Left Authoritarianism vs. Right Authoritarianism

Pinochet / Stalin

There is a fundamental difference between authoritarian regimes of the right, and authoritarian regimes such as we are currently experiencing from the left.

But first, imagine a person who is a hypothetical perfect moral person in touch with God or some universal arbiter of good and evil. Imagine that there can be a left wing or a right wing version of such a thing. This person always does the right thing, even at the cost of breaking rules or laws.

A right wing version of this would be the original Dirty Harry, who when Scorpio had a young victim buried in a hole and running out of air, Harry ignored rules, the rights of the criminal, and even his own career, to beat the location of the girl out of the crim.

Where’s the girl?

Dirty Harry

Because right wing regimes care about law and order, we can say that in this case Dirty Harry is acting as a perfect moral person substitute for a right wing regime.

And it is this that is a difference between left wing authoritarians and right wing authoritarians. We can imagine individual people driven by a moral imperative to act as a substitute for the things a right wing regime might want to achieve, But there is no such possibility with left wing regimes.

Take Stalin forcing industrialisation by taking all the grain off Ukrainian peasants to send to cities and overseas, making them sell every last grain to a centralised authority and thus causing mass starvation. Is there an analogous possible to imagine person who could commit an individual act to achieve likewise? No, there just isn’t an individual act that corresponds to mass starvation.

Abortion is another example that explains this difference. One could imagine an individual who discovers an abortion clinic like that Gosnell fellow’s and responds by taking the dude out with extreme prejudice if the law refuses to intervene. However, there is no counter case where a left winger could possibly think of a moral case, even from a left perspective, where it would work to break the law to kidnap some preggo woman off the street and abort her baby.

There are however cases where left regimes do such things on a regime wide level. For example, China’s one child policy. Now look at the regime level right extreme on abortion: Even when a right regime makes it illegal or extremely difficult to abort children, no one can actually physically force a woman to take a baby full term. It’s not possible. Now you might think that a Victorian era backyard abortionist is a left wing example of a perfect moral person (from the left viewpoint) breaking laws in an individual effort that achieves the same result as a left wing regime might by fiat. But this is not the case, because they were butchers who left many woman dead from infections and were motivated by profit, not morality.

Try it for yourself. Think of any thing that can be broken down into left and right, and try to think of ways in which a left wing person could act individually from a moral perspective in it’s name. It doesn’t exist.

It is because the right acts from an individual perspective and the left collectivise everything, that it is impossible for a leftist to act individually to further their causes from a moral perspective.

This is why leftist regimes tend harder to authoritarianism and stay there longer than right regimes. The left agenda does not lend itself to individual acts of moral courage.

In other words, the goal of the left in all things is to collectivise: collective guilt, collective ownership, group identity. You cannot achieve a collectivist goal through individualistic action. This is why, even in their authoritarian guises, the left and the right are fundamentally different and manifest themselves in completely different ways.

End this Mickey Mouse police state NOW!

Dirty flying pigs

Over the last two years since the covid mania began we have endured regular flights over my suburb by the police air wing.

That it is a frequent event to go outside, in your own yard and be subject to Mogadishu type overwatch by our pathetic wannabe paramilitary police farce is disgusting.

That we are becoming used to being treated like the residents of a Judge Dredge Mega city on the cusp of civil war is deranged. These people are deranged.

Today they were doing slow laps of my suburb yet again. I went out to look and shook my fist at the thing. You can see in the photo above exactly what I was confronted by overhead at low altitude. It promptly began circling around my house, and then in what can only be an attempt at intimidation, hovered directly over my home where myself, my wife and young daughter live.

What possible role these aerial pigs are playing over sleepy outer suburban homes on a Sunday morning is a complete mystery.

Vicpol idiots: Your demented over policing of covid and your arrogance has lost you many friends. Keep it up and it will be 100 years before any member of the public welcomes your presence.


When you give young men millions of dollars of technology, put them literally above the citizens, let them use it at their own discretion, allow a culture of contempt for “civilians”, here’s a hint: they act up badly.

They will, eventually be held to account by a legal, correct and democratically elected people. So too will the “leadership” that allowed and encouraged this. So enjoy your little thrills today boys. You are not soldiers, you aren’t Dirty Harry, and this isn’t a movie.

[Comments that threaten violence against these useless arseclowns will be deleted. Keep it sensible and proportional]

Last call for rational debate

I guess under this new definition of “incitement” used by the Vicplod, by presenting an alternative to the mainstream I may be guilty of inciting people to not do something. If it’s even possible to incite someone to non- action.

For those unable to distinguish between opposition to mandatory vaccination and opposition to vaccination, I might even be guilty.

Time is quickly running down for those so badly served by our politicians, media and health authorities . Facing termination from work, and a bamboozling dearth of information upon which to determine their actual risk of death from covid vs vaccine risk before our societies “open up” (bullshit).

These folks deserve better than what they have had so far in the way of information:

  1. The hopelessly stupid, vapid and demeaning to watch commercial media and ABC.
  2. Our head nodding politicians.
  3. Me, a frightened, raving loon.
  4. Other over- excited nuts with an internet connection.
  5. Awkward arguments from those on here who have vaxxed.
  6. Social media keen to manipulate and suppress.

You know what I mean about the vaxxed on here. There’s something about it that makes the discussion difficult.

Well, it’s time for them, or someone, to really make the argument to defend the position of getting the vaxx. I’d do it, I can actually see the argument. At this point, if you’re holding out because of political conscience reasons, I believe a case could be made that we have crossed that threshold where simply not enough are holding out against mandates for it to have effect.

The disease itself isn’t without risks. You might die holding out against vaccination.

If you’re holding out just because the bullying and coercion goes against the grain, that might not be completely rational.

But I’m not the person to make these arguments. Some of you are. Without guilt if you took it reluctantly, without fear, without the weirdness.

My missus is also a holdout, so at least I’m spared the destruction that being in a house divided entails. I have told her that whatever she decides for herself, I support 100%. The only actual advice I’ll give over vaccines is this: Support the decisions of your family even if you disagree with them.

For the last time: There are people about to lose jobs and take whatever risk there is with going unvaxxed in this new normal. Make the case for vaccination in the comments. I can’t, because I’m going to remain a holdout.

[Not medical advice, you require an appointment with a doctor for that- obviously]

Open thread for the vaxxed.

Obviously this is a stupid post to make some stupid points:

  1. I shouldn’t know if you have a vaxx or not.
  2. Dividing people on that basis is evil.
  3. No one will follow the directive anyway.
  4. Trying to make them would involve a police state type nightmare that would see every sane person leave the blog.
  5. Just the idea of it makes everyone tense and crazy.

Yet here we are, in real life doing exactly that.

Y’all a bunch of idiots.

Read the comments below the viddy. About 50/50 in favor of sacking nurses who don’t get vaxxed. A sample:

OMG….keeping the top sales guy is more important than protecting peoples lives?….”Money is more important than life”. Wow….

The vaccine is safe and effective, there is no reason to quit your job over it.

Yeah what happens when thousands of people are laid off in your area, and 80%+ of employers are mandating… should I walk 80 miles away hoping to get a job?

Just get the vaccine ?

Oh, and make sure you view to the end to hear Ramsey’s excellent rant against corporate America:

Good one Jimmy

Jimmy quotes that renowned liar Fauci, lost old geezer Biden and the wizened bad witch Nancy Pelosi all saying vaccines can’t possibly be made mandatory. This pandemic has been an ongoing series of cons cheered on by the usual media whoredom.

New York City was the epicenter of the disease in the U.S. during the early days of the outbreak. A lovely routine emerged from the daily grimness of life. New Yorkers walked out of their homes at 7 p.m. to bang pots and pans to show their appreciation and gratitude to healthcare workers, nurses, first responders, police officers and EMTs for their heroic actions, in the face of risking their health and lives.

In a dramatic reversal, many of them may now lose their jobs. New York has told workers that unless they receive the vaccination, they can’t keep their jobs. Political officials cite that around 16% of the New York state’s hospital workers, representing about 83,000 people, aren’t completely vaccinated. Roughly under 10% have not received a single shot. They’re demanding for employees to get their vaccinations—or else face the consequences.


No Virginia, the vaccines will never be mandatory.

The hedgehog’s dilemma.

What is the Hedgehog’s dilemma?

Hedgehogs have a hard time sharing warmth with other hedgehogs.

The closer they get, the more they end up hurting each other

Evangeleon Neon Genesis.

Human’s require each other for economic, social and procreation reasons. In order to enjoy all the benefits of human society you have to move in proximity to other people. However, as these times of raving covidity prove that more and more of our fellow humans are complete douche nozzles of the lowest order, the question sneaks into our consciousness: Is it really worth hanging around with these complete penises?

If in order to work you need an, at this point, open ended series of jabs with weird concoctions; if schooling means sending your child to a progressive indoctrination centre where they might also require an open ended series of those weird concoction stabs for zero net benefit to themselves; when socializing means being harangued by cultists; if being entertained requires also to be lectured; if indeed, the entire structure of the society you live within is riddled with that which you find repugnant; is the warmth worth the pain anymore?

The hook you are caught on is the requirement to get fed, housed, paid and laid.

At what point is this all so contaminated by stupidity and so obviously heading for total disaster that it’s best to just walk away?

And if you are, like Lot considering an escape, where can you go?

Locked up for saying the bleeding obvious.

You may remember that I posted the video “Marine Commander Stuart Scheller on- Afghanistan Fail”

Well, they’ve not just sacked the man, they have locked him up:

Marine Corps officials have said there are no specific charges “preferred” or initiated against Scheller, but a spokesman for the service, Sam Stephenson, confirmed he is currently in pre-trial confinement while awaiting an Article 32 preliminary hearing. 

That upcoming but yet-unscheduled hearing will consider whether charges of contempt toward officials, willfully disobeying a superior commissioned officer, failure to obey lawful general orders or conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman should be recommended to his commander for action, Marine officials said. 

According to the source, Scheller and his supporters are hoping for a deal prior to his Initial Review Officer (IRO) hearing — a hearing that must be held within seven days of being sent to the brig for pre-trial confinement. That is likely to occur next week.


Are they  hypnotized?

This vid appeared on my Youtube feed.

30% indoctrinated, 40% just going along, and us, 25 to 30% unindoctrinated who must unite if the delusion is to be defeated.

Also explains why highly intelligent and well educated people are falling for it.

Interesting thesis: Is the madness we are seeing a result of people trying to treat themselves for meaninglessness, anxiety and lack of connection to others? Are all the ritualistic stupidities, mask wearing outside, enforcing vaccines upon people for whom there is zero or less than zero benefit, the karening, the excessive lockdowns, are they a psychological phenomenon of people looking to create a social group?

Mass formation:

The relationship between the phenomenon of ‘mass formation’ (Massenbildung) and the production and circulation of ideologies is examined. The explanation of the said relationship must take into account both the social dimension as well as the intrapsychic structure of the ideological. To achieve this a brief review of Freud’s ideas on group psychology and of some definitions of ideology, namely those proposed by Ricoeur, Althusser and Habermas is expounded. In the same way as the understanding of the vicissitudes of identification is crucial to gain insight into ‘mass formation’, the investigation of the processes of idealization is vital to the understanding of the ideological.

M Hernandez

If this is correct, what does it mean for getting out of this insanity? If these mandates are satisfying some psychological need in a mass of the people, how in the name of Satan’s two pronged todger can we escape?