To Boosters and Beyond

It was reported today in NSW that thirty-two people had died with covid in the previous 24 hours.

Five of those who died had received two jabs plus a booster. That’s 16 percent. Less than the 28 percent of adults who’ve received a booster in NSW. That gap seemed to instil cavalier confidence in CHO Kerry Chant. To wit: “Five had received a booster underlying the importance of a third jab.” Well, of course, it doesn’t underly the effectiveness of a third jab at all.

The boosters are very fresh. Despite that freshness, five people succumbed. A rather high percentage of deaths in the circumstances. Expect it to rise as the boosters rapidly run out of puff.

Recall when the boosters came in. At least six months after being double jabbed was the call. Now it’s now to three months. After what interval will a second booster become de rigueur; essential in fact. Who’s for a rapidly-following third booster and beyond?

Reportedly eight of the thirty-two deaths were among those unvaxxed. That’s 25 percent, which is far higher than the 6 percent unvaccinated. But the relative incidence of deaths among the vaxxed and unvaxxed is narrowing as the apparent short-lived protection of vaccination is lost.  Unfortunately too, constructive ambiguity (propaganda?) colours the extent of information made public.

We need to know the age and morbidity status of those dying cross referenced against their vaccination status. It seems quite likely to me that among the old and very sick, there might be a disproportionate reluctance to be vaxxed in case it causes harm. If that’s the case, it would not be surprising that the unvaxxed are disproportionately represented among those very sick and dying. At the least, this factor might be skewing the figures somewhat. It’s hard to find the unadorned truth in times of war they say. Ditto in these times of covid hysteria.

Geniuses at the Australian newspaper keep on giving

In my previous post I quoted the Australian newspaper editorial. It’s gift that keeps on giving. I expect that it will go on giving ineptly throughout this new year.

This from the last day of the old year:

The tragic death of a child who was Covid-positive in South Australia is a devastating reminder of how potentially dangerous the virus can be. Authorities have yet to determine the cause of the child’s death, Premier Steven Marshall said.

I don’t like making any kind of point built on a child’s death. It is so sad and tragic whatever the cause. But how in the world does this kind of editorial ever pass muster at any sensible newspaper?

To the geniuses at the Australian. If the child did not die of Covid then it isn’t a devastating reminder of how potentially dangerous the virus can be. It’s most definitely, whatever the outcome, a devastating reminder of how dumb and irresponsible you are.

The same geniuses also drew attention to the UK parliament’s Jacob Rees-Mogg claiming that nine out of ten patients in intensive care in London were unvaccinated. Maybe, I don’t know. But, to balance the scales, and provide useful information, perhaps they might have also noted that the latest UK government Covid surveillance report (for the four weeks to December 16) shows that the rate of infection among the double vaccinated is higher than among the unvaccinated. My simple average across the age groups puts the comparison at 15.8 versus 12.7 per 1000.

A devastating potential conclusion: you’re at more risk of catching Covid from the vaxxed than the unvaxxed. HNY but beware the vaxxed!

Virus propaganda, or is it dimwittedness?

This morning’s editorial in the Australian: “vaccines remain Australia’s best weapon against infection. As chief medical officer Paul Kelly pointed out…two-thirds of people in ICU in NSW are unvaccinated.”

There are two things amiss with this sloppy statement. First, vaccines do not prevent infection. These days most people who become infected have been vaccinated. It’s just a matter of fact, which even journalists could discover if they looked. As a weapon against infection, vaccines are therefore next to useless, if not totally useless.

Second, Kelly’s statistic on the status of those in NSW in ICU’s is meaningless as it stands. Among other things, we need to know how many of those in ICU’s have contributory health conditions and, vitally, whether those health conditions dissuaded, many or all, of the “two-thirds” from being vaccinated.

ICU’s may be dealing with the same cohort of people: those with serious underlying health conditions. A subset risked vaccination. While a larger subset didn’t. It might still be the case that those with serious underlying health conditions are better off being vaccinated. But the statistic, as it stands, doesn’t reveal that. It certainly, as it stands, says nothing about the benefits of vaccination for those without such underlying health conditions,

I don’t know the facts. Kelly maybe does. In any event, we are not being told.  What we have is yet more superficiality. I’d call it propaganda, but that’s maybe giving too much credit to the powers that be. Limited people quoting and requoting statistics that they don’t understand. A more intelligent and enquiring press would be handy.  

Free at last! Will it last?

Freedom Day last Wednesday. Had coffee in a café for the first time in, I don’t know, five months, was it? Had lunch in a restaurant the next day. Oh joy, free at last! My club even let me in on Friday to use the gym. When will this freedom ever end? Well, it could end tomorrow, of course, if Perrottet is panicked by dire predictions from the NSW health minister Brad Hazzard or by chief health officer Kerry Chant. Methinks, I shouldn’t make plans too far ahead, when hysterics have the ear of dear leader.

Still, it’s gratifying that locking the State down for months on end, and for the unvaxxed months longer, curbed the virus. It didn’t you say. Apparently, there were 2,558 new cases in NSW on Saturday. That must be a record or something, mustn’t it? Of course, Omicron is having its wicked way. But how wickedly is it dealing with the vaxxed? That’s what I’d like to know.

I looked at the latest surveillance report from health NSW published on 15 December. I suggest some figures are being hidden. To wit, the latest weekly (to Dec 4 in the report) data on the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated admitted to hospitals. They have corresponding weekly ‘case’ numbers. But these are meaningless. They have a breakdown of hospitalisations over six months from June to December. But again, circumstances have changed so much over this period that six-monthly data tells you very little about the most recent trends.

I suspect most of those now being hospitalised are vaccinated. That’s not the kind of message that our betters want out there among the hoi polloi. I checked the latest UK surveillance report (table 9, page 36). Of those 18 years and over entering into emergency care in hospitals in the three or four weeks to the first half of December, 2,965 were not vaccinated; 4,247 were fully vaccinated.

Now you can write glowing reports about the effectiveness of vaccines – and the UK Health Security Agency does – but the raw data tells a tale. As Omicron spreads, I suspect it’s a tale which will test the propaganda arms of public health officialdom and governments.

Kids in the jabbing line

Where is the outrage? There’s a bit here and bit here from me. But I mean thundering denunciations in the popular press.

Vaccinating children aged 5 years and older is an infamy.  But why will they stop there, when there are infants to jab. And, how long will it be before they start separating the vaxxed from the unvaxxed in classrooms? Doubt it? Think of Daniel Andrew’s Victoria, Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Queensland and Mark McGowan’s WA. I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility.

To realise the benefits of injecting kids, ATAGI (the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation) claims that “a large proportion of the 5-11 year age group would need to be vaccinated.”  So, you see, it’s a public duty for parents to have their young healthy children, who face no material risk from the virus, injected with an experimental substance. Otherwise, they’re putting others at risk.

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Suffer the Little Children

Israel started vaxxing young children in late November, as did Canada and the United States. Reports out of the UK suggest it may start there in Spring.  I see from this morning’s news that the TGA here has “provisionally approved” Pfizer for 5- to 11-years-olds.

Only one child under 12 years has died with Covid in Australia and that child in Victoria, sadly, had serious comorbidities. So, what exactly is the rationale for vaccinating Australian children?

In a recent article on the-pipeline (a North American site) I quoted Dr. Eric Rubin, professor of immunology at Harvard, and a member of the FDA advisory committee. When asked, prior to FDA approval, about the safety of the Pfizer vaccine for children, he replied, “we’re never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes.”

The question I posed and will pose again: why are children akin to lab rats among those on the left? The median age of those dying from Covid is 85+ years. The only rationale, therefore, for experimenting on children is to save the old. This kind of thinking is so at odds from the moral standards of the quite recent past and from common decency that it’s mindboggling.

There is no medical justification for vaccinating young children against Covid.  Older children too for that matter. They face no risk to speak of from the virus. Nothing of certainty is known about the risks they face from the vaccines. Outside of these abnormal and hysterical times, the vaccines would not be given to children. If the principal rationale is to inhibit the spread of the virus among adults, it’s grotesque and unconscionable. “Close enough to evil to scare me,” I said in the article I referenced above.

Pandemic of the Unvaxxed?

In context of debate about Omicron, Israel’s Coronavirus Commissioner Professor Salman Zarka suggested that compulsory vaccination needs to be considered. Separately, in the same Jerusalem Post article, it was noted that only two cases of Omicron had been confirmed, both fully vaccinated. One with AstraZeneca; the other with three (yes three) Pfizer shots.

Just watching Fox News. The first case in the United States has been reported. You guessed it, fully vaccinated. But hold on, the President of the United States says that vaccination (and masks of course) is key to fighting Omicron.

“I’m confused.”

“Don’t be confused they want to prevent unvaxxed people getting very sick and occupying scarce hospital beds.”

“Really. Then is this a pandemic of the unvaxxed?”

Latest figures from the UK. Patients admitted to hospital with Covid in the four weeks from mid-October to mid-November. Total 9,174; unvaccinated 3071. A higher rate among the unvaxxed, OK; but people not rates fill up hospital beds.

“I’m still confused.”

The Continuing Nightmare

A chap writing for Breitbart thought that the new strain out of Botswana might be called nu. Why not mu, which comes before nu, I thought. As it was, I don’t believe we had gamma before the health gurus plumped for delta. I think there was a flirtation with a new strain lambda, but that went nowhere in the survival of the fittest game among viruses. Anyway, we now have omicron.

I understand that a body called the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) has naming rights. I would just say omicron is the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. Thus, only nine are left. So, care is needed in skipping letters in future lest we run out of letters. Bet your life, the virus has many more shapes to take.

Apparently, the new strain has thirty mutations on the spike protein. I think. Who would have thought ordinary folk would talk this way and be understood. Big pharma is lickin’ its lips. Boosters, augmenters, whole new vaccines, the dollars will keep rollin’ in.

Politicians too will get a fillip in throwing their weight around. Banning travel, locking people indoors, masking them; those barbed-wire quarantine centres will come in handy. What a lark.

You know that advice we all get when given antibiotics. Take the whole course. That’s to prevent bacteria becoming resistant to the antibiotic. How about a vaccine which allows the virus to live in abundance within the host? Might that not provide the evolutionary opportunity for novel strains to develop, resistant to the vaccine?

Just spitballing here but I wonder if vaccines had not plagued our lives whether the virus would now have run its course. Therapeutics would also have been developed, standardised and promoted. As it is, the nightmare continues. Freddy Krueger’s back.

When hope is lost, comes hope

Hair-sniffing senile Joe Biden called him a white supremacist. Against the clear evidence of self-defence, a political trial was staged. The mainstream media in the US piled on: racism, white privilege, white supremacism; day after day, month after month, they lied and they lied. No black man would get away with this they whined; forgetting O.J. Some in the foreign press apparently thought that Rittenhouse had shot three black men rather than white men. Understandable really, how else could it be racism? They missed the point that now anything the left don’t like in America is racism.

Then comes the verdict. Twelve ordinary people, jurors, seven woman and five men, standing nobly and courageously against the mob. Braving threats and intimidation in order to find the truth.

All we tend to see is the rottenness and lies that leftists produce and deal in wherever they sleaze their way into positions of influence: in the media, in schools, in universities, in government.

But beyond their reach is the human spirit, exemplified in those jurors. The Rittenhouse verdict must be reverberating throughout the corridors of influence of the lying left. They’ll be running scared. They should be. All of a sudden there is hope when hope was lost.

Uncomfortable Times

I was driving to work in Melbourne in the mid-1980s, listening to the ABC News. Tony Rafferty, the newsreader said, had caught up with the race leaders despite having started behind. I forget which race but it must have been a handicap, ultra-distance, road race of the kind for which Rafferty was famous. I phoned the ABC when I got to work. Got through to the news department and pointed out that Rafferty could not have caught up if he had not started behind. The word “despite” was inappropriate, I said. Whether the chap on the other end got my point I don’t really know, but he was sympathetic and blamed the Sydney ABC crowd who he said wrote the script.

It was a different age. Doubt I’d get through so readily to ABC News. More than that, there would be so much more for me to get upset about than syntax. Bob Carr, for example, wanting to charge the non-vaccinated for their hospital treatment. Morrison taking issue with Bobby without actually doing anything about the persecution of unvaxxed Australians. Barnaby onboard with net zero, having so readily ditched any inconvenient principles.  The mirage of green hydrogen power. The ultra-mirage of Australia leading the way in exporting green hydrogen power, apropos Twiggy. There was another Twiggy once in the old times. A famous skinny English model. Liked her.

In the scheme of things, I was upset today by not being able to attend church; my soul being at risk from past misdeeds of various non-criminal kinds. Perrottet is responsible. The rule now is that vaxxed and masked congregants can sing. Unvaxxed congregants must be mute.  I think, am fairly confident, I am the only unvaxxed congregant. Maybe, possibly, one more? As I explained to my minister, I couldn’t attend on that basis. Just too uncomfortable for everyone. The times are uncomfortable. Want to escape.