Open Thread – Weekend 29 June 2024

Day Dreams, John Atkinson Grimshaw, late 1800s

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June 30, 2024 7:01 pm

Teaching tractors how to drive themselves, fully automated seed depth control for precision planters, green on green spot spraying.

Application of tech to farming.

Black Ball
Black Ball
June 30, 2024 7:29 pm

Andrew Bolt has the shits

I left Australia five weeks ago, sick of writing of every fresh example of the Albanese government turning a fine country into a poor and divided one.

Maybe seeing some European countries would make me better appreciate my own.

Ha! I’ve instead come back not just disliking this government, but despising it.

Distance has made even clearer how childishly stupid, blind and dishonest it is.

For instance, I was in France and Belgium when Anthony Albanese’s ministers attacked the Coalition’s plan for nuclear power by posting pictures of three-eyed fish and a koala.

Anyone in France or Belgium would have laughed at them.

You see, I had lunches there in nuclear-powered restaurants and toured nuclear-powered museums because France gets 60 per cent of its electricity from nuclear energy, and Belgium nearly 50.

Yet not once did I see there some mutant beast with three eyes. I couldn’t even find a squirrel with a squint.

Are Albanese’s ministers really morons who think nuclear power will turn our wildlife into freaks, or are they just liars?

I’m guessing liars, because Albanese defended this scare campaign by telling journalists to “lighten up”, as if lying about something as grave as fixing our failing power supplies is just a joke.

Should I also “lighten up” about other lies his government told while I was away?

Just last week, I checked the news from home to find Australia’s inflation was now worse than that of any of the five countries I was visiting.

Yes, another Albo lie exposed.

Remember Treasurer Jim Chalmers claiming to invent a new “values-based capitalism” so that the government’s vast spending was actually just an “investment”, and not inflationary?

False again, and inflation now eats our savings and bloats our bills.

Worst was the government still insisting during my trip there’s a “climate crisis” and to supposedly save us from floods and droughts it will cut our net emissions to zero.

Even more amazingly, it will work this miracle, achieved nowhere on Earth, without using zero-emissions nuclear power.

Except I was reading this nonsense in a continent that’s learning how disastrous the net-zero fantasy really is.

In Germany, the economy has been smashed by high power prices.

In Britain, the government is ditching many net zero policies to cut the cost of living.

In France, a tour guide moaned to me how the lovely landscape of Provence was being scarred by wind farms.

Yet here, our Australian Energy Market Operator has just doubled down and warned Australians need six times more of these monsters – a target the government insists upon.

And see how this crazy government lies to cover up this stupidity.

Energy Minister Chris Bowen still claims wind and solar is the “cheapest” power, even as soaring power prices again proved him wrong, last week pushing up inflation.

In Europe, too, countries like Denmark – hooked on wind power – pay high prices.

In Rome I got another reminder of our government’s idiocy. Our hotel explained it was banned by law from supplying aircon until July 1, even in a heatwave, because Italy was running out of gas. The Ukraine war, and all that.

t’s one thing for Italy to be short of energy, but it’s criminal that Australia is, too, when – unlike Italy – we have mountains of coal and uranium, and oceans of oil and gas, all now treated like poison.

Yet another example: everywhere in Europe people are now voting against mass immigration. Yet no European country has – pro rata – anything like Australia’s immigration levels. Albanese added 2 per cent of our population in one year, making homes unaffordable for the young.

So how can it be that this blessed country is now getting poorer per person, quarter after quarter, for more than a year, now

As a tourist, I could recognise the problem. That’s what you get from a government of tourists who’d rather cruise than dig deep. Who’d rather strike a pose than do the hard yards.

Look at Albanese the other day, taking a selfie with a couple of young rock bands, and then giving a hero’s welcome to Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks “whistleblower” he helped free from a British jail.

Albanese even had both our US ambassador, Kevin Rudd, and our high commissioner to Britain, Stephen Smith, accompany Assange all the way to Australia in a private jet. All this backslapping over an egomaniac who was originally a fugitive from rape charges laid in Sweden (Assange insists he was innocent.)

And so we decline.

Decline we do Mr Bolt into a world no one has is prepared for. We are phucked

Sancho Panzer
Sancho Panzer
June 30, 2024 7:30 pm

KD at 5:39

“They rang a sobering-up centre that wouldn’t come and then they got called off to a ram raid

Ah, well, there’s a few things you should know.
Firstly, this whole thing was set up after an Aboriginal woman died in custody after being picked up legless on a country train.
Secondly, the dry out centre in Collingwood contains twenty beds which is really only a fig-leaf to cover this shithouse legislation.
Thirdly, the dry out centre would appear to be run by maaates, who have very explicit instructions. This is unofficially a First Nations drop-in centre. Unless you drop the magic password they will do what they did the other say … “Sorry. Security concerns”.

Sancho Panzer
Sancho Panzer
June 30, 2024 7:38 pm


Greetings from Dubrovnik! Hot as Hades and full as a goog. 

We were ripped off for cool drinks and jostled and elbowed from one end of town to the other.

We stayed there for a week in 2017.
I have two photos taken from the same spot in town.
The first, taken at midday is as you describe.
The second was taken at about 9:30 pm after dinner and the street was totally deserted.
The old town is not massive. They need to cut back on cruise ship numbers.

Wally Dalí
Wally Dalí
June 30, 2024 7:45 pm

That lounging bird’s waist is quite reasonable, but her bust is ridiculous.

June 30, 2024 7:52 pm

Thanks for posting the Bolt article BB. Anal’s doing all he/she/it can do to wreck the country and ‘statesperson’ it up at the same time. A spiteful mediocrity. A truly evil gubmint as if previous ones weren’t bad enough. They’ve really gotta go.

Steve trickler
Steve trickler
June 30, 2024 7:54 pm

Check out the method this bloke is using to cook a whole lamb. Also impressive, like past clips, is him feeding the children of the village at the end.

Absoutely a top bloke.

From Azerbaijan.


Wilderness Cooking:

Whole Lamb Roasted in a Log Grill! Outdoor Cooking Among the Wild Mountains

Steve trickler
Steve trickler
June 30, 2024 8:09 pm

Absolutely a top bloke


Knuckle Dragger
Knuckle Dragger
June 30, 2024 8:21 pm

Firstly, this whole thing was set up after an Aboriginal woman died in custody after being picked up legless on a country train.

Secondly, the dry out centre in Collingwood contains twenty beds which is really only a fig-leaf to cover this shithouse legislation.

i have heard it said in certain circles that over a standard Melbourne CBD weekend, there were about 70 in the drunk tank each day – and that’s only the ones that made themselves conspicuous enough to warrant attention.

Take them home and make them spag bog? No, no no.


June 30, 2024 8:32 pm

June 30, 2024 4:45 pm

Good to see you are still around, life is busy for most of us.

Zulu Kilo Two Alpha
Zulu Kilo Two Alpha
June 30, 2024 8:46 pm

Push for Indigenous truth-telling amid voice ‘silence’Aaron SheldrickAAP
Sun, 30 June 2024 11:55AM

The Greens will seek to establish an Indigenous truth and justice commission as a prominent elder criticises the government’s “silence” following the voice referendum failure.
Legislation will be introduced this week to establish the commission, which would be empowered to examine historic and ongoing injustices against First Nations people and make recommendations to parliament.
“We have been waiting for the opportunity to not just tell our truths but to have Australia deeply listen to our experiences, past and present, as the oldest living culture in the world,” Greens senator Dorinda Cox said on Sunday.
The Albanese government has set aside funding to establish a Makarrata Commission which would supervise a truth-telling process

There’s that malarky about the “Oldest living culture in the world” again.

June 30, 2024 9:05 pm

Our property managers have decided not to paticipate in the trial to place donkeys on properties as part of anti-dog programs.

I am relieved. My feeble research efforts conform with their conclusion that donks in wet tropical areas are health care disasters. They belong where they thrive – arid regions.

I am doubly relieved because our lady manager, inspite of her impressive qualifications is actually a cat lady. She would have the donks in the home paddock with the rest of her feral pets living off strawberries.

Zulu Kilo Two Alpha
Zulu Kilo Two Alpha
June 30, 2024 9:10 pm

The IMMORTAL Thunderclap Newton – “Something in the Air.”

Mark from Melbourne
Mark from Melbourne
June 30, 2024 9:10 pm

Disclaimer :- I think what I am about to hypothesize is truly out of left field.

Further Disclaimer :- I think them Dems are going to ride Joe all the way, and just try like crazy to save some down-ballot people.

If I were looking to replace Biden right now, I’d see only one practical way to do it. It would be very messy (although mercifully brief – less than 30 days), but it might just get them back within the margin of fraud.

Step One : Invoke the 25th. Much easier said than done, as it would involve all of Joe’s Cabinet signing off on the fact that he’s not capable. But that’s what backroom deals are made of, and this would be the ultimate backroom deal. Jill would be apoplectic and it would be very, very messy.

Step 2: After 25 (I think) days, Joe is gonski and Kamala assumes the Presidency. May require 2/3 of both Houses, but I think they could probably rely on that.
Win! First black woman President! The Dems can hype that to the rooftops. If they can “run” the joint with Joe as Prez, they should have little trouble in doing an equally “good” job with Kamala.

Step 3: At what would now be an open convention, put Michelle up as the nominee. Black, woman… no boxes left unticked. A lot of Barry nostalgia. How they manage Kamala during this process Lord only knows. They might even pick Whitmer as the VP… “First all-woman ticket!” Another box ticked.

Step 4: This probably overcomes the restrictions in some states on candidate replacement, so they would probably have Michelle on the ballot in 50 states, with a bit of appropriate media pressure.

Step 5 : Hope to get within the margin of fraud, and roll those 18 wheelers full of “votes”.

June 30, 2024 9:16 pm
June 30, 2024 9:17 pm

Er…failing a grovelling apology, which I don’t expect will be forthcoming, she’s just lost her endorsement, billie.

Not till the following election though, 2028, since she was made senator in 2022, and in that time, she can join the Greens or Teals, or be bribed to stay with Labor.

The game has changed for Labor, now that they have fallen on the first hurdle, they leave themselves open to “tolerence”.

I would agree Roger, except the muslim factor is something Labor don’t have the balls to deal with and withdraw her endorsement – I’m not sure the LNP do either, but they haven’t put themselves in this position with an activist, refugee woman (!)

It’s more angst for Albo and co. though and I find that amusing justice.

Diversity bites Labor on the bum bum.

More shadenfreude?

Just a top up please ….

June 30, 2024 9:29 pm

The Australian Police forces are in the overseas news and not for good reasons. How stupid and unproductive is this:

June 30, 2024 9:32 pm

Cronkite, Zat

Firstly Cronkite. I tend to agree with you about the jail concern; however, jailing Trump could also mean house arrest, as some have suggested could be in the works.

On the immunity thing, in order for Trump to be clear, it would mean that SCOTUS would have to suggest that the president can’t be treated as a criminal attending court, so if they nix the Demon attempts, it would mean the only way to punish a president is through the impeachment process. Is that correct? Let’s say a prez committed outright murder. The president would be impeached, but would it also mean that he could be tried in a regular court for the murder charge after he’s left office? If that’s the case, how would it offer Trump protection, because he’s not the prez.


I reckon there’s a chance the grub could put him under house arrest and not allow him to leave. Judge Grub doesn’t appear to be someone who follows the law and appears to want to do anything to hurt Trump.

June 30, 2024 9:39 pm

Mark from Melbourne

The Kenyan’s hubby has said may times he’s not interested. I think he’ s being honest here as he’s often been reported to have said that he hates politics. The prez isn’t for someone who hates politics as it just wouldn’t work. I think Michael is quite content with her wealthy lifestyle and has no interest. The job would be soul destroying for someone who doesn’t like that sort of thing.

Last edited 21 days ago by JC
Knuckle Dragger
Knuckle Dragger
June 30, 2024 9:43 pm

WA Police are recruiting on Tinder.

Yes, we are at that point.

h/t mem

Colonel Crispin Berka
Colonel Crispin Berka
June 30, 2024 9:44 pm

So we don’t know Joe will still be the D candidate until the DNC on 19th August. Surely no substitution will happen after that date.
It’s a long wait.

June 30, 2024 10:00 pm

On busy Dubrovnik…it’s the high season. Everywhere along this coast is crowded and jostling.

They need tourist euros as badly as most countries here. I would be loath to cut back on tourists, cruise ships included.

It’s the third time I have visited. The first in April, the second in September, much more pleasant times in the little city.

Tomorrow I’m in Trieste, disembarking from Queen Vic. Next day rail to Mestre, a quick bolt onto the island for a look-see, then winging my way home.

Venice will probably be a zoo also. No cruise ships going in there, I believe. Too much environmental damage to the lagoon and foundations.

Steve trickler
Steve trickler
June 30, 2024 10:04 pm

I think most here have already seen the bulk of this. It’s great how he sticks the boot into the ABC.

Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Low IQ Australian Journalists!

June 30, 2024 10:08 pm

Speaking of Malta, no I’m not there.
Those Romans certainly knew how build things to last.

June 30, 2024 10:25 pm

I thinks it’s obvious that Harris is not viewed as a suitable alternative.

It’s tricky for the DEI party to cut her loose. They will if he calls it quits, but imagine the squealing even though she’s more incompetent than he is .

Wally Dalí
Wally Dalí
June 30, 2024 10:57 pm

I thinks it’s obvious that Harris is not viewed as a suitable alternative.
Hence my hunch that Kackles will be PTSD’d into retirement in the same “hit” which takes out Biden.
A “hit” which allows all of the bien-pensant betters which run the MSM to immediately pivot to talking only about the horrible divisive violence of the Extreme Far Right, a latent disaster which will surely deluge the country if the 2024 election is not fortified, and how.
And never need to talk again about the diarrhoea disaster of the Biden Years, because the New Hope-rah of O-prah promises sunlit uplands for realsies.
You know it makes sense.

Wally Dalí
Wally Dalí
June 30, 2024 10:58 pm

*if I were a gambling man, I’d put a half brick on Tulsi Gabbard.

Salvatore - Iron Publican
June 30, 2024 11:02 pm

IIRC Democrat delegates are presumed to, but not legally bound, to vote for the candidate they were elected to support.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare
July 1, 2024 9:41 am

In time, you may even come to appreciate a smaller well-curated wardrobe of timeless pieces that you can wear for years, and not just a few weeks.

lol. I am already well ahead of the curve on that one. Still wearing stuff from years ago. I grow too fond of some clothes to ever toss them out.

Sadly, I have some classic designer clothes from the days when I had to look good in public next to Hairy or as mother of the bride or groom, pieces that these days I have too many Covid kilos to fit satisfactorily. Stored in the aspirational hope that one day they will miraculously fit again.

Sancho Panzer
Sancho Panzer
July 1, 2024 10:17 am

I am not a huge fan of Jon Stewart, but his take on the debate was hilarious.
(Sorry can’t link, but should be easy to find).
He goes to a few grabs of “experts” declaring, in advance, what Biden needed to do to be successful in the debate:-
“No physical or verbal stumbles”
“Not have a senior moment”
“No brain freezes”
And finally, the lowest bar setting of all …
“Remain upright”.
Cut back to an incredulous Stewart:-
“To be President all he has to do is … remain upright? I could be mistaken but I believe that is also the qualification to be a scarecrow.”

  1. That’s the spirit. Donald Trump on Kamala Harris: “I call her Laffin’ Kamala. You ever watch her laugh? She’s crazy.…

  2. @BetteMidlerJoe Biden is a true American patriot. He’s been a fantastic President, and it hurts that the circumstances have been…

  3. thefrollickingmole  July 22, 2024 5:26 pm I see the dem hivemind has sent out the batsignal.Joe is the most noble…

Oh, you think that, do you? Care to put it on record?x