Melbourne Freedom March, 20 Nov 2021

Here is my perspective of the March on Saturday. I joined the march at roughly 12.15pm on the corner of Russell and Bourke St having parked at QV. Parking was busy. Traders must be loving the numbers coming into the city at the moment in order to protest.

Bourke before Swanston Street, Bourke St Mall immediately ahead, approx. 12.20pm.

Looking back towards Parliament three blocks up the hill.
Bourke St Mall
Mall looking back to Parliament.
Just turned the corner onto Lonsdale St, Elizabeth St just behind.
Looking back to Lonsdale and Elizabeth St corner.
Now on William St coming up to Latrobe St and Flagstaff Gardens.
Looking up to Flagstaff Gardens on left.
Took this pic about 1.30pm, about 15 mins after arriving.
Around 1.45pm.
Now about 1.45 pm, people still filing in from the march line directly behind me.
This is looking directly west, about 45 degrees to the left of photos above.
This is directly from where the last photo looking back up to where I was just standing, cnr of William and Latrobe Sts.
Now left of central area by King St looking across to William and Latrobe Streets.
Leaving at 2.30pm.

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  1. Bar Beach Swimmer Avatar
    Bar Beach Swimmer

    Wonderful stuff, DB!

    I have a friend who went to the Sydney march. He said it was really uplifting. He took with him his electric skate board to get around the place and got a photo with Craig Kelly on it holding up a UAP Poster.

  2. JMH Avatar

    Good job, dover. Vids are a bit jumpy. May have been when Rukshan and others were having problems getting a signal.

  3. P Avatar

    Great. Thank you.

  4. bemused Avatar

    No need to guess how the MSM will report this, ‘just a few hundred anti-vaxxers’.

  5. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    Pleased to see some vexiolligists with the old red flag. I’ve gone off the blue one since the jellyback idiot of a Prime Minister desecrated the blue one I served under by using it as a face nappie.
    Thanks for sharing Dover.

  6. Delta A Avatar
    Delta A

    Excellent pics, Dover. Thanks.

    Also, kudos to all the wonderful Cats who attended the protests around Australia.

    I watched Rukshan’s coverage of the Melbourne march. Such a happy, diverse crowd (as opposed to the rude and aggressive mob who wouldn’t let Rukshan, a Sri Lankan, film their ‘anti-racist’ rally) .

    For the first time in quite a while, I felt proud to be Australian.

  7. cuckoo Avatar

    Stirring stuff. I’ve seen widely differing crowd estimates- if anyone can point to a reliable one, I’d be glad to hear it.

    Somebody – it might have been David Lembrick – said that the people he met had gone from being angry and insulted at being called nazis and extremists by people like andrews, to just laughing at it. They are beginning to realize their power.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Looked at Liberty Daily just now for the first time in months and immediately saw this:

    Former Australian Special Forces Commander Riccardo Bosi: This Stops When We Stop It (20 Nov)

    Looks to be video of Lt Col Bosi speaking at the Sydney march yesterday. I haven’t watched it so I have no idea what he said, but to see it on a US site was interesting.

  9. P Avatar

    I was clicking between Melbourne and Sydney and saw a little of Riccardo’s speech and soon after he was obviously swearing (there must have been delay) and then they lost the signal. Screen went black so I crossed back to Melb.

  10. P Avatar

    Here is his speech:

    Near the end I got ‘beep’, then no more signal.

  11. Intractable Avatar

    I was there. Sound system was quite poor, so difficult to hear but recordings are available. (Sound should be better next week).

    Bosi started with a joke…

    “I am Lt Col. Ricardo Berto(sp?) Bosi, and with a face like this you’ve got to be wondering which
    F#(k!n side was he on…”

    He then recited the Lord’s Prayer before speaking for about 7-odd mins in total.

    Covered unconstitutional government in Australia, the pervasiveness of the infiltration of communism throughout the country and its institutions, amongst other things (including calling for an “ANZAC Strike”.

    Essentially, nothing new for those that have heard him speak before – but very well-spoken, as usual.

  12. Bar Beach Swimmer Avatar
    Bar Beach Swimmer

    November 21, 2021 at 5:05 pm

    P, that’s it!

  13. Judge Dredd Avatar
    Judge Dredd

    I for one am voting for Riccardo’s party.
    It has the best values and is a fighting party, not a part of appeasement.
    Vote one- AustraliaOne

  14. FlyingPigs Avatar

    Now we have all the garage nasti’s on files.

    Thanks suckers.

  15. vlad redux Avatar
    vlad redux

    I wish I could have been there; I had too much work on and I learned of it too late.

    No excuse.

    I’ll try harder next time.

  16. Fair Shake Avatar
    Fair Shake

    Weren’t you frightened to be surrounded by so many violent extremists ? It’s obvious by the images the burning and the looting was just a mandate away.

  17. Woolfe Avatar

    Australia One is not registered yet. You can be sure the tyrants and their servants are putting everything they can in the path to stop him (AEC)

  18. Spi Avatar

    This is the best footage I’ve seen of the rally in Melbourne on Saturday. Very encouraging! Let’s hope the politicians listen.

  19. duncanm Avatar

    Nah, Virginia tells me they’re all conspiracy nutters.

  20. Megan Avatar

    This is the best footage I’ve seen of the rally in Melbourne on Saturday. Very encouraging! Let’s hope the politicians listen.

    Hahahaha! By some absolute miracle in all of that footage I managed to spot our mini-Cat brigade making their way to the park! We rock!

  21. John of Mel Avatar
    John of Mel

    Hahahaha! By some absolute miracle in all of that footage I managed to spot our mini-Cat brigade making their way to the park! We rock!

    Where’s Wally? 🙂

  22. Stephen Williams Avatar
    Stephen Williams

    Are they on again next weekend in Melb? I will be heading down if so, it’s a 700km round trip but it will be worth it!

  23. John A Avatar
    John A

    bemused says: November 21, 2021, at 5:05 pm

    No need to guess how the MSM will report this, ‘just a few hundred anti-vaxxers’.

    Nah, they will follow Dastardly Dan and call us all “extremists.”

    I was there till after 1500, and saw marchers still arriving. I don’t think I saw the tail of the line at all.

    John of Mel, we saw him pass us near the William St side where the medic tent was set up. A friend has pics.

  24. Megan Avatar

    Where’s Wally? ?

    Pretty much! :D.

  25. TPL001 Avatar

    I was there, in Melbourne. Voice for Victoria (on Facebook) reckons about 90,000, from estimates at Flagstaff Gardens. I heard from one guy who was speaking to a crowd checker, doing regular photo snaps and estimates, that it was 300,000 (and last week was 147,000). I keep hearing 300,000, but that seems a lot to me; I also heard 400,000. I couple of different views on how pollies escalate a crowd like that to a voting population. One view: for every one in the march, they reckon it as seven to eight who agree but do not attend; another view is that it is one to many more times that.
    I concur with DB that the line down Bourke Street was from Parliament House to Elizabeth Street and was reasonably full. Then turned around a couple of blocks to arrive at Flagstaff. True Arrow’s video on YT is reasonably good.
    I left Flagstaff, went back to Bourke Street, hung around for awhile and they were still coming down Bourke. Bigger than Ben Hur. Went off to another activity in Bourke Street Mall, and then about 4:00 pm-ish, the crowd came back from Flagstaff up through Bourke Street Mall to Parliament. It was smaller by then but still pretty big. Spoke for awhile to different people. Seems that there were families and groups that came by car and bus from the country. Pretty ordinary Aussies and quite a few families with children.

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