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  • Freedom Day aka Discrimination Day

    The great conservative Christian hope, Dominic Perrottet fails at his first hurdle. He becomes the first Australian political leader to ever mandate medically-based discrimination. Those infected who’ve been vaccinated can mingle in pubs, cafes and gyms. Those uninfected who haven’t been vaccinated can’t. Go figure. My first day on Monday of being unclean. Passed my…

  • Parallel universes

    I have never been a fan of the parallel universe theory in physics but I can see that it is a real thing in climate and energy matters. Check out the contrast: The British universe. The alternative universe in Australia. WINDWATCH UPDATE This picture will change, right now at 9.30 both Victoria and SA, the…

  • Open Thread- Mon 11 Oct 2021

  • Scraping by as a vile parasite in society

    “Papers Please” – New South Wales Australia Officially Celebrates Their First Day of Apartheid with The Introduction of Two Classes of Citizens Read the story from the Conservative Treehouse that comes with the heading here. Includes this: Liberty abandoned under the false guise of security can never be regained. You will comply…. or you will…

  • Guest Post: Cassie of Sydney – War declared in Victoria 

    One of reasons why Victoria is in such a parlous state is because of the Victorian Liberal Party.  For decades now the Victorian Liberals have failed to provide any credible opposition to the Bracks, Brumby and Andrews’ Labor governments.  In the Westminster system ineffectual oppositions enable corrupt and inept

  • Fisking the debunkers

    This has to be one of the best fiskings I’ve seen in a long time and the half of it is because it is delivered without rancour. It is a straightforward critique of a hit piece by the BBC that attempted to debunk numerous studies that have

  • Are we governed by monsters?

    This truly does infuriate me: India Govt. Declares Most Populated State Officially COVID Free After Widespread Use Of Ivermectin. And it is mostly these socialist vermin in our midst who hate market economies who fall prostrate at the beck and call of some of the most evil capitalist enterprises I have ever seen.

  • Guest post: Vikki Campion – New Premier should not be criticised for his faith

    When you visit a St Vincent de Paul charity outlet, you don’t feel like you’ve entered an evil clandestine cabal of corruption. The older ladies sorting donations out of the chipped blue donation bin don’t fanatically launch at customers reciting the bible. Yet, some of the same people who love hunting for vintage Prada at…

  • Open Thread – Weekend 9 Oct 2021

  • Even this is not peak absurd but surely it’s getting close

    Sometimes the things you read are so absurd that they just cannot be true. From Biden Banking Nominee Scrubs Karl Marx Paper From Résumé. Try to find something more outrageously insane than this: President Joe Biden’s pick for the nation’s top banking regulator, who received a scholarship named for Vladimir Lenin, scrubbed her résumé of a…