A Sunday Sermon.

Moai- Easter Island and Tophet- Carthage

It’s Sunday. Go read the Bible.

It’s been cool for the last few decades of our decline to disparage religious belief. More than disparage. What we have done is far, far, far beyond disparagement.

Remember back to when at the time of census those news articles on what were or were not allowed choices under the category “religion” became a regular staple for our media barons? Silly things would be written about Jedi and spaghetti monsters. Various warlocks and Satanists might feature. The tone was “Ha, ha, ha. Who cares what people believe. Make up any religion you like. It’s all stupid anyway. We’re beyond caring”. Yes they were beyond caring. Far, far, far beyond.

What religion a society follows matters. If you think it doesn’t, ponder those Moai looking out over the ocean from their island devoid of the people who made and worshipped them. Or consider the tophet where reside urns containing the bones of infants sacrificed to Baal in Carthage.

“But Arky you fool, your examples dispute your thesis- these things were done because those peoples took their religions so seriously. We’d all be better off without any religion. It’s all superstitious nonsense”.

No you moron, I’m describing the power of religious belief, and I hadn’t finished my argument.

The best example we have of a people who claim to be without religion is the Chinese of the CCP. A keen eyed observer, someone who is really paying attention, may notice the pile of 60 million corpses and note therefore that in a society that claims to be without religious superstition, the sacrifices seem all the more from an irrational motive, human in form, and numerous.

It’s Sunday. Go read the Bible.

Start with the new testament, as a modern human you will find it the most sympathetic bit. It will challenge you. You will put it down in disgust. You will find it improbable and at times incomprehensible. Unbelievable, superstitious and nonsensical. At best irrelevant and unnecessary. You will wonder how they managed to cobble together a religion lasting 2000 years out of this.

I urge you to push on through those thoughts and persist.

It’s Sunday. Go read the Bible.

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