The Ten Thingos

1. Thou shalt not concern thyself with divining other’s thoughts.

2. Thou shalt not care what other’s think of thee. It’s none of thy business.

3. Thou shalt not play the victim.

4. Thou shalt not take upon thine self the role of ferreter out of all the world’s bigotry.

5. Thou shalt not police other’s speech.

6. Thou shalt not be deluded by thinking thou could imagine a better world than the one that is.

7. Thou shalt give thanks every night in the late hour of thy contemplation.

8. Thou shalt take no pride in thy various humpings, frottings and silly infatuations, nor thy gross bodily form or it’s various disgusting functions.

9. Thou shalt shut thy trap about thy imagined good doings.

10. If thou see someone who need thy help, thou shalt lend a hand.