Myocarditis in 12 to 17 y.o. Boys.

If I have read this correctly, TGA reports possible* rates in boys aged 12 to 17 of 7.2 per 100,000 myocarditis after vaccination.

Let’s do some maths and make some assumptions.

Assume that near all the cases were due to the vaccines. There are around 1.5 million boys in Australia of that age group. Assume we get them all vaccinated would correspond to 108 cases of myocarditis.

Or to put it crudely, we would give 108 boys myocarditis. The stated rationale for this is that although the delta strain continues to spread among vaccinated, it does so less in vaccinated than unvaccinated, so to protect everyone we must vaccinate everyone, including the 108 boys who might have heart inflammation after the vaccine.

I note that in that age group in Australia there appears, so far, to be ZERO deaths due to covid itself.

  • *Read the fine print in the links to see how many counted are likely actual confirmed rather than raw figures which is likely to overestimate the real, final figure. Also consider that rates of myocarditis in the second shot might be higher, and as less of this age group are likely to have had two shots this is likely to underestimate the real, final figure.

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Arky remains unvaxxed.

Arky continues to offer you zero advice as to whether you should vaccinate or not, although one might consider it prudent for governments to investigate offering non mRNA vaccines to boys of this age.

Governments and their media stooges seem to remain resolute in their decision that the population must be “messaged”, and are too retarded to make their own risk assessments, and that any information that might make anyone reconsider vaccines should be given the cupboard in a basement with the ‘beware the leopards” sign treatment.