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  1. Barry Avatar

    Vaccinated niece said to my unvaccinated son: “How come you haven’t had Covid yet?” Genuine, just curious question. She has, he hasn’t.
    Answered “good immune system I suppose.”

    She’s a postgrad biomedical science PhD candidate.

    They really can’t comprehend that they’ve been thoroughly conned.
    Even the very smartest. Or maybe especially the smartest.

  2. Slim Cognito Avatar
    Slim Cognito

    For a long time I did not know anyone who had Covid. Now I know several people who ended up with Omicron and funny enough, they are all vaxxed. What are the chances?

  3. Fat Tony Avatar
    Fat Tony

    Qld had 2 who died with/from COVID from March 2020 through to near the end of last year.

    After the big “vaccinations push ” we now have multiple deaths every day.

    Probably all bullshit to ramp up the fear – none of our governmental scum are going to back away from this crap. There are too many skeletons in too many closets – graft & corruption, and with the deadly nature of these “vaccines ” becoming quite evident, possible future manslaughter / murder charges.

    There will be periods where they ease off a bit, then they’ll ramp up the control. By the time most people figure out what’s going on, it will be too late. Unfortunately, I fear we are going to have to fight our way out of this.

  4. Big_Nambas Avatar

    Slowly the news overseas is starting to report the failure and dangers of spike protein vaccines. Australia is usually at least 1 year behind the rest of the developed world in responding.
    The most worrying reports for me are the reports of increased death rates among vaccinated people between 18 and 50, not from covid but from vaccine side effects. This is growing very fast and will be impossible for the government to hide.

  5. Katzenjammer Avatar

    Smart people have proof that whatever they believe is true.
    The proof is that they’re smart.
    That’s what they’ll tell you.

  6. Maniac Avatar

    “Now I know several people who ended up with Omicron and funny enough, they are all vaxxed. What are the chances?”

    My vaxxed brother caught it from my niece. They’re thankfully both fine, but yeah, it does make you wonder.

  7. bemused Avatar

    She’s a postgrad biomedical science PhD candidate.

    This is a perennial problem with all the highly educated and qualified, they tend to live in their speciality bubble and often simply cannot see or comprehend anything beyond that bubble. They genuinely fear to have their long-held beliefs questioned, after all their efforts to get where they are now. It’s not possible that they could be wrong.

  8. Lurx Avatar

    Any one with half a brain can see whats going on. Yet they (the authorities and media) will maintain the vax rate is greater than 90%.
    Like hell it is…. if its at 60% I would be surprised. If its 90% than its more likely to be another 30% of people telling porkies.

    The 60% figure is the idiot quotient of any given society. Eg: Look at the input and outcome of proportional voting systems.

    Not all people are stoopid and 90% is madness. But if you are still too stoopid to see thru the media and the political bs that pervades the land then you are almost certainly to be one of those 60%…… of sheep

  9. Megan Avatar

    Just lost my response to the vagaries of mobiles that adjusts the screen downwards as I hit the Post button so I select a ra0ndom link and lose my carefully thought out words of wisdom.

    Shorter comment: We are being played but only a minority can recognise the fact.

  10. Judge Dredd Avatar
    Judge Dredd

    No one that I know has figured it out yet, or they are at least being quiet on their new found wisdom.
    It is fascinating.

    In other news I did see a news article that indicates the media may be prepping for increased cases of heart problems by pointing to a mysterious and undetectable virus.

  11. Lurx Avatar

    To that post of two or three back and the reference to 60% of sheep vs the remaining 40% that possess a modicum of sanity

    I have always considered a majority of Cat followers and/or contributors to be a comfortable measure of a sanity in this land.

    So it would hence be interesting to take a internal poll as to who is vaxed and who is not.

    I’ll put my pension on there being a ratio of: 60% ayes and 40% nays

  12. Damon Avatar

    One can only hope that the Johns Hopkins debunking of the lockdowns, and associated fiascoes, will finally force a return to reality.

  13. Diogenes Avatar

    Yesterday on the OT I referenced TIKHistory’s latest video, in which he explains the leftists worldview and why arguing is futile. On reflection, given the pump priming towards leftism generally in society, I see the same has happened with the dreaded Wuflu and arguing will get you nowhere as people will suspect you are trying to “trick” them into being a “horrible person”.

    Despite the title at least the first 30 minutes or so are worth a watch, the last 20 is more posing the question “how do we break through the conditioning?” – TIK says he was red pilled when a particular contradiction became too great to ignore – I have adjusted my approach and instead of facts I try to point out contradictions – yesterday I brought a colleague up short when he was defending the science, and I just said ” 5 days ago the science said I had to wait 4 months for my booster, today the science says I only have to wait 3. What changed in the last 5 days ?”

  14. Slim Cognito Avatar
    Slim Cognito

    Anyone who gets their news from the ABC will never get it. Even when the figures are as bad as they are they still spin it the other way. Case in point:

    From the article:

    If you look at NSW intensive care numbers in isolation with no other context, it can seem counterintuitive.

    Between November 26 and January 8, 215 double-vaccinated people were admitted to intensive care, compared with 55 unvaccinated people, according to a recent COVID-19 surveillance report.

    But those 215 people make up less than 0.1 per cent of fully vaccinated COVID-19 cases recorded in that period, while the 55 make up about 1.5 per cent of unvaccinated cases.

    It’s all about the perspective.

  15. will Avatar

    But those 215 people make up less than 0.1 per cent of fully vaccinated COVID-19 cases recorded in that period, while the 55 make up about 1.5 per cent of unvaccinated cases.

    false equivalence, as like is not being compared to like. Unvaxxed are likely older, retired and have health issues compared to the working age vaxxed, so you would expect worse outcomes anyway.

  16. Kneel Avatar

    “false equivalence, as like is not being compared to like.”

    Yes – using univariate analysis is likely going to lead you down the garden path in both medicine and sociology. That is why no-one who is serious in those fields uses a univariate analysis, always multivariate and preferably with as many variables as you can think of that may be relevant.
    As you say, we need to adjust for age and comorbidities at least, and probably socio-economic status as well.
    But don’t believe me – ask an epidemiologist. I’m certain they would tell you that a simple “vaxed v unvaxed” has no power to indicate causality, but happy to be shown wrong.

  17. Mantaray Avatar

    Barry, and others….

    The gene-jabs lead to micro clotting (if the jab is genuine: more below) which causes slowed blood flow, and diminished oxygen supply to the brain. This manifests as an irreversible condition known as vascular dementia.

    The two most common behavioural changes in dementia (all types: not just vascular)are A) Loss of Intellect (reasoning ability, memory) and B) aggression. This latter is usually seen as ranting or intemperate outbursts, which is exactly what we are seeing in almost ALL the genuinely jabbed (more below), including various world leaders who “should know better” except that they are demented….

    A genuine gene-jab is any strength jab which is not exclusively a placebo. So, it might be 100% full strength, or 50% or 25% or whatever % is in today’s batch of vials. This will lead to differing severities of side effects after each injection so that, at the start, many injectees will think all is OK. Second shot there will be more side-effects. Third shot still more. 4th, 5th, 6th ever more as the randomly received amounts accumulate, AND of course, with the accumulation the brains will be rotted further in those it does not immediately kill so that they will not “understand” what’s going on.

    Think of it like playing random roulette: putting your dough on any old number or numbers. Over time you will have fluctuations, but stay at the table long enough and it will be curtains. Also note that those having wins…while on the road to the wipe-out…will be enthusiastic, and probably “lose their minds”, convinced they will not be destroyed.

    Which is what we see in those at the mRNA table. the wheel is spun and spun and spun until the suckers lose everything despite not knowing what was at stake.

    Here’s a nice representation of “high stakes meets cluelessness meets pure evil”….….. And the one that got away!

  18. rickw Avatar

    People need to get their heads out of their arses and realise that they were completely conned.

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