Month: August 2022

  • Open Thread – Weekend 20 Aug 2022

  • WolfmanOz at the Movies #34

    Beyond the Infinite I vividly recall the day I first saw 2001: A Space Odyssey, way back in 1976. It was on a fine Saturday afternoon and the soccer team I was playing for had a bye so along with a few of my teammates we decided to go and see the film which was…

  • “The Fixer”

    Over the past few days excerpts from Simon Benson’s and Geoff Chambers’ new book, Plagued, have appeared in the media. (Admission: I have only read the first excerpt, which appeared in the Weekend Australian, but since then through the media more details have emerged.) What initially struck me about this first report was the reason…

  • Open Thread – Tues 16 Aug 2022

  • Gender dysphoria among famous women

    I read this morning that some wokester academics working for Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, have cast doubt on the gender identity of Queen Elizabeth I. Apparently her claiming to have the stomach and heart of a man was plain-speak for I’m non-binary before my time gimme some testosterone. And Joan of Arc was much too butch…

  • Open Thread – Weekend 13 Aug 2022

  • 9%+0%=9% not zero

    What has troubled me of late is that the American pseudo-government seems to think that after 9% inflation a 0% increase leaves you where you were. Actually it leaves you 9% behind [9+0=9%]. Getting back to zero inflation doesn’t start you at scratch.

  • I’m back

    Been away with an illness which I still have. It’s not Covid and it’s not communicable, least ways on a blog. My wife warned me that she will put up with it as long as my political views have stayed the same. She’s one in a million! We shall see.

  • WolfmanOz at the Movies #33

    And All That Jazz Cinema’s ability to produce top class musicals has been in decline for many decades now. I’ve seen numerous commentaries that public tastes have changed and they no longer desire to see musicals. However, I disagree with this view. Given the numerous musical stage shows that are continually being released and the…

  • Meme of the Day #53

    Strictly speaking, I’m not sure that it’s a Meme, but I did LOL!