Guest Post: Twostix – May you live in interesting times

Elegant Gathering in the Apricot Garden, Xie Huan, c. 1437

Reading twitter, the media and professional class are absolutely shitting themselves at the sight of the working class organising and thousands of strong backed men marching. It’s all sneering “disgusted” and lots of nervous revulsion about “thugs”.

They instinctively know that their class’s protector: this ugly new paramilitary police force, isn’t nearly strong enough to hold this back if it goes further. A paper tiger. It is structurally weak because it is the manifestation, the perfectly Continue reading “Guest Post: Twostix – May you live in interesting times”

Guest Post: Peter West -It’s a Vaccine, Jim, But Not As We Know It

Doctor vaccinating a child for polio in a mobile clinic as part of an anti-polio campaign in Western Australia, July 1956, National Museum of Australia

Who knew the term “non-sterilising vaccine” six months ago? If you did not, you are in plentiful company. Maybe the woke young, who know everything, knew about it, but for oldies like me, a vaccine was a vaccine was a vaccine. It protected you from the thing you were vaccinated against, and because you Continue reading “Guest Post: Peter West -It’s a Vaccine, Jim, But Not As We Know It”

Guest Post: Cassie of Sydney -The destruction of Christian Porter and Monstrous Women

Salome with the Head of John the Baptist, Caravaggio, 1607

On Sunday 19 September 2021, after enduring a seven month pile on of vicious, ludicrous, and unhinged smears, fabrications and outright lies, Christian Porter has resigned from the ministry. His political destruction is complete. Thanks to an out of control far-left feral ABC, a cacophony of vile far-left feral progressives, many of them women, the broader MSM, Malcolm Turnbull, Liberal party cowards and the most spineless coward of all, Scott Morrison, the Continue reading “Guest Post: Cassie of Sydney -The destruction of Christian Porter and Monstrous Women”

Guest Post: Cassie of Sydney – Privacy, IBM, Genocide & Covid

A few days ago, I was on a work zoom call. My boss asked casually if we were all “vaccinated’. I was shocked at his question, I didn’t respond (even though I’d received my first AZ jab) because it’s nobody’s business. I’m sure my workplace hasn’t yet mandated vaccines for its workers, so I don’t see any reason to divulge such private information to my colleagues. However the exchange rattled me and it got me thinking about privacy and how important it is, given Continue reading “Guest Post: Cassie of Sydney – Privacy, IBM, Genocide & Covid”

Guest Post: Vikki Campion – Kristina: ticket to ride

In the pantheon of political heroes there are those who win new seats, removing an incumbent from their opposing side, and those who fight from the unwanted third spot on the Senate ticket and win against the odds.

Senator Ursula Stephens was one such Labor hero who won an election from the No.3 spot on the ballot paper.

LNP Senator Amanda Stoker is now polishing her shield for her fight to win from the third position.

It is challenging to win from the third polling position, but not impossible. Continue reading “Guest Post: Vikki Campion – Kristina: ticket to ride”

Guest Post: Mem – Taking the piss out of cows

I read yesterday in The Conversation, that we are to toilet train cows for the benefit of the environment.

Now, I come off a farm where we ran 200 milking cows and a roll over of 200 fattening black angus vealers for the meat industry. These guys actually think that spending 15 hours per beast training and putting in specialist urinal yards is even viable? What planet do they live on. It reminds me of the book  “Gulliver’s Travels” by the wonderful Jonathon Swift, in particular, this passage:

“Extracting Sunbeams Out Of Cucumbers”

Context: Lemuel Gulliver visits the land of Balnibarbi, where people insist on doing everything in an impractical fashion. Those few who wish to use common sense in their activities are forced by social and political pressure to conform to the impractical. The epitome of the attitudes of the people of the land is found in the Grand Academy at the capital city of Lagado. At the academy Gulliver sees all sorts of experimentation going on. The most striking aspect of the projects is their absurdity, the second is that they all require a constant flow of money, like modern research and development projects. Swift is not satirizing only general impracticality; he is also hitting some of the contemporary follies of the British Royal Academy, whose membership sometimes indulged in activities that Swift, at least, did not approve.

The first projector Gulliver meets at the Grand Academy of Lagado is typical of them all:

. . . He had been eight years upon a project for extracting sunbeams out of cucumbers, which were to be put in vials hermetically sealed, and let out to warm the air in raw inclement summers. He told me, he did not doubt in eight years more, that he should be able to supply the Governor’s gardens with sunshine at a reasonable rate; but he complained that his stock was low . . . since this had been a very dear season for cucumbers. I made him a small present.

Guest Post: Cassie of Sydney – Jabba Dabba Doo

There are many reasons why I love the Cat but perhaps the most important is that we have a forum where we can engage in robust and vociferous disagreements. 

Here on the Cat there’s been a lot of debate about whether “to jab” or “not to jab”.  Whilst it’s a personal decision and I don’t care either way, let me begin by saying that I have the utmost respect for those who choose to be jabbed and the utmost respect for those who choose not to be jabbed.  However, I decided to get the jab and I received my first AZ jab back in mid-August. I get the second jab in late October.  As many of you know I was, until recently, very much in the camp of the anti-jab….not because I’m an anti-vaxxer (I’m not, I have the flu shot every year) and not because I don’t believe the virus is real (it is) but because I’ve never bought into the hysteria of Covid and its accompanying porn and I’ve never been scared of the virus. I have worried about my elderly parents contracting the virus but mercifully they have been okay. I’ve watched in disbelief and incredulity how, over the last eighteen months, governments, health bureaucrats and the MSM have pushed lies, distorted truth, deliberately spread fear and forced state dictates on citizens, all reminiscent of fascism. Those of you who know me know that I’ve never bought into the hysteria and I still don’t buy into it. So, it begs the question, why have I succumbed?   

Since having the jab there’s a big part of me that feels I’ve capitulated to hysteria and fear. I’m angry that I’ve joined the masses and that I’ve given into Gladys, Scummo and tyranny.  But there are some important reasons why I’ve succumbed.  Firstly, I did it so that we can get the economy open. This situation cannot continue.  I have a special dispensation to work in our office here in Sydney and every morning I get on the bus and I see the forlorn state of this city, the businesses shut, the streets empty and I feel utterly depressed.  Secondly, my elderly father lives in Perth and I need to visit him. Western Australia is now a one-party state and ruled by madman called Daddy McClown and in order to visit my father I will need to be vaccinated. I remain opposed to vaccine passports within Australia but as Jupes wrote yesterday here on the Cat,

vaccine passports are coming. The process has already started. If you want to travel in future, you will need one.

Please understand my unhappiness at succumbing to this awful situation. I’m angry and I’ll register my anger when I next vote, it’ll be adios Scummo, Gladys and the Liberals. I’m furious about what’s happened to this country. I will always respect those who choose not to be jabbed but as Jupes wrote so eloquently yesterday, 

I have faced the fact that we anti-vaccers have lost and have joined the ranks of the weak and gullible.

Me too Jupes.

Guest Post: Muddy – Coerce and Comply

I recently stumbled upon an intriguing historical document (source and link at provided at the end of post) that I believe has a loose parallel with the social and economic situation we now find ourselves trapped within. It consists of notes for a lecture on Communist Interrogation Methods by Royal Australian Air Force Intelligence, and is dated circa 1953.

It may be familiar to some Cats, as I posted extracts from it on a recent open thread, but I believe it bears repeating.  

Continue reading “Guest Post: Muddy – Coerce and Comply”