Deadline Oct 27
    Petition Reason
    The Covid Vaccines are in their relative medical infancy as compared to long standing vaccines for more well established diseases. Many Australians have legitimate concern as to the efficacy and particularly any harmful side effects of the Covid Vaccines. We say that every Australian has the right to choose in regards to Covid vaccination. Government has begun the implementation of measures offering favouritism to vaccinated persons, and limiting the everyday freedoms of those who are not currently vaccinated. We say this is discriminatory and should cease immediately.

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  72. Interesting.
    Just had that 17yr olds propaganda interview pop up on my YouTube home page.
    SBS and channel 10.

    Comments turned off and ratio of likes/dislikes running at 1:9


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  73. We will have to be patient and wait till the weekend, when the weather will hopefully warm, to see if things are picking up here in Sydney.
    The CBD is awfully quiet. Restaurant businesses in Sydney Metropolitan and CBD are not yet picking up.
    Have people gotten used to being at home?
    Lifting severe lockdown restrictions does not seem to have enticed them out and about.
    We wait.

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  74. feelthebernsays:
    October 13, 2021 at 10:15 pm
    Check out the North Koreans.
    Look out China!

    Wouldn’t that kind of activity chip the nail polish?
    It will never catch on in the new modern ADF.

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  75. no rebound?
    who coulda known?

    Prepared as they were it just hasn’t yet happened.
    People are creatures of habit. Break that habit for almost four months and it seems rebound is maybe going to be slower than anticipated.

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  76. Crunching some numbers off Worldometer:
    Survival rate for covid, dividing deaths by case numbers (bear in mind the thing isn’t over so rates will move a little)
    Survived (so far)
    Italy 97.21%
    USA 98.36%
    Luxembourg 98.94%
    Norway 99.53%
    Singapore 99.86%
    One of the big factors seems to be the shape of the age pyramid in the country. If your pyramid is shaped like a mushroom, all oldies, you’re gonna have a 97, 98% survival. If your pyramid is shaped like an ace of spades, everyone is 25 to 55 years old, your gonna have 99+% survival. If you have a population pyramid shaped like a dog turd, everyone is 14 years old, then fuck knows what’s going on because you’re currently run by the Taliban.

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  77. This was linked under Matt Canavan’s excellent speech.

    BioTech Whistleblower, Kieran Morrissey, Warns of Marburg Virus Vaccine Being Fast-Tracked For New Pandemic

    The Marburg virus is a rare hemorrhagic fever with Ireland only have 16 cases since 2005. Yet a warning about the Marburg virus was published by Bill & Melinda Gates’ Gavi website. Morrissey also discovered that a PCR test has already been developed to detect the Marburg virus, with the same manipulative cycling qualities that the Covid-19 PCR tests have. The test can be directed to show that anyone has the Marburg virus, but why when Marburg is currently such a rare virus?

    Surprisingly, a vaccine for the Marburg virus is already being fast-tracked in development by a company called Soligenix. It is a ricin toxin-based vaccine. Yes, the same ricin used in bio-terrorism.

    Nothing is enough for these lunatics. As Dr. McCullough said, it’s like a runaway freight train with no one to stop it.

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  78. Break that habit for almost four months and it seems rebound is maybe going to be slower than anticipated.

    I hear what yr saying.
    There’s that, and of course, that the middle class has be rent to pieces.
    so capital investment, small and large, is gone.
    so too is liquidity(unless it’s bullshit liquidity from shares or alt-coin)
    velocity of money is done for. In Vik it’s even legislated

    so basically, it’s game over

    Pyrrhic victory for the left

    govern this you fuckwits

    go on … have Pony Party

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  79. Rolling Stones drop Brown Sugar and its slave lyrics from setlist
    I don’t understand the controversy, says Keith Richards
    John Reynolds
    Wednesday October 13 2021, 10.55am BST, The Times

    The Rolling Stones have stopped performing one of their most famous songs, Brown Sugar, amid unease about its reference to slavery.

    The band last played the 1969 song live at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, in August 2019 and it has been absent from the band’s current US tour. The song had been a regular in the band’s live sets and is their second most played behind Jumpin’ Jack Flash with 1,136 performances, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

    The lyrics, a pastiche of taboo subjects including slavery and rape, have long been a subject of controversy. The critic Tom Taylor said last month that “the atrocity of the slave trade, rape and the unimaginable suffering therein should not be adorned with gyrating, glib lyrics, guitar solos”.

    Asked by the Los Angeles Times about the song’s absence, Mick Jagger said that they had decided to leave it out because they had played it so much. “We’ve played Brown Sugar every night since 1970, so sometimes you think, ‘We’ll take that one out for now and see how it goes’,” he said. “We might put it back in.”

    Keith Richards, who wrote the song with Jagger, gave a different explanation, saying that he could not understand the controversy about its lyrics.

    Richards, 77, said: “I’m trying to figure out with the sisters quite where the beef is. Didn’t they understand this was a song about the horrors of slavery? But they’re trying to bury it. At the moment I don’t want to get into conflicts with all of this shit. But I’m hoping that we’ll be able to resurrect the babe in her glory somewhere along the track.”

    Jagger said in an interview in 1995 that he was uncomfortable with the lyrics. “God knows what I’m on about in that song,” he said. “It’s such a mishmash. All the nasty subjects in one go.”

    The song was written in 45 minutes and Jagger described it as “a very instant thing”. It is said that it was about his former lover, the actress, novelist and singer Marsha Hunt.

    In 1995 Jagger said: “I never would write that song now. I would probably censor myself. I’d think, ‘Oh God, I can’t. I’ve got to stop. I can’t just write raw like that.”

    Brown Sugar’s lyrics
    Gold Coast slave ship bound for cotton fields
    Sold in the market down in New Orleans
    Skydog slaver knows he’s doin’ all right
    Hear him whip the women just around midnight

    Brown Sugar, how come you taste so good
    Brown Sugar, just like a young girl should

    Drums beatin’ cold, English blood runs hot
    Lady of the house wonderin’ when it’s gonna stop
    House boy knows that he’s doin’ all right
    You should have heard him just around midnight

    Brown Sugar, how come you taste so good?
    Brown Sugar, just like a young girl should
    Brown Sugar, how come you dance so good?
    Brown Sugar, just like a black girl should

    I bet your mama was a tent show queen
    And all her boyfriends were sweet 16
    I’m no school boy but I know what I like
    You should have heard them just around midnight

    Brown Sugar, how come you taste so good
    Brown Sugar, just like a young girl should

    I said, yeah, yeah, yeah, wooo!
    How come you, how come you dance so good
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, wooo!
    Just like a, just like a black girl should
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, wooo!

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  80. While Im having a rant let me tell youse this too.

    My company deals with maybe 100 different companies.

    Wholesalers, clients, off-shore suppliers, managing agents, direct to asset managers, and direct to developers.
    Direct to Owner’s Corps.
    We sub-contract to, and sub-contract from.
    All the way to Hong fucking Kong

    Do you youse know how many VX matdates I’ve got?



    … well lemme tell you … ZERO

    yes nothing

    this is all stage managed bullshit.

    fuck em

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  81. a straightforward application of the author’s own sample data without any reference to any other number whatsoever.

    Yes. There was obviously an error; there would have to be to have produced such an unrealistic figure as 82% spontaneous abortion, which delighted many who would wish to see the vaxxes totally discredited and some of whom I noted on one early linked occasion went haywire with interpreting the error. I was more interested in how that error had happened, an error which those using the ‘author’s own sample’ legitimately used in critique. But their critique still did not explain the actual error. I chased through the data in the study (see my detailed comment on it today) to determine what had happened. The error lay, as the researchers admitted, in the cohort denominator which was contaminated by the introduction, on the single indice of sponataneous abortion, of a separate sub-cohort of those vaxxed at gestation of <20 weeks, a sub-cohort which was mostly uncounted, where I also suspect the ‘counted’ proportion contained many self-reports of the end of a pregnancy.

    This happens in cohort studies where data is urgently required. Cohort integrity can get broken in the reportage. The flaw was admitted, the sub-cohort counted and the data put up separately to the first study, which was still valid on other indices than spontaneous abortion.

    Apart from wanting to say that I am wrong, which I am not, I cannot see why this continues to be of interest here.

    Leave it be, Timothy.

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  82. If you have ‘Acute major anxiety caused by the threat of a mandatory medical procedure’…you ARE eligible for a vaccine exemption.

    Now that is very good news. Everyone is due one really good ‘acute major anxiety’ in their lifetime.

    Make this yours if you don’t want the vaxxx.

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  83. The band last played the 1969 song ..

    Nitpick. Brown Sugar first aired as the lead song on Sticky Fingers, northern summer of 1971. 1969 was Let it Bleed…

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  84. Drunk again, I see.

    omg you’re pathetic.
    If I was drunk should I be ashamed?

    your shame you silly mole, is that you’ll bargain (stone cold sober) everybody’s rights to have the last word.

    thing is … you’re wrong

    people like like you are very very wrong

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  85. And to abuse them with unusual insults, as well as his usual ageist stuff.

    Go on Matrix, with your ‘one foot in the grave’ charmer that you used the other night.

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  86. On further investigation, I stand (self) corrected. According to wiki, Brown Sugar was first performed by the Stones at Altomont in December 1969. I don’t remember this from Gimme Shelter, but there were some other events that night that overshadowed the end of the decade of swinging and loving 60s.

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  87. your shame you silly mole, is that you’ll bargain (stone cold sober) everybody’s rights to have the last word.

    Old again, dear me, but know this: I stand up for myself.

    I’ve had to put more time into replying to Timothy than I’ve ever wanted to, because he simply will not let up. It’s just gone on and on and on. As I said about it, he’s getting fixated and I do not enjoy being around fixated people.

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  88. Getting a vax exemption is useless if what you object to is having to live in an internal-passport society/open-air prison.
    You’re half right, Vlad. It’s more accurately calledcollaboration.

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  89. Go on Matrix, with your ‘one foot in the grave’ charmer that you used the other night

    well, you do you silly old mole.
    you’re on borrowed time like the rest of us

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  90. nothing what-so-ever to do with Lizzie’s stupidity?

    Woo Hoo, come on down, boys.

    The Matrix cabal of dickless upticks.

    If I’m on borrowed time, then it’s time I went to read my book.

    Speaking of books, where’s Herodotus? One of the good ones.
    Men do comes in all varieties, sizes and with many points of interest.
    Some of them can even read. And add up too. Wow. 🙂

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  91. The Vigano Tapes #10: “Decades of Systematic Cancellation”


    Urbi et Orbi Communications
    Published September 21, 2021
    Rumble — The Viganò Tapes consist of 18 tapes each one containing a question that we asked Archbishop Viganò at the end of August 2021. This exclusive interview covers the current situation in the Church and in the world.

    This video is #10 of these 18 tapes, in which Archbishop Viganò speaks of the “absurdity of what we have seen for the last year and a half.” And of how the Catholic Church in recent decades has grown increasingly reluctant to engage in a direct combat with the world, the flesh, and the devil.

    The remaining tapes will be released in the coming days.

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  92. Unless a bunch of mostly retired old folk want to pay me $1000 a week to not work I will be getting a shot of AZ this afternoon so that I can survive in the apocalyptic wasteland of Viktoria. Not a choice I wanted to make but reality is reality.

    To say that I am sad and depressed about it is an understatement. Feeling so powerless is a new thing for me. I WILL hold a grudge against the people who have made it this way.

    I will be on the “other” thread from this evening 🙁

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  93. CRT “ABUSE OF CHILDREN”: NEW Secret Critical Race Theory Doc Exposed


    Oct 14, 2021
    Judicial Watch

    Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on Newxmax TV to discuss a CRT (“critical race theory”) training course sent to Judicial Watch by a whitstleblower detailing how teachers are pushing critical race theory in classrooms.

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  94. Let’s Go, Brandon! Decent Conservatives Now Curse Joe Biden in Public without Dropping F-Bomb


    Oct 14, 2021
    Bill Whittle

    NBC reporter Kelli Stavast, while interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, gives decent conservatives a way to curse President Joe Biden in public without dropping the F-bomb. The meme explodes, spawns a cottage industry in t-shirts and the like. Bill Whittle explains why “Let’s Go, Brandon!” resonates so deeply.

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  95. Despicable Dan Andrews is responsible.
    It astounded me that Dover, who provides this forum out of the goodness of his heart, is yet again being imposed upon by someone who, because he abuses the privilege, is not welcome.
    Have you no conscience?

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  96. CrazyOldRanga, even if you have the AZ, you will still be in the twilight world of the unvaxxed, for all intents and purposes, for as long as the government chooses.

    Do not get it if participation is your goal. Nothing will change for you.

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  97. To say that I am sad and depressed about it is an understatement. Feeling so powerless is a new thing for me. I WILL hold a grudge against the people who have made it this way.

    Why do it then? When I dug in it was very difficult, but now I’m relaxed and they’re the ones under pressure.

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  98. Clearly you have no idea what is in the shots right? Other people got curious so they pulled out the electron microscopes. You didn’t find it necessary to discover what it is they found right?

    Ruh roh. You know what.

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  99. In Victoria it’s one shot to stay in work for now.
    The only ‘privilege’ vaccination brings is the right to have a picnic with one other fully vaccinated family within 15 km of home.

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  100. CSL is using this as a tactic to get more from the federal government to keep producing the AZ vaccine.
    If they get more per shot, they’ll keep doing it.
    If not, they’ll stop with the cover of other vaccines filling the gap.

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  101. Interesting article on authoritarianism and Covid over at American Thinker.

    Those that have a predilection towards authoritarianism invariably have a deep-seated conviction of infallibility combined with attendant hubris and pathological lying. These traits are ever-present in those that can justify any devious or unethical means to achieve their goal.

    Another timeline of lies, but still worth reading as reinforcement.

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  102. To say that I am sad and depressed about it is an understatement. Feeling so powerless is a new thing for me. I WILL hold a grudge against the people who have made it this way.

    That’s why I am not fussed that Gladys was brought down by ICAC. Since she used whatever it takes against us I don’t have a problem when it’s done to her. Live by the sword die by the sword.

    I bet a lot of the flowers piled around her electorate office have been sent there by photios and Turnbull to make it look like she was so loved. Gladys is lucky that those she ruined financially are nicer people than she is.

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