Recalling the Black Lives Matter protests in Melbourne last year

These are images from Melbourne’s Black Lives Matter protests. How different things were, and no police in sight. June 6, 2020 at the height of the Covid panic.

Melbourne BLM protest attendance even after being told you ...

Melbourne BLM protests during COVID-19 'demonstrated the ...
Protesters are seen during a Black Lives Matter rally in Melbourne on 6 June.

That was then. This is now:

With this as a reminder of what the difference really is.

“Junta has turned Covid into a weapon”

So there I was, sitting down to dinner, and finally turning to the paper, and there, in The Oz, after its idiotic coverage of the protests in Melbourne yesterday, I found this story with the above headline. Amazing, I said to myself, an actually accurate story of what went on. Afraid not. It was a story about Myanmar, but could have been about us. This was the opening para.

Myanmar is in the grips of a silent health crisis … as the junta continues to hunt down pro-democracy medics and block supplies from vulnerable areas.

It’s actually the reverse of the front page story about Australia but different juntas, different agendas. Here we are determined to vaxxinate the entire population, there the aim is to prevent vaxxination, but methods aside, the government will not permit any show of opposition. Here we have this instead, from The Age: Melbourne protests fizzle as police turn out in force.

There has been no significant protest action today, with demonstrators failing to gather in significant numbers in the city.

Police were out in force, at first near the CFMEU headquarters on Elizabeth Street in the city this morning, checking the identities and permits of people coming through.

Comes with this picture.

Police from the mounted branch outside the Queen Victoria market this morning.

Anyway, “Junta has turned Covid into a weapon” could just as easily apply to Melbourne as Myanmar.

“This once thriving liberal democracy”

If this is the best American members of Congress can do, they really should just keep their views to themselves: US Republicans call for sanctions against Australia over police treatment of protesters. There you find:

Along with this:

The group, which is chaired by former Republican Congressman Kerry Bentivolio, shared the article on Twitter and called Australia’s actions “contemptible,” adding, “We should expect better from one of our closest allies.”

They cannot distinguish between our national government and the governments of our individual states, who in relation to Covid are laws unto themselves. Why don’t they go poking their ignorant noses into what is going on in Canada?

It’s not that what is going on within our State system should not be condemned, but that is what should be condemned.

Covid Nazis

This is slightly edited taken from Law in Nazi Germany with only a single word change required to make the point:

  • Unvaxxinted physicians were de-certified, and were no longer allowed to treat vaxxinated patients.
  • The unvaxxinated were prohibited from cinemas, the opera, and concerts.
  • Unvaxxinated children were banned from public schools.
  • Robbing the unvaxxinated became legal.

Not here yet, but perhaps on its way if our political leaders can manage to bring it on. As it says at the link, again with the appropriate adjustments:

The shift from the traditional legal system (the “normative state”) to the Covid ideological mission (the “prerogative state”) enabled all of the subsequent acts of the anti-Covid regime (including its atrocities) to be performed “legally”.

Being “legal” does not make something moral or just.

Live from Melbourne

From The Age: Pepper balls and stinger grenades: The weapons police are using against demonstrators.

Police also now have access to drones to monitor gatherings and a mobile riot truck to record confrontations and identify offenders to be arrested later.

Ashton told me at the time the weapons were for “major incidents of public disorder, demonstrations that go over the top and where we need to disperse large crowds that are out of control. We need the community to be with us on this.

“It is an ugly look to see police in riot gear in a suburban street. We now have some equipment that has not been seen before that may alarm people.”

The gear was ordered after a series of demonstrations and riots in which police were outnumbered and many received serious injuries. At the time, police were concerned at running gang fights around Moomba Festival and repeated clashes between ultra-right and left activists.

No one could have imagined the equipment would first be used to enforce government health orders

Yes, no one could have imagined that.

And the same seen from a different perspective, a very different perspective. From Zipster in the comments.


Monica Smit

I had never heard of Monica until now, but have just received this in an email.

If you aren’t aware of Monica Smit yet, you may want to be. Monica started Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) last year as an individual going live on Facebook. RDA has gone from strength to strength in leaps and bounds since. Perhaps think GetUp, but RDA is nothing at all like GetUp. Monica was arrested 20 days ago on ‘incitement’ charges and has been held in isolation in a rather hardcore Melbourne prison.

RDA has become a threat to Labor (and Liberal) agendas and of the several political prisoners that have been arrested and jailed over the past year, Monica is the first woman (as I understand it). To be granted bail, RDA had to be dismantled. Monica, without a second thought, refused bail and chose to remain in prison and in forced isolation. A new bail hearing will take place on Tuesday I believe. RDA had also been in the process of registering a political party (they might have much more success in remaining a grassroots activist organisation). It reeks of the arrests of political opponents carried out in previous regimes that are supposed to exist somewhere else in a faraway land and not in Australia. 

Her partner, Morgan C Jonas (MCJ Report), is now an established journalist / presenter. His criticism of the Andrews Labor Government (and also the Morrison Government) has made him a prime target. His studio was raided shortly after  Monica’s arrest, and all of his equipment was seized. 

This is the only news report I could find on her: Anti-vaxxer and anti-lockdown activist Monica Smit charged with incitement so she really does exist.

Bail conditions magistrate Luisa Bazzani imposed included barring Ms Smit from publishing anything that could incite breaches of the health orders.

She was also ordered to follow a court-imposed curfew between 7pm and 6am and remove any material that incited opposition to the health officer’s directions within 48 hours.

“I do wish I’d known before we spent all this time on bail that your client was intending to refuse to sign a bail order,” Ms Bazzani said.

At least 4000 people went to the August 21 rally held in the Melbourne CBD, and Ms Smit is alleged to have encouraged people to attend the protests through authoring and transmitting posts on the encrypted Telegram app, prosecutor Anthony Albore told the court.

Ivermectin pro and con

With the emphasis on the word “con” in all its various meanings: New restrictions on prescribing ivermectin for COVID-19. Dated September 10, 2021.

Today, the TGA, acting on the advice of the Advisory Committee for Medicines Scheduling, has placed new restrictions on the prescribing of oral ivermectin. General practitioners are now only able to prescribe ivermectin for TGA-approved conditions (indications) – scabies and certain parasitic infections. Certain specialists including infectious disease physicians, dermatologists, gastroenterologists and hepatologists (liver disease specialists) will be permitted to prescribe ivermectin for other unapproved indications if they believe it is appropriate for a particular patient.

There is then this one might consider: From Glasgow protesters gather for ‘right to try’ different treatments.

Tonya Adams says she was treated by Dr. Turner using ivermectin and claims the treatment saved her life.

“I almost didn’t make it. He prescribed me the ivermectin–without the regimen he gave me I wouldn’t be here today,” said Adams.

Bureaucrats are people with no skin in any game they oversee. That has got to change.

Is China really threatening to attack Australia with nuclear weapons?

What is one to make of this? Furious China issues bone-chilling warning subs deal could ‘make Australia a potential target for a NUCLEAR strike’.

Chinese state media has warned Australia will become a ‘potential target for a nuclear strike’ after it acquires nuclear-powered submarines.

As part of a new three-way alliance with the UK and US, Australia will be given the technology to build at least eight nuclear-powered – but not nuclear armed – submarines as the West counters China’s growing assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific region.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the ‘AUKUS’ alliance ‘seriously damages regional peace and stability, intensifies the arms race, and undermines the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.’

There is also this to bear in mind. Continue reading “Is China really threatening to attack Australia with nuclear weapons?”

Just because it never ever worked before is no reason not to try it again

Both of these are about public spending as the road to economic growth, as in there is no such thing.

GREAT MOMENTS IN CENTRAL PLANNING: Watch: Insane footage shows China blowing up 15 skyscrapers that had sat vacant for nearly a decade.

Flashback: 34 Unforgettable Photos Of China’s Massive, Uninhabited Ghost Cities.

Plus this.

Amity Shlaes on Biden As the New FDR: It’s the same old bad deal for jobs.

Not until World War II did joblessness finally begin to subside, in good measure because of military mobilization — important, but not the same as peacetime employment.

As often discussed, errors in monetary policy contributed to the misfortune that was the 1930s. The cause of the duration of the Depression, though, was Washington’s persistent intervention. The chief economist at Chase, Benjamin Anderson, noted that after failing by playing God, the government chose not to retire but simply “to play God more vigorously.”

The first lesson of this sorry account is that an arbitrary national economic campaign from atop generates damaging uncertainty in the economy. However charmingly it reverberates, the very phrase “bold persistent experimentation” stifles growth.

The second point is that what helps the union hurts the worker. President Biden’s proposal to end “Right to Work,” if it becomes law, will dramatically stifle employment.

Flashback: FDR’s policies prolonged Depression by 7 years, UCLA economists calculate.

Both from Instapundit.