Do the clowns at The Age even know what freedom is?

Here is this story about the totalitarian takeover of Victoria by its utterly mad premier: Victorian Bar slams ‘appalling’ new pandemic laws and there in the middle of the story we find this as an insert in the midst of the story:

Victoria edges closer to freedom

The Victorian government has announced changes to the road map from Friday, October 29, as the state will reach its 80 per cent double dose vaccination target almost a week ahead of schedule. Here’s how some of the restrictions will ease when the 90 per cent double dose vaccination target is reached for people 12 years and over – now predicted to occur around Wednesday, November 24.

Victoria is in no sense whatsoever edging towards anything other than a fascist state. The actual situation is that we are moving very far away from freedom and into government by decree. This is actually where we now find ourselves.

The president of the Victorian Bar has slammed the state’s new pandemic legislation as “appalling” and claims the government “grossly misrepresented” its consultation with the barristers’ peak body.

Christopher Blanden, QC, said the new laws, designed to replace sweeping state of emergency powers, would give the Premier unprecedented power with little to no checks and balances.

“Stasi police would have been more than happy with the range of powers if they were given it,” Mr Blanden told The Age. “It’s extraordinary.”

Meanwhile, the Victorian Opposition has come to life: Victorian parliament descends into chaos ahead of public health laws debate.

Victorian politicians have screamed at each other and yelled insults across the table during a heated discussion over proposed pandemic laws that are set to bring unprecedented powers to the Victorian Premier and Health Minister if passed this week.

Premier Daniel Andrews was labelled a “dictator” during the chaotic screaming match between Labor and Liberal politicians amid a push to delay debate of the new pandemic powers the government is hoping to rush through parliament over three days this week.

The proposed laws, introduced to state parliament on Tuesday, would give the Premier power to declare a pandemic for three months at a time and allow Health Minister Martin Foley to sign off on public health orders without the approval of the chief health officer.

The insanity of it all is that I know far too many on the Labor side of things who do not see any problem whatsoever in anything Andrews has done or is doing. These may be the most politically ignorant people I have ever met and there are plenty of them out there.

And since you won’t find this anywhere else, these are some of the details of the proposed legislation via Opposition Leader  Matthew Guy.

Victorians are today witnessing the most extreme, dangerous and excessive laws ever brought before our state.

In one Bill, Daniel Andrews is attempting to sideline the Victorian Chief Health Officer and grant himself unchecked power to declare a State of Emergency and decree health orders based on an individual’s age, gender, sexual orientation and political belief or activity.

This legislation would remove any consideration of the impact of lockdowns, restrictions or penalties on equal opportunity or human rights laws, bypass Cabinet and Parliamentary approvals and place enormous power in the hands of one person.

Under these laws Victorians face a $21,909 fine for failing to wear a face mask and business a $109,044 fine if a customer fails to check-in properly.

These new laws aren’t about streamlining State of Emergency powers but about making it easier for the State Government to control people’s lives.

Daniel Andrews wouldn’t be passing these laws unless he planned on using them. The thought of handing even more power to the person who got us into this mess is simply unacceptable.

This extreme legislation is a threat to every Victorian family, small business and local community. It must be stopped.  

The Victorian Liberal Nationals will stand up for Victorians and oppose this dangerous legislation.

Get vaxxed Fido or keep out

I am getting used being part of the underclass in Sydney. I supposed that’s what happens to the Untouchables in India. You get used to it. Before you know it, being barred from your club for which you are still paying dues, walking past the crowded local pub, buying takeaway coffees sipped outside on whatever public bench is available, not being able to see the latest Bond movie at the Orpheum cinema, becomes a way of life.

I suppose sitting at the back of the bus was simply how it was for black people in the Jim Crow South. You can’t stew over these things otherwise life would become even more difficult. I’m not sure how long it would be before I became inured to being obliged to wear a sign of my uncleanliness.

A fellow at my local church – we are all allowed back into worship in NSW – asked whether pews would be set aside for those who felt at risk from those unvaccinated. I am not sure how to respond to such inane remarks, at least civilly. The minister was good, pointing out that the vaccinated might equally catch the disease from the vaccinated. But you never feel as though logic, evidence, facts can ever break through to those who’ve swallowed Covid propaganda.

I might in future point out that those vaccinated might catch Covid from their dog or cat if they have one. Admittedly there is no compelling evidence yet that dogs and cats can pass the virus onto humans, but they can catch it. Here is recent commentary from the UK on some research. Certainly, the possibility remains open of domestic pets to human transmission. Now wouldn’t that be fun.

Mandatory vaccinations for pets. No commercial grooming for unvaccinated pets. People with unvaccinated pets not welcome. Have Pfizer run any clinical trials? On monkeys and mice, probably yes, but on collies or tabbies?

Guest Post: dot – Submission re Digital Identity bill

The Digital Identity framework does not pass any reasonable cost-benefit analysis. Nor does the framework show any understanding of how e-commerce or digital currencies work.

-The PPSR is a white elephant, why won’t this be?
-Service providers have engaged in e-commerce for over two decades.
-Why can’t banks and shops collaborate to use QR codes? Why is government Continue reading “Guest Post: dot – Submission re Digital Identity bill”

Three Uneducated Contrarian Economic Predictions

Blog economic expert Boy

Bringing Catallaxy back to it’s origin as an economics blog, I court derision by putting forth the following uneducated economic predictions:

  1. Stimulus will stop having any effect, but that won’t stop further stimulus.
  2. Interest rates will rocket skywards sometime before 2027.
  3. Our china problem will have the opposite of the expected effect, in that Western investment in China will increase in the years to come.

“You’re no economist Arky, what do you base these stupid contrarian predictions upon”?

I base them on the following reasons:

  1. A hunch that as debt increases the portion of it going towards doing anything much productive declines, and as productive activity is skewed towards stupid things, more debt is required. I have no evidence for this except my observation that lately we seem to be spending increasing amounts of money on utter rubbish.
  2. My predictions on interest rates rest on some fiddling around with some charts on the long term debt cycle I did about with a year or two ago.
  3. I base my china prediction upon the loss of a further huge chunk of US manufacturing over the course of the covid stupidity, and the fact that history proves that in these things the opposite of what one expects usually happens.

Actual experts in the mysteries of the exchange of goods and services and the divination thereof are invited to comment and give this topic some real expertise.

The Fascist Government of Victoria

Ever wonder how fascists were able to run one-party states in Europe? Come to Victoria and find out for yourself.

Daniel Andrews is the stupidest clod I have ever seen in politics. He knows only force and never reason. He just tells people what to do and threatens them with absurdly high fines and now two years in jail for things that are perfectly legal all over the rest of the world.

From the Herald-Sun this morning: Two Year Jail Threat of course for only “the most egregious offences”. 

Benito Mussolini | Biography, Definition, Facts, Rise, & Death | Britannica

With this quote to see just where we are.

The truth is that men are tired of liberty. - Benito Mussolini

Women, too, apparently. Better to be told what to do now and forever under the guidance of Dan. Would we really have elected Andrews if we knew the corona storm was coming next?

Campion’s primer on atmospheric physics

“Net Zero” is pointless. There is no CO2 “greenhouse effect.” Basic physics proves that.

CO2 absorbs outgoing longwave infrared radiation (heat) as photons at the 14.8 microns frequency (Planck’s Law).

The temperature of absorption at 14.8 microns is -80 degrees Celsius (Wien’s Displacement Law).

Minus 80 degrees Celsius is 95 degrees lower than average atmospheric temperature and the Second Law of Thermodynamics says heat doesn’t flow from cold zones to hotter zones.

CO2 cannot “trap heat.” It merely delays outgoing infrared photons momentarily so high in the atmosphere it’s irrelevant.

Atmospheric CO2 is contingent upon seawater temperature (Henry’s Law). Only the sun has the energy to heat 1.335 billion cubic kilometres of water.

To control Earth’s climate you must control the sun.

Peter Campion aka Cardimona

Twenty-nine years is a long time in politics

It’s clear that focus groups and polling have demonstrated to the Libs that they must first show up in Glasgow and then must support the 2050 Zero Emissions target. This they must do irrespective of what they personally believe if they are to win the next election.

But that is to win the moron vote in our cities. So we now have this: Scott Morrison books in economic check-ups for regions which begins:

The Productivity Commission will conduct five-year reviews assessing the economic impacts of a 2050 net-zero-emissions target on regional and rural communities under a climate change safeguard mechanism adopted by cabinet on Monday night.

But why only look at the impact on regional and rural communities? How about the rest of us? Politics may be the art of the possible, and with global warming a worldwide mania, you have to at least pretend you care. But once we are into looking at the impact, why not look at the impact on the whole economy? But there is at least this:

Resources Minister Keith Pitt — an opponent of the 2050 target — was elevated to cabinet on Monday under the deal struck between Mr Morrison and Mr Joyce, leaving the Nationals now holding five out of 24 cabinet spots.

By being an opponent of the 2050 target, I can only hope he’s not an opponent of the target because he thinks 2050 is too far off.

Guest Post: Rabz – Submission in opposition to the Exposure Draft of the Digital Identity Legislation as proposed by the Australian Government

We the undersigned, are lodging this submission to express our implacable opposition to the Australian Government’s proposed Digital Identity Legislation.

Australian citizens have no reason whatsoever to be “grateful” that the government will find it easier to access a comprehensive database of information on every single one of them. The legislation is little more than a very poorly disguised attempt to lay the groundwork for a loathsome Chinese Continue reading “Guest Post: Rabz – Submission in opposition to the Exposure Draft of the Digital Identity Legislation as proposed by the Australian Government”

Three More Contrarian Predictions 2022 Election Edition.

Art by Arky
  1. The Liberals will be annihilated in the Federal election.
  2. Andrews government booted in favour of the low profile, no values Vic Liberal wretches.
  3. Republicans to severely underperform in the mid terms despite the ridiculous Biden presidency.

Incumbency in these awful times will flip from being a positive due to fear, to a huge negative as people have had a gutsful and the economic reality bites and the emotions turn to searing anger.

The chirpy tone from so many of these low grade bums as they put in place destructive regulations and decrees will bite their arses hard.

The exception will be in the US where the dems will ramp up the cheating and many Republican jurisdictions will lack the testicles to tackle the issue.