Guest Post: BBS – Is there a payoff for the PM in his unholy alliance with State Labor?

It has taken me some time for the penny to drop in the cosying up of the Prime Minister to the State Premiers, for I kept thinking what does Scott Morrison gain in continuing to provide protection for the worst of state government excess imaginable who have continued to undermine his position throughout most of the pandemic?
Then I recalled how politically burnt to a cinder Morrison was looking mid year because of the “slow vaccine roll out,” which Sally McManus cuttingly called a “stroll out.”  Morrison’s electoral chances would not be good, if that stroll-out did not quickly become a stampede. Taking a look at Federal-State relations meant realising that while the Feds have the money, the States have most of the infrastructure, both legal and physical, to solve any logistical headache.  This means that for the vaccine roll out to succeed, the States are absolutely necessary. Without the States and that mafia-like contingent of <strike>second</strike> third rate premiers, there could be no efficient jabbing of arms.  However, there was one more factor required to draw this mRNA and Viral Vector vaccine sausage-making factory together; enter Lieutenant General John Frewen as <em>Vaccine Supremo</em> (h/t Yes Minister).

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Why do governments across the world want us to take these vaxxines?

Across the bottom of the front page of The Oz is an ad from The Australian Government:

ALL COVID-19 vaccines have been approved and rigorously tested to Australia’s highest safety standards

After you read this – Research “Game-changer”: Spike Protein Increases Heart Attacks and Destroys Immune ?System – you may wish to think twice (and then some) about such statements from governments both here and around the world. Then there’s this:  Mass vaccination fails to halt Covid transmission rates – study.

Successful vaccine rollouts have failed to stop Covid transmission, with new data showing the prevalence of the virus increasing in fully jabbed individuals, according to a medical study in The Lancet.

The question really is why is there so much pressure from governments everywhere to vaxxinate against a generally non-lethal illness for which there are already other known forms of medication that will stop covid in its tracks?

Pandemic of the Unvaxxed?

In context of debate about Omicron, Israel’s Coronavirus Commissioner Professor Salman Zarka suggested that compulsory vaccination needs to be considered. Separately, in the same Jerusalem Post article, it was noted that only two cases of Omicron had been confirmed, both fully vaccinated. One with AstraZeneca; the other with three (yes three) Pfizer shots.

Just watching Fox News. The first case in the United States has been reported. You guessed it, fully vaccinated. But hold on, the President of the United States says that vaccination (and masks of course) is key to fighting Omicron.

“I’m confused.”

“Don’t be confused they want to prevent unvaxxed people getting very sick and occupying scarce hospital beds.”

“Really. Then is this a pandemic of the unvaxxed?”

Latest figures from the UK. Patients admitted to hospital with Covid in the four weeks from mid-October to mid-November. Total 9,174; unvaccinated 3071. A higher rate among the unvaxxed, OK; but people not rates fill up hospital beds.

“I’m still confused.”

“I think it’s shocking how people acquiesce to this sort of thing”

This is from Adam Creighton in today’s Oz: Hysteria of Covid to endure for years, says top Trump medical adviser.

Scott Atlas, who was a top health adviser to former president ­Donald Trump, has warned that “destructive and ineffective” Covid-19 restrictions could loom over economies for “years” because of an “unscientific obsession” with stopping cases.

Dr Atlas, a former medical doctor and now Senior Fellow in health care policy at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, said Australia had illustrated the folly of lockdowns and the “shocking power of governments to shut down everything – schools, businesses, personal movement and even the right to see your own family”.

“Australia had an explosion of cases with some of the most draconian policies imaginable,” he said, speaking to The Australian about his new book, A Plague Upon Our House, which is highly critical of the US Covid-19 response and two of Mr Trump’s other health advisers, Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx.

“As an American, and I think it applies to Australia, I think it’s shocking how people acquiesce to this sort of thing.”

There was also this letter to the editor that highlighted so many of the issues that matter to so many amongst us.

I cannot yet add my voice to the chorus rejoicing in Australia’s relatively high vaccination cover. Rates of 80 per cent and 90 per cent are milestones, not destinations. With one in five or one in 10 unvaccinated, the risk to those more vulnerable, many elderly, vaccinated but with waning immunity is unacceptable.

The same proportions of children attending daycare and pre- and primary school will come from homes with unvaccinated, highly mobile young parents and adolescent siblings. Until they can become eligible for vaccination, children under 12 deserve to be fully cocooned by immunised adults.

As a clinical immunologist, I know that people who can’t be vaccinated on medical grounds are vanishingly rare. We now have hard data to support this: 19 million Australians have received at least one dose and only 556, or 0.003 per cent, have met the criteria for permanent medical exemption.


The main focus now should be on helping across the line those who have been convinced that the vaccines aren’t safe for them. This is for their benefit as well as the community’s. In my experience, almost all are reasonable people, unreasonably influenced by others with loud voices and self-appointed expertise.

It saddens me to still hear of women considering pregnancy or who are pregnant avoiding vaccination based on internet opinion when there is irrefutable evidence of a higher risk from Covid in pregnancy – of maternal death, miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth.

Please, more focus on how far we still have to go and less on how far we’ve come. I’ll start rejoicing when we reach 99 per cent; that is a destination of which to be proud.

Professor Graeme Stewart, Westmead Institute for Medical Research, NSW

“Why are we made to be bouncers?”

Here’s something unexpected: Dymocks hires security after jump in assaults on staff over COVID rules

A popular bookshop in Melbourne’s CBD has been forced to hire security guards to guard its main entrance after employees were attacked by customers refusing to follow Victoria’s COVID-19 rules, with one worker being pushed down an escalator.

Pretty gruesome story, but perhaps a lesson here about what really matters to those who have been kept in lockdown. Why are liquor stores open to the public generally  but not book stores? You can’t even go to the library unless you are vaxxed. As one of the co-owners of Dymocks is quoted as saying:

There was a big divide between essential services and non-essential retail when it came to enforcing the restrictions, with authorities putting less of an onus on essential businesses to follow the rules.

“We are booksellers, we are not security guards. Why are we made to be bouncers?” Mrs Traverso said.

“It’s one week into this mandate. People are just not able to cope with it. They are just sick of it. We are nearing 92 per cent fully vaccinated. Enough is enough. Just give up those stupid mandates.”

Of course, the supposed rebound in the economy does not quite tell the story since business costs to monitor who comes in and who does not may look like an increase in economic activity to a statistician but it’s not in any way an improvement in our living standards.

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Mater’s Musings #43: Attention ‘Purebloods’

Really Guys? Some of the moral posturing here of late is not only unnecessary, but it’s also largely unwarranted…and unseemly.

What follows is not me changing sides because I’m now on my way to being ‘vaxxed’, what follows is me laying out a few facts for the good of the cause.

The moment the ‘Vaccinated Economy’ took effect, the people holding out against it become irrelevant to the politicians, especially Dan. He has moved on. He has the directions and structure in place to freeze you out of society (providing the Pandemic Bill passes) and he is happy to see you slowly sink and drown below the mud of the battlefield.

Continuing to hold out is a personal health choice, based on what I believe to be very sound reasoning, but it’s not causing Dan a single night of lost sleep. It’s gone from being a political, principle and moral battleline, to a personal health choice, and it did so (at least in Victoria) at 23:59 18 Nov 2021…when the vaccine economy kicked off. If I was to use a military analogy, you are still manning a Machine Gun post in Normandy, when the battle is being waged in Arnhem.

I don’t say this to be disparaging, or to discourage you, or to encourage you to get the jab. Heaven forbid, no. Would to God I was still in your position, if only for the peace of mind. I most certainly wish my kids were. I hope you make it to the end of this unscathed. No, I’m saying this because I’m talking purely strategically in the fight against this abhorrent turn of events we are experiencing in this country. It would do us all well to refocus on this rather than polishing our respective ‘moral’ laurels, and how we fared in the recent battle.

Last weekend, I carpooled into the Melbourne protest with six individuals from the country. Of those individuals, only two were not vaccinated. None of the other four had taken the vaccine willingly. They were resolute enough to travel two hours each way, and waste a complete Saturday, to protest this mandate and Bill. It wasn’t the first Saturday that they’d wasted, and it likely won’t be the last. I suspect this sort of ratio would hold true throughout all the attendees. The ‘vaxxed’ likely outnumbered the ‘unvaxxed’, significantly.

Why am I telling you this? Because alienating them is stoopid! They are fellow travellers on this journey. I won’t even call them ‘Allies’, because that infers that they are in a different camp…THEY ARE NOT! There are only two sides in this battle, those who support mandates (and the associated shit), and those who don’t. Fragmenting your own team is a regrettable trait of the Right, and I’d advise against it in this instance. We need all the help we can get.

Not one of the vaccinated people in my car last weekend suffers from ‘buyers regret’. None of them ‘bought’. They had the vaccine foisted on them. They walked into the cubicle with their eyes wide open, knowing that it was unnecessary and they didn’t want it, aware of the fact that it lacked safety data, and suspecting that it might cause problems in the short, medium and long term. They suffer ‘victims contempt’, not ‘buyers regret’.

Dan’s stormtroopers are currently packing up the various vaccination hub tents all around Melbourne. He knows THIS battle is over. The one-time stream of victims entering these tents has slowed to a trickle. He is moving on to the next battle. For the self-labelled ‘purebloods’ resolutely waving your fist in the air, claiming victory because you survived this onslaught, can I suggest you pack up YOUR tent and move to where the battle is NOW actually being fought? And that is, standing side-by-side with your team (many of whom are vaccinated) in opposing the Pandemic Bill and mandated boosters. Standing around preening yourself, admiring your skill in dodging the bullet, and bad-mouthing the fallen, will see you eventually fall victim also.

The Battle of the vaccinations is over: the Battle of the boosters is about to begin.