Open thread for the vaxxed.

Obviously this is a stupid post to make some stupid points:

  1. I shouldn’t know if you have a vaxx or not.
  2. Dividing people on that basis is evil.
  3. No one will follow the directive anyway.
  4. Trying to make them would involve a police state type nightmare that would see every sane person leave the blog.
  5. Just the idea of it makes everyone tense and crazy.

Yet here we are, in real life doing exactly that.

55 thoughts on “Open thread for the vaxxed.”

  1. Hi vaxxed cats.
    Welcome to your new open thread home for the duration of segregation.
    Kindly stay away from the regular open thread which is reserved for the unvaxxed.
    I sympathize with your plight, but there is nothing I can do about it until the politicians and CMOs reverse this discrimination.
    I know, I know. Terrible isn’t it?

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  2. About the illustration:

    Théodore Géricault

    Géricault, Raft of the Medusa, oil painting
    Théodore Géricault, Raft of the Medusa, oil on canvas, 1818-19, Louvre, Paris. Image from Wikimedia Commons (public domain).

    Gargantuan in every sense, measuring more than 23 feet by 16, The Raft of the Medusa is among the most dramatic paintings in the History of Art. Epically cinematic before cinema, it is the masterpiece of that archetypal Romantic Théodore Géricault: flamboyant, daring, suffering.

    Exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1819, then titled The Scene Of a Shipwreck, the picture represents the dynamite political scandal of Restoration France. When the frigate Medusa sank off the coast of Senegal in 1816, 147 passengers were abandoned on a raft. Settling into the boats, the Royalist captain, officers, and the well-heeled rowed to safety. The rope to the raft was cut. With scanty provisions the castaways drifted for 13 days. When the raft was sighted, 15 cadaverous survivors were left. The cannibalism gripped and revolted the public; strips of human flesh were hung from the mast to dry.

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  3. Arky – the funny thing is when the vaxxed start getting sick from the jabs (#2, 3, 4, 5….) it will be the unvaxxed who will be looking after them – and doing it out of love.

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  4. it will be the unvaxxed who will be looking after them – and doing it out of love.

    Not me pal. I’m going to root their women, steal their shit and shoot their dogs.

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  5. Being from Victoriastan I choose dying with dignity through COVID and judicious application of ivermectin…the smugness ofthe vaxxed reduces my desire to live.

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  6. I’m here!

    [as he takes his seat in the far corner of the box car*, awaiting it to fill]

    * Yes Sancho, the first mention of ‘box cars’ for the day…I hope!

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  7. I am an unvax and got in here because any business turning away paying customers obviously does ot need my money.
    BTW the person behind me has TB, measles, all the Heps, HIV and whooping cough but is perfectly safe to be around because they have had an experimental gene therapy whose effectiveness is about 20% a few months after the jab.
    Idiocracy was supposed to be fiction.

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  8. The only reason why I haven’t been vaccinated is due to the way the government and media has gone about this entire affair. They have been overly hysterical, demanding and blocked all discussion/debate, and that has made me suspicious. When governments and the media say it’s for your own good, be concerned.

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  9. I am afraid to get the jabs, because then I’ll have to be terrified of the un-jabbed.
    I have had jabs for yellow fever and the un-jabbed don’t confront me none.
    Does that count?

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  10. About that chap Géricault..
    He used to keep post-mortem body parts in his atelier, despite neighbours complaining about the smell of advanced decomposition.
    Gotta love his individuality!

    Died at 32 from TB, two of his self-portraits show why this illness was called “The consumption”.

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  11. Arkysays:
    October 13, 2021 at 12:57 am
    it will be the unvaxxed who will be looking after them – and doing it out of love.

    Not me pal. I’m going to root their women, steal their shit and shoot their dogs.

    and don’t get mixed up like you did last time.

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  12. Winston Smithsays:
    October 13, 2021 at 6:29 am
    I’m not vaxed, nor do I wear a mask however, I have been known to wear a condom.
    You don’t need to know any further detail.
    I am here under a pseudonym.

    How do you breathe through a franga? I have enough trouble with a face nappy.

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  13. mem says:
    October 13, 2021 at 8:37 am
    No, no, Novavax. No, no, Novavax!

    It’s the one I am waiting for. Although still not a fully traditional vaccine, it will elicit a de-novo immune response to an inactive virion particle, without the potential risks induced by the other vaxxes, and with comparable efficacy.

    Anything from the ABC is, for me, immersed with the smell of a mound of rotting pig intestines.

    This seems a good, balanced summary.

    But trust the Oz health-Nazis to fuck this up and make this a booster-only option.

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  14. I demand that all components of supply chains for provision of all goods and services to the unvaxxed, involve only the unvaxxed, with certifiable traceability at all points. The families and incidental contacts of the unvaxxed who participate in this parallel unvaxxed economy must similarly maintain their unvaxxed status, subject to daily audits (to be carried out by only unvaxxed inspectors, of course) and tracking by means of a mandatory consorting app which records all interactions. Daily check-in and reporting obligations must be met by the unvaxxed to ensure that the supply chains do not inadvertently come into contact with a vaxxed person. Separate and isolated infrastructure (such as for transport and communication) must only be used by the unvaxxed as part of this solution. Build and operation of the solution to be funded by additional surcharges, fees, levies, duties, excises, tolls, rates, taxes, tariffs and fines to be imposed on the unvaxxed. Only by these means will we be able to ensure that the vaxxed population remains safe, clean and pure – untouched by the polluted bodies of unvaxxed.

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  15. The other thing that makes me suspicious and to hold off from the vaccine/s is that every time that an ‘unvaccinated’ is hospitalised ‘with COVID’ and/or dies in hospital ‘with COVID’, never do we find out the full medical history of the individual.

    Do they or do they not have co-morbidities and, if so, what are they? Are there co-morbidities that are of greater concern than others? Their ABC is again running another story, but makes no mention of the health status and health history of the individual.

    Deaths caused by the vaccine are always played down, hospitalisations and deaths attributed to the virus are always played up.

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  16. But trust the Oz health-Nazis to fuck this up and make this a booster-only


    Its just another ‘tell’… the REEEELY want that mRNA in your arm …

    aint it strange that they managed to rubber stamp 3 untested experimental gene based shots, yet this traditionally designed vax is STILL not approved?

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  17. @ Gilas Re: Novavax.

    I agree. If I am going to be forced into being injected in order to maintain my job and keep living under Sneakers’ brave new WA-world, I will only take the least-worst option.

    But all the noises from Australia’s authorities and other nations and even the WHO seem to indicate to me that they were all captured by the bigger Big Pharma companies much earlier in the piece.

    Allegedly, many nations do not recognise Novavax as being ‘protective’ against the Nosferaflu, except as a sop to the small cohorts of people injected as part of the clinical trials.

    This, and the repetitious claims about the intent to use it only as a booster, tells me that this was never about health and saving lives. But Control.

    Control of markets. Control of Narratives. And ultimately the Control of lives.

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  18. Not sure if Davey Boy (9:02) forgot sarc tag or not.

    I’d agree with his suggestion with one minor change. Since all the existing infrastructure was paid for and built by the unvax, the vax will need to pay for and build their own stuff

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  19. Not me pal. I’m going to root their women, steal their shit and shoot their dogs.

    But what about your Model A?

    Surely that warrants completion first? 🙁

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  20. Today’s story from a Paramedic.

    Healthcare Professional in their early 20s and in excellent health, accepts the jab under threat of losing their job.
    Within 48 hours, said person collapses with severe breathing difficulties.
    Ambulance arrives and medics commence taking details. On being told the circumstances, they state that it cannot be caused by the vaccine, because the vaccine doesn’t cause side-effects.

    Another day, a different ambulance and patient.
    Patient reports sudden and sever deterioration of health following accepting the jab.
    Paramedic (obviously a heretic) notes that symptoms described and observed are consistent with known and reported side-effects from that vaccine.
    At hospital, the patient’s condition is reported as adverse response to C19 vaccine.
    Hospital records admission as “causes undetermined”…… because “the vaccine does not cause side-effects.

    Draw your own conclusions….

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  21. Mmmm, nice, all of you “vaxxed?”
    Where TF are you?

    I’ve had two AX hits and only had side effects from the first one so far.

    I’m retired so fuck work, I only do it for Johnnie.
    I’ve had the shots because of other shit that has followed on from having a nice rebellious life.
    I’d hate to be forced to accept the bullshit because of our servants wishes, I hope Dom P gets to be PM one day.

    Arky, I like your argy, but you come near my woman and Lee E will get you if the dog misses. ?
    Luv ya

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