Mater’s Musings #26: “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows”

Amongst the many, varied and wonderous symptoms of Covid-19, we see an aligning of opinion between myself and Waleed Aly. I assure you, truly unprecedented…another one racked up to the pandemic.

Credit where credit is due.

In my book, they don’t come much lower than Waleed. However, maybe, just maybe, he’s raised himself up onto his elbows, and let his fellow ‘The Project’ hosts slide underneath.

I know, right? Well, here it is. Judge for yourself.

In keeping with the theory that a broken clock is right TWICE a day, he’s been pretty strong on his objections to allowing employers to dictate health decisions, even to the point of being cut off midstream by his producers.

Waleed Aly cut off by The Project producers in COVID vaccine rant

Strange times can bring strange bedfellows. Clive may even benefit from this theory, come the next election.

We do live in interesting times.

Guest Post: MatrixTransform – Ask Your Doctor

I tried some subtle questioning of medical types in my sphere. Some of them MDs, also a nurse, an Osteo, a Neurologist, and a Dentist. Almost every time I ask about this COV thing and try to root out actual numbers, all I get are anecdotes.

Tall tales about how bad things are in London or

A typical response goes something like: My customer, is originally from Florida and her sister back there is an anti-vaxxer and now her mum is like … literally … dying *open brackets* OMG !! OMG !! OMG *close brackets*.

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The Science

“The Science”. What a dullard’s sentence fragment. Reality comes in multiple levels. One level might have different rules to the one beneath it, but is built upon it. Understanding one level requires an understanding of the mathematical relationships between the things on all the underlying levels. The portion of human beings who can truly do this is tiny.

Much is written about the scientific method. About what is and what isn’t science. Generations of school children are taught to write their little reports starting with a hypothesis and ending with a conclusion. The truth is this: the tiny, tiny minority of human beings (of which I am NOT one) who are able to easily “see” those relationships are fully capable of devising their own methods for scientific investigation. And those of us who are not imbued with that ability to perceive can follow all the approved methods and still get things completely wrong.

There are two ways of operating in any field of competency. We all start by observing the things around us and by doing things the same way existing practitioners do. But one group of people, able to see the rules that relate one object to another, are able to trace things back to first principles. The other group, the majority of those “doing” science today are those lesser intellects such as ours. As much as they are, or should be, familiar with double blind trials, reducing errors and taking into account the effect on the final result of those errors which cannot be eliminated, the fact is that they conduct themselves by simply doing whatever is the accepted practice of the time.

Which mostly works. If you are a genetic engineer following the accepted and proven practices in the field you might discover all manner of interesting things, completely oblivious of the fact that you really don’t fully grasp the reasons for all the steps taken. Or the reasons have receded into the fuzzy past of undergraduate days and half remembered texts and lectures.

But the two things are in their nature totally different. One is science and the other is something less. Maybe best described as process.

Those processes, both physical and in evaluating, such as peer review, certain modelling types, statistical methods and formats of presenting discoveries, work well enough in the environment of universities staffed and enrolled with that tiny, tiny minority of humans who are capable of doing that other thing: tracing things back through first principles via the mathematical relationships between the objects that comprise the various layers of reality.

Climate science and what seems to now be occurring in the area of epidemiology indicate the shortfalls of those processes in an age when universities are no longer run to optimise the good work of that tiny, tiny minority.

Guest Post: Muddy – Coerce and Comply

I recently stumbled upon an intriguing historical document (source and link at provided at the end of post) that I believe has a loose parallel with the social and economic situation we now find ourselves trapped within. It consists of notes for a lecture on Communist Interrogation Methods by Royal Australian Air Force Intelligence, and is dated circa 1953.

It may be familiar to some Cats, as I posted extracts from it on a recent open thread, but I believe it bears repeating.  

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Mater’s Musings #25: Look Familiar?

“Giant concerns like Mannesmann, Krupp, Thyssen, Flick, and IG-Farben, and leading banks such as the Deutsche Bank and the Dresdner Bank, were the major beneficiaries, while a variety of business consortia, corrupt party functionaries, and untold numbers of small commercial enterprises grabbed what they could.

‘Aryan’ pillars of the establishment like doctors and lawyers were equally welcoming of the economic advantages that could come their way with the expulsion of Jews from the medical and legal professions.

University professors turned their skills, without prompting, to defining alleged negative characteristics of the Jewish character and psychology.

And all the time, civil servants worked like beavers to hone the legislation that turned Jews into outcasts and pariahs, their lives into torment and misery.

The police, particularly the Gestapo – helped as always by eager citizens anxious to denounce Jews or those seen as ‘friends of Jews’ – served as a proactive enforcement agency, deploying their ‘rational’ methods of arrest and internment in concentration camps rather than the crude violence of the party hotheads, though with the same objective.”

‘Hitler’, by Professor Ian Kershaw

So I’m An ‘Anti-Vaxxer’?

For my own reasons, I don’t intend to get the Covid-19 vaccine – not that it’s any of your business.

Before you start referring to me as an Anti-Vaxxer, perhaps you’d like to volunteer for some of the more exotic vaccines that I currently have running through my veins. Japanese Encephalitis and Anthrax immediately come to mind, but there are others. I’ve had to staple two little yellow International Vaccination booklets together, in order to fit them all in. Hell, the Anthrax vaccine isn’t even approved for public use in Australia, provisional approval or otherwise, so you can keep your virtuous bile to yourself.

Did you know that all the Covid-19 vaccines being given to everyone in Australia are only under provisional approval? Do you know what that means? Try this:

The Provisional Approval pathway, in contrast to the priority review pathway, enables a time-limited registration of a promising drug, based on preliminary (usually phase II) clinical data. If approved, the drug will be available for two years and the drug’s sponsor can apply for extensions up to a total of six years. Typically, the final stages of clinical trials (phase III) that address the safety, quality and efficacy of a medicine can take several years. By accepting applications for assessment before these trials are completed, a medicine could be brought to market potentially years sooner than under previous processes.”

So, it’s a means to fast track a drug that might Continue reading “So I’m An ‘Anti-Vaxxer’?”

C.L. on Pandemic Conservatives

C.L. has a great piece on PandaCons over at his place:

In epidemiology, however, this sort of pro rata flimflam just won’t do. Unlike Australia, America is not an island continent with an oceanic moat; it doesn’t have nine governments but more than 50. Precisely because the United States isn’t largely unpopulated – New York City alone has more people than New South Wales – the matrices of infection cannot be easily mapped or so lazily contrasted. There is no point trying to score cheap coronavirus points by comparing ourselves to other nations because – excepting New Zealand – no serviceable comparisons exist.

He is right on the money. However, I don’t think Claire Lehmann is in any respect a conservative, though Gray Connelly is very definitely. I’m happy enough to give Gray a pass on this, we have to accept that on some matters, we are going to disagree in our practical deliberations even when we may be coming at the matter from the same or similar principled background. Nevertheless, this does not mean that we shouldn’t point out their misjudgments.

Three more contrarian predictions

  1. You will not be able to vote your way out of tyranny.

You will have a plethora of different parties and individuals to vote for at your next state and federal elections who will be outspoken against some or all of the truly totalitarian responses to Covid19. Good on them. If I ever bothered to vote I might even put a number or a tick or whatever it is you people do every six months or so during yet another compulsory compliance muster for one or another of your multiple useless levels of govenmentation. (Instead of drawing a tastefully composed dick and balls). But none of those parties and candidates will achieve jack shit. Still, it’s not worse than voting uniparty.

2. You never needed a second amendment to protect yourselves from the useless, conniving inferior weasels who put themselves forward for “public service”.

I don’t remember the passages in the new testament where Jesus gives the parables about stockpiling ammo or recommends commando shit to nix Roman soldiers and their local stooges. Remember: These berks “governing” us are some of the most inadequate subhumans you would likely meet in a lifetime of working in outreach programs for the terminally unhygienic. And somewhere in their reptilian brain cells even they know we’re at the point of not taking their crap any more. It won’t take violence. It will take a sufficient number of people to stand up and say quite clearly: “No more”.

3. All these governments now in power will be swept away at each of their respective next elections. Labour, Liberal, doesn’t matter. They’re all GONE.