Sunday Reflection: The Unmentioned War.

There is a war on the right that goes largely unnoticed. As the Long March Through the Institutions concluded with complete victory for the cultural Marxists, which is to say Marxists, the centre and right now respond by falling into two camps: institutionalists and anti- institutionalists, with not a few disorientated individuals reeling about in the middle. Ultimately all will have to choose.

If the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict comes in not guilty, these institutionalists will ignore the political corruption of prosecuting Rittenhouse in the first place and proclaim: “Look, the system works”.

I was watching an interview with Condeleezza Rice. The institutionalist’s worldview as channelled through George W. Bush’s Secretary of State might be depicted thus: “The Institutions are everything. They must be defended against all and any attack. There are no alternatives to the institutions. Maybe, temporarily, they are occupied by a group of people who aren’t up to the task, but ultimately, they will endure as they always have done, and perform the functions for which they were designed. Have faith in what is, and fear above all what might occur should we abandon it”.

It is of course no accident that those on the right who strongly support the existing corrupted institutions are those most embedded in them. Also, it is almost impossible to shake the right’s faith in institutions. It is to defend the status quo that the right was founded in the first place. By taking over rather than overthrowing, the Marxists have co-opted the essential instinct of the conservative.

The extent of the takeover is astounding. From sport to schools, war memorials, airlines, universities, from chairs to councils, from police commands to political parties of all stripes, from charities to churches. All have their little commissars, all toe the line or advance it.

What happens when the right attempts to found a new institution?

Let’s look to New Zealand, where the population is being replaced by CCP aligned mainland Chinese at an astonishing rate. Attempts to offer an alternative to the compromised National party resulted in a series of opportunists. NZ First and New Conservatives most prominent. New Zealand First shot it’s bolt by forming a coalition with Jacinda Ardern and is now without any members of parliament. The New Conservatives descended into infighting, litigation and feuding and have: no members of parliament.

In a country as naturally conservative as New Zealand, populated by the descendants of dour Scottish protestants, the conservative vote is confounded by a choice between a National party that is not the least bit nationalist and a smattering of compromised muppet parties that allowed themselves to be sabotaged and infiltrated.

Look at the Monarchy. This institution’s reputation is shattered by scandal and politicisation. Yet many still cling to it. The idea of a King Charles spouting off every Xmas on how YOU must reduce your carbon output, while he enjoys the extensive estates your ancestors defended with their lives? Well, it isn’t pretty, is it? The Royal family was something familiar, comfortable and traditional. Also, a great deal of it’s attraction was how naff it was. Who could resent a family with all the same dysfunctional characters we have in our own? And so very English. Tweed and Wellington boots, corgis and old Land Rovers. Harmless, right? Cough.

How to do it? How to found a new party or institution and NOT have it sabotaged or taken over? Look at the few success stories. First, Brexit. The Brexit movement has two essential characteristics: longevity and Nigel Farage. Neither can be manufactured. The other success is MAGA. Again, two characteristics: Donald Trump and all of Trump’s tenacity and longevity. Trump was a well known individual with a long history of success. The lesson: you cannot manufacture MAGA any more than you or I could manufacture Brexit.

Any attempt at a new right party or institution must centre around one larger than life, trusted, gifted individual, and it must be given time.

Strong men found new institutions. Famous men. Wise men. The institutions we now “enjoy” are the products of long dead, brilliant men. They have come to the end of their usefulness and must be replaced by other institutions begun by brilliant, living men.

Comments will be open for a bit maybe. I’ll do something different this time: I will delete most of your comments. Anything that doesn’t interest me will get the heave ho. Only the very best will remain. If you think you are up to it, feel free to submit a comment. If your feelings are easily hurt by deletion, maybe stay on the other threads. Hopefully few if any of you bother.

25 thoughts on “Sunday Reflection: The Unmentioned War.”

  1. Calli

    Re-infiltration seems impossible. Once the fascist left get a foothold in an institution, they expand it until they have total control, then defend their control to bitter end (of those attempting re-infiltration).

    Start a competing institution, and reject every attempt by the fascists to infiltrate it. First action of the new institution: Cut the existing ones off from any and all taxpayer funds.

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  2. Great to see comments being deleted!

    About 12 years ago I experimented with deleting silly comments and Jason Soon who was running the list put up what I judged to be a rude request along the lines “WTF are you doing?”
    I thought he should have called me to askthe question so I playfully deleted it and he dropped me off the roster.
    I had to take refuge at Club Troppo who accepted me at the time because they were parading as centre left. That ended in tears as well.

    I hope this is not too short, nor too long, nor too dull and not a sign of intellectual handicap. No offence taken but we stopped talking about retards during the 1980s when I was working in the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board, incidentally working on the problems for intellectually handicapped people and their families.

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  3. Rafe, I’m attempting more than just the elimination of silly comments.
    This notion that you have to give everyone an equal go. Confused with libertarianism. Confused with free speech.
    This tolerance. It has to go. Just because right now the heavy handed imposition of their standards is the mark of the progressive left, doesn’t mean that all standards are wrong.
    Standards. That’s what has to come.

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  4. You are totally wrong Arky.
    The future belongs to millions of Australians working individually to improve their own freedoms within their own line of sight.
    Having a saviour lead the charge at a national level will fail when the institutions combine to slay that individual. Since individuals are flawed it won’t be hard to find the individuals’ Achilies heel.
    But millions of people all pursuing human rights and anti-Marxism present more numerous and smaller targets. A winning combination.

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  5. The “disappearing” of people is exactly what is happening as the long march reaches its conclusion.

    The “disappearing” of comments is the lesson I referred to. I thought it was a subtle attempt on your part to show what it’s like. I was wrong.

    You think that’s brown nosing? Seriously? You understanding of what I was saying is as shallow as a puddle.

    You try harder.

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  6. I was wrong.

    Yes you were.
    You are also wrong to think that deleting comments on a post that concludes by saying; “I will delete most of your comments” is in any way like what the left is doing with it’s massive attack on liberty and actual free speech.
    You choose to participate in a post where the rules are: Any thing I don’t like gets deleted.
    How can it be any other way? It’s my post and I’m setting the standards for the comments.
    You think you can write anything you like, anywhere?
    I’m just telling you up front what I want. I want a limited, narrow discussion on what interests me. Those posts where you think you are “free” are simply posts where the author wants a wider range of comments, or wishes not to watch too closely. Ultimately everyone deletes those comments outside their bounds if they come to their attention. Including Davidson, who deleted many, many comments for a variety of reasons, including some of mine. Correctly so. He had in mind the blog he wanted and made it so.

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  7. Maybe it is time to re-read the Declaration of Independence and consider how it could apply today?
    Of course, you do need a few strong-willed people (in America’s case at the time, the Founding Fathers) but it worked once, for a while at least…

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  8. No, dammit. It’s MORE than just that.
    The whole idea of “not censoring comments” is a myth.
    That isn’t done anywhere. At least not anywhere you’d want to comment.
    And it seems to me to be part of the undermining of what we had.
    The confusion seems deliberate.
    So that one might keep in their head at the same time that certain things can’t be said or shown, but proclaim it as ‘free’.
    Everything is curated. Everything should be curated. And the rules of that curation should be known. Participation should be open.
    Imagine an examination system where everyone is eligible to sit, but the pass standards are incredible high and KNOWN.
    That is the model.
    But what do we have? We have the progressive left who want to determine what can be examined, not just in their exams BUT IN ALL POSSIBLE EXAMS. And those on our side who confuse open participation in a known game with censorship.
    It’s not the same thing.

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  9. The Ignored War is a better title for your post in my opinion. I think the vast majority of politicians know what you’ve said in your post is true,and is happening, but their snout is in the trough and it won’t be coming out in a hurry.
    The need for people like Nigel Farage or Donald Trump is critical at the moment. Just someone who is prepared to speak their own mind. Something sorely lacking in politics at the moment.

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  10. One also can’t help but notice that for the second thread in a row, it’s the women who cannot tolerate being deleted.
    “Oh, I know you said you were going to delete most of the comments. But surely you didn’t mean mine“.
    Future threads will be even tougher.
    Get used to it.

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  11. Any attempt at a new right party or institution must centre around one larger than life, trusted, gifted individual, and it must be given time.

    Kings fulfilled that requirement for centuries.
    Then countries started hanging their Kings and electing a proxy king every few years.
    It hasn’t worked so far and I doubt it can ever work.
    The Hanover/Guelph/Battenberg/Windsors?
    They’re not the proper Kings of England, never were.

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  12. Let’s look at the two examples given, Farage and Trump. Both reasonably successful in their own right and from proud countries. One that has longevity and one that fought for its current state and both have a lot deeper ‘gene’ pool then Australia.

    The stand out personalities in Australia with their own resources are distinctly lefty swine. Think the current media and mining moguls, with no up and comers on the horizon. Self successful large personalities? We’ve got Clive and Pauline.

    Realistically it’s not the lack of saviours or the leftist institutions that are to blame. It’s the hand wringers on sites like this that won’t back the kooks or go for a swim in the slime and reclaim their institutions, for ‘ours’ they are! You don’t get to make a competing conservative court or conservative University or conservative health department. Australia is a socialist cesspit and a very shallow one at that. Reclaim what is yours or stop whining about it and bugger off to your next social outing with your lefty mates. If you can’t control your own little ‘institutions’ then don’t expect to control the big ones. Make your decisions.

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  13. Any attempt at a new right party or institution must centre around one larger than life, trusted, gifted individual, and it must be given time.

    Do not put your trust in powerful men; they are merely human beings in whom there is no lasting help.
    When they breathe their last they return to dust and their plans perish with them.

    Rather, blessed are those who have the God of Israel as their helper and whose hope is in the Lord their God.

    Psalm 146:3-5 (my own translation from the Hebrew).

    Of course God uses men – and the occasional woman! – whom he has suitably gifted to make great things in this world. But that’s the point – they’re instruments in God’s hands and that’s where we have to begin. Politics is downstream from culture which is downstream from religion. Without a renewal of the Christian faith there is not much hope for the West, I’m afraid.

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  14. Good thread.
    See yiz on the next one.
    Comments now closed.
    (Don’t take it personally if your comment was deleted. It just means you weren’t good enough.)

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