Won’t Get Fooled Again

  • 1970: You can’t infringe on free speech, man.
  • 2010: Your speech puts lives at risk.
  • 2021: Boot those Nazi bastards off everything and shut them up.
  • 1985: You can’t discriminate on medical status, Choose life, man.
  • 2020: Your medical status effects the whole community.
  • 2021: Lock those unvaccinated swine up and starve them.
  • 2019: Inflation won’t get out of control, man.
  • 2020: We need a bit of inflation.
  • 2021: Inflate! Inflate! Inflate! Ha, ha, ha. Ha ha!
  • 2000: China’s amazing, man.
  • 2010: Relax. We’re us. China is not a threat.
  • 2021: China is too powerful to upset, so shut up.
  • 1968: Screw those pigs, man. Peace and love.
  • 2020: You are harming the community with your demo.
  • 2021: Water canon those anti- vaxx agitators. I love the police.
  • 1980: It’s all a boys club and we’re not invited, man.
  • 2020: The police, media, and politicians must stay on message.
  • 2021: Lock up the right wing dissidents, and fetch my limo.
  • 1970: Those politicians are all bought by evil developers, man.
  • 2000: We need sustainable development.
  • 2021: You can’t slow immigration, you racist, we depend on development.
  • July 2020: The vaccines are an evil Trump plot. I won’t take them.
  • Feb 2021: Look at the great job we did rolling out the vaccines.
  • March 2021: Every adult over 60 can get vaccinated.
  • April 2021: Every other adult can get vaccinated.
  • May 2021: Every adult must get vaccinated.
  • June 2021: Children can get vaccinated.
  • July 2021: Children must get vaccinated.
  • August 2021: These vaccinations are 95% effective. (Ticket to your freedoms).
  • September 2021: Ummm.
  • October 2021: You can get your boosters now.
  • November 2021: Look, all vaccines need boostering after a while stupid. Haven’t you heard of tetanus?
  • 2022: Unless you have had at least one booster, you are unvaccinated.

*Dates above are made up from memory.

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25 thoughts on “Won’t Get Fooled Again”

  1. Re the vaccine story, the Age is reporting today that there have been just under 79,000 reports made to the TGA of adverse events following administration of the various COVID vaccines. Of these, at least 10,000 cases are “moderate to severe” which have led to applications to the governmental compensation scheme…and 9 people have died.

    Compare that with the record of the Triple Antigen (measles, mumps, rubella) which practically every Australian has received. In total, 1971 – 2021, there have been 1063 reports of adverse events (mild- severe) and 2 deaths. Over 50 years.

    And the various governments of Australia have made the COVID vaccination, alone of all medical interventions, mandatory. And COVID has a mortality rate under 1% overall…negligible in those under 50.

    As Pauline always used to say, “Please explain!”.

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  2. It’s pretty clear that there are no limits to the capacity of the Australian people, press, government to be fooled.

    Will get fooled again!

    Over and over and over again.

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  3. Your observations simply reflect the fact that collectivists are now the establishment, man.

    If they’ve become total hypocrites into the bargain, well they’re fine with that.

    The rest of us with functioning brains who have to tolerate their unrelenting idiocy and sanctimony, not so much.

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  4. bemused says:
    November 16, 2021 at 1:14 pm
    The northern winter will be the litmus test for these vaccines.

    That’s exactly why our governments are going flat out to get everyone “vaxxinated” before it becomes too obvious that we have been royally fucked over and betrayed.

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  5. I notice that a certain dementia-ridden president is in the habit of often ending sentences with “man”, as though that carries extra weight or authority to the nonsense he spouts.

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  6. It’s like Conquets Laws of Politics No. 2 in reverse:

    Any Leftist individual or organisation that is not explicitly libertarian will eventually become Fascist.

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  7. Triple Antigen is diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough, not measles, mumps, rubella (MMR).

  8. …and 9 people have died.

    A lot more than 9 people have died from the covid therapeutics, last time I checked it was over 150 for cominarty and astrazeneca each.

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  9. Lying media gonna lie I guess. You can check yourself:


    But here’s my search results for the “big 2”

    1 medicine selected between 01/01/2019 – 02/11/2021.

    Selected medicines
    Trade name Active ingredients
    COMIRNATY COVID-19 vaccine tozinameran
    Search results
    The results are shown in two tabs.

    Number of reports (cases): 36697

    Number of cases with a single suspected medicine: 36006

    Number of cases where death was a reported outcome: 227

    1 medicine selected between 01/01/2019 – 02/11/2021.

    Selected medicines
    Trade name Active ingredients
    COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca ChAdOx1-S (Viral vector)
    Search results
    The results are shown in two tabs.

    Number of reports (cases): 40304

    Number of cases with a single suspected medicine: 39664

    Number of cases where death was a reported outcome: 393

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  10. Lemmiwinks, I stand corrected (which will teach me about quoting from Fairfax/Ch9).

    The point I was trying to make not only stands, but now has flashing lights, though.

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  11. Angas, Actually the 9 you quote is on the TGA website, so probably can’t blame the media. Yet the other figures are also there as well. I know nine is incorrect, there have been 7 deaths just within my close contact groups.
    One thing I will say is the TGA whom approve this stuff (It’s not a vaccine), should not be the body that also reports adverse affects. Wouldn’t you call that putting the mice in charge of the cheese. In particular when you also see safe medications like Ivermectin basically banned in Australia!

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  12. Angus Black:

    It’s pretty clear that there are no limits to the capacity of the Australian people, press, government to be fooled.
    Will get fooled again!

    All the low hanging fruit has been picked, and now there’s the stuff the government needs extra tools to get at.
    These extra tools are police, judges, Covid Marshalls, and the credulous community.
    This fruit was always going to be harder to get to and require more draconian efforts.
    …and here we are.

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  13. Bemused:

    I posted this YouTube video in another post, but I suspect that not many watched it: No One Noticed This Pfizer Conflict of Interest Hiding In Plain Sight.

    Oh we noticed it allright.
    I think many – like myself – just shut up in disgust.

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  14. Sadly the media is solidly lefty, so they all chorus the current doctrine, which as you point out Arky is often diametrically opposed to their previous doctrine. It takes great mental effort to go against the pounding of our ears and eyeballs, and most people just can’t break out of the lemming stampede. Orwell’s Oceania/East Asia stuff was so prophetic, as was his Ministry of Truth.

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  15. 2019- we’re overprescribing antibiotics, because pressure from rapacious pharma, gullible GPs and mentally dependent consumers
    2021- we’re under-using “vaccines”- because consumers are mentally independent. Pharma is tickety-boo and GPs are dead smart and stuff, so pressure them proles, man.

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  16. Just watch … to see what’ really going on.

    Safe and effective. Sure.

    [i said comments were open, sure, but not for that kind of thing. Link also deleted, because i don’t have time to watch it- Arky]

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  17. Interestingly there is a government “vaccine adverse event” compensation scheme which only applies to Covid vaccines. This came to my attention when I heard Dr Norman Swan on the radio in the middle of the night. So far there are 10,000 “expressions of interest” since its introduction in August. However nobody has yet received a cent the good Dr said. I wonder how many expressions of interest are likely when it becomes general knowledge!

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  18. “What did Einstein say?”

    Which famous scientist said, along the lines of:
    “It doesn’t matter how eloquent your theory is, it doesn’t matter who proposes it and how expert and qualified they are – if it doesn’t match reality, it’s WRONG!” Feinman maybe?

    On the Vaxes – apparently, getting a dose of monoclonal antibodies gives you 80+% protection against COVID infection at 8 months, yet the fizzer vaxxene is useless at 6 months. Yet those who have had the monoclonal antibodies are “filthy unvaxxed”, while fizzer recipients are good for now – soon it will be no booster = not vaxxed.
    Several promising treatments ignored and then made illegal for a doctor to prescribe – WTF? Doc can prescribe powerful opioids, but not one of the safest drugs ever created, that has been taken by billions of people worldwide for more than 20 years with almost no issues at all?

    I don’t know what it is, but there is something else going on.
    Return to feudalism?
    Do they know that this virus was engineered and that the “outer shell” (with the ‘spike protein’), which is almost perfect for infecting humans, can have some other nasty thing inside it as a bioweapon (say, nipah virus, or ebola after suitable enhancements to its transmissibility) and we need to have these shots in case China uses it (or fucks up and lets it out)?

    Yeah, I know – sounds kinda tin-foil hat stuff, right? But how else do you explain it all?
    Panic over a virus that in reality is not that dangerous (it’s serious, but it ain’t ebola!), vaxxines that have by-passed the standard testing regimes, lockdowns, mask mandates, vax mandates, tracking apps, internment camps being built. WTF?

    Or are we just a bunch of wimps, afraid of our own shadows – too scared of dying to risk living?

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