Doctors are Scum.

Why would you make such a rude, broad, sweeping and idiotic generalisation Arky?

Why not.

Doctors in general, share one great, big dirty attribute: Their nonchalant desire to dissect their fellow human beings. In some cases because they are evil. Sometimes because they are bored. Sometimes because back at doctor school it was this that was the requirement to gain access to the load of loot the career offers, and they subsequently got into the habit of it. And very rarely, out of intellectual curiosity.

Whatever the case, rest assured that as you enter the doctor’s, the first thing he is doing is looking you up and down and sizing you up for vivisection and looting.

If you go into any type of surgeon’s office, chances are pretty high you are coming out of there booked in for surgery whether you need it or not. They don’t make any money if they don’t line you up with fifteen other suckers and cut you open. If there is any interpretation of that x- ray that means “slice ’em up” you’re in.

God help you if you go in the proctologist’s door by accident. Even if it’s just for a sore throat, once you step over that threshold something is going up your back passage.

Placing these Audi driving, beach house owning psychopaths on a higher moral plane is silly. I once lived with a girl lawyer, cute, smart thing. Personal habits that would curdle porridge. Doctors are worse. This claim is backed up by their behaviour when given the run of a concentration camp. They immediately start doing horrific experiments on children, or turning the joint into a boutique on demand organ procurement market. Such behaviour compares poorly to disposing of a sanatory napkin inappropriately such that the dog leaves it strewn all over the lounge.

After decades of frequenting these quacks I can say: They rarely take a detailed history, often leave you worse off than you were, can’t wait to do something evil and lucrative to you and then boot you out the door as quickly as possible. Without the invention of antibiotics they would, without a doubt, continue as they did historically- by killing more people than they save. The score is damning. A fungus: billions of lives saved. Doctors: zero.

The follow up is always non existent or rushed. None of these pricks are the slightest bit curious whether the weird and grotesque procedures they inflicted upon you had any success. If you don’t show back up dripping pus out of the afflicted area they count you as a win and move on. There is only so much time in a day, and no money in correcting an error. How many people never go back no matter how botched the job, because they have become discouraged and depressed by the entire process? Or spend years going from specialist to specialist only to find out the other thing: it’s a closed shop and none of them is rolling on a colleague. Insurance rates old man.

The latest thing in medical academic circles is to whack the word “evolutionary” in front of any speciality. Evolutionary psychology. Evolutionary biology. Evolutionary proctology. You tell me: on what basis does this word “evolution” explain anything? How is your understanding changed by imagining that something was evolved rather than designed? How would your treatment of anything change thus? “The spleen evolved to blah, blah, blah, so in this case we can cut it out and save the patient”. “The spleen is designed to blah, blah, blah, so in this case we can cut it out and save the patient”. Silly word games that do not change the essential meaning are the forte of the educated moron busy fooling themselves. I’ll give you a tip: no one was there and no one knows and it doesn’t matter much by what precise process the things in creation came to be. It doesn’t change a thing about whether or not you are better with or without that spleen.

Do you care whether the engineer designed a part in your car by trial and error or through some divine revelation? Does it change anything? No. Everything is designed. Designed by the process of trial and error by evolutionary forces or calculated by some cosmic genius makes no matter. If evolutionary forces are smart enough to design every living thing you see, what genius designed the things producing those forces? All of which is irrelevant to the actual study of the organisms themselves.

No, no, no, no. This attraction to the idea of evolution isn’t a quest for meaning or understanding. It is the opposite. It is the desire to strip away meaning. If everything is the result of a colossal accident, then there is no real meaning in any of it. You put your life in the hands of people who either think things are meaningless or that it’s their personal prerogative to make whatever the hell meaning they want to cobble together out of it. Not me brother. Not ever.

This sex change craze. Who do you think it is rearranging all these genitals? It isn’t gardeners. (well, not outside some rare and tragic power gardening accidents). It’s doctors. And making a pretty penny from inverting todgers and prescribing powerful chemicals to confused or unfortunate individuals. This is not an industry which you want to allow to develop an overpowering and predatory profit motive. No doubt there are some individuals for whom such procedures are appropriate. No doubt also that there is a number for whom having the old wig wham saveloy flayed and turned inside out is not the best option, but who find their way in the door anyway, and an even greater number for whom it is marginal at best. But here’s the point: when the motive is profit, the marginal get swept up into the bag too, and those getting paid become very incurious as to who is paying and why. Is there a sex industry around these young people who think themselves misgendered? You can bet your arse there is. I’m not saying that there is a permanent parade of low riders with fake fur interiors and custom vinyl roofs ferrying reluctant young men into doctor’s offices. But would the doctor’s decisions change if there were? Doctor’s willingness to inject everyone being coerced into jabs no matter what the individual risk profile, indicates that it would not.

…and then there is the last two years, when the entire running of the world was given over to the tender mercy of doctors, and they gleefully butchered everything.

I will save everyone from a comment section full of the complaints and medical anecdotes of sad old geezers by again not opening comments. My comments will remain closed until you all demonstrate the ability to not behave like reprobates, i.e forever.

If you find a good doctor hang onto him, they’re rare.

Whether it’s jabbing everyone with something a good portion don’t want, or gladly accepting the corpses of those sentenced to be hung and dissected, or lining up on the railhead for “selections”, doctors need to be aware, just like police, that their hallowed role in society isn’t something to be taken for granted, their history isn’t totally a shining beacon.

Lift your game, quacks.

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