Yearning for B.C.

One of my sons-in-law runs a carpet repair business. He has established rules which he hopes will allow him to continue to earn a living. For example, customers can make arrangements to leave their keys in a particular spot so that the repairers can enter and do the job while the occupants either leave home or ensconce themselves in another room.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the strata committee of the apartment building where I live in Sydney has just announced that renovations to two apartments cannot resume because zero contact between workers and residents in common areas can’t be guaranteed. Imagine the effect of this abundance of playing it safe across all apartment buildings – on electricians, plumbers, tradesmen generally, never mind the anguish of those living in apartments with half renovated kitchens and bathrooms.

Like delta, the madness spreads. From health bureaucrats, to politicians, to the media, to the police, to strata committees and, of course, to scolds on the streets. Hard to remember what it was like in the B.C. era. “Yes son, we didn’t wear masks then.”

Mater’s Musings #7: Take a knee…

Police taking a knee during the BLM Protest, amidst restrictions:

Police taking a knee during yesterday’s ‘Freedom’ protest:

What struck me strange whilst watching a replay of the Nine News live feed of the event was how many of the rolling comments reflected this thought (or something similar):

OMG, Morons! They are just giving Dan an excuse to extend the lockdowns.

[As if he needs one]

There was a real dearth of comments concerned about spreading the ACTUAL virus, just the government response to it. It was quite telling, and a little bit sad.

The sight of broken spirit is never pretty.

Guest Post: MatrixTransform on Abundance

They don’t expect you to swallow the big lie; they just want you to accept the small ones … for now.

Bundled together and streamed from near on every media station is a big smorgasbord of apparent ‘facts’, ‘science’ and self-serving opinion. The poor old punter who is a plumber, schoolteacher, architect, or whatever, can’t easily discriminate the facts from the fiction because there’s too much to choose from and none of it is verifiable. This works for Covid panic, climate panic and for the various guises of the post-structural panic, like intersectionality and race theory.

Mr or Mrs Average aren’t schooled in the arcane rites associated with these information churches and even if they were, people don’t have access to the raw data or the formulations that derive from it. They can’t scrutinize the predicates that were leveraged to gather the info and mould it into press releases or rushed variations of Emergency Legislation.

So, given a whole sea of info, Joe and Joelene Average tend to be sceptical of the big lies but easily rationalize and accept the small ones.

I was walking with the missus yesterday and she said, “they’re planning on mass vaccinating high-school kids”

I remarked, “well, they did say in the presser that they were coming for the kiddies”

The missus, and it just fell out of her mouth, she says, “well they ARE spreading the virus!”

My head spun, “WTF? how could you possibly accept that as true?”

No answer of course. She just accepted and internalised the small lie.

It is my argument that this subtle opinion shifting was the intention the whole time. Some people somewhere, individually, and sometimes collectively want to shift your opinions in a direction that favours their worldview. Brings them power, money, or tenure … all they need to do is get everybody else to normalise their propositions.

This shifty thing and its methodology are what they wrap in an even bigger noble lie. The meta-lie and they call that lie, Progress. The Progressives, no matter what the ideal they’re chasing, all use this meta-variation of the noble lie. Why? … because it works that’s why.

It is manipulation on a grand scale, and they’ll never ever tell you outright that their motives derive from their deeper agenda. Nope, it’s always dressed up as good and proper and just. All you must do is believe better.

Has anybody reading this ever met a congenital liar, a fabricator, a gaslighter, a Borderline Personality? Rhetorical, of course you have, even if you can’t locate one in your memory.

They’re sneaky and deceitful and no matter what the confabulation in their heads, there’s often a nugget of truth to every lie or construction. They honestly, and deeply, and convincingly believe their own bullshit, even as they switch from pole to pole. The nugget of truth is conveniently used to gaslight everybody else.

Your heart goes, “what a horrible bitchy thing to say.”

And the head goes, “yeah, but what if it is true?”

And like a sucker, you give them the benefit of the doubt and so it goes … just like that.

I was married to one. A complete psychopath who hid it well for about 7 years before wheels started falling off. She was a PhD in post-structural feminist politics and right now she holds a senior management position in a Govt Department. Beware … government is full of them. So is the media, and so is the police force. I don’t mean psychopaths, I mean cultural-Marxists, though they could be both I suppose.

You’ve all heard this before … sounds like a massive untrue-ish construction, right?

Yeah well … the wolves, like the sheepdog, and especially the farmer, they all rely on that response.

They expect it.

How does Matrix loop together The Femistas, The Climate-Doomers and the New-World Orderers??

Because their outward constructions (lies) all take the same form and without communicating directly to each other they implicitly know that a win for one camp is also a progressive shift for their own. Right now, across Australia and the world the cultural-Marxists which, I’ll just call them Commies for brevity (and because foundational to their belief systems is Marx and Engles)…right now they’re mobilising on not just the small lies, but probably the big one as well.

It was always both lies, and they know you’ll reject the big ones but little by little internalise the small ones. We got here because everybody else sat back and went, “yeah…nah…sounds a bit farfetched mate”. The whole time you’re going nah … sounds like a conspiracy. RUOK?

For climate change, the average punter couldn’t differentiate between a Boltzman and a Stefan-Boltzman? So sure, when you wind the car window up and it gets warm inside then it rings true that the Earth is like a car and CO2 is the windows winding up. Are we all gonna die in a fiery earth-tesla-combustion event soon? Nah … but then maybe yeah, because…Science.

Sounds reasonable to rearrange economies and make humans eat bug meat? Nah…but then maybe yeah, because…Science.

For Covid, a positive test relies on a variation of the PCR test which can be deployed and get different results every time it’s run. Especially when it’s run on the sewage.

The Averages (Joe and Joelene) are losing their collective shit, so to speak, and those info-priests are reaching for a faulty measurement tool. Diligently testing the average of all the Average’s shit. Allegedly on a region by region basis.

Because destroying the middle class and drafting a nascent command economy is keeping us safe now, and into the future? Yeah/Nah/Maybe … better be safe than sorry right?

Plato’s Noble Lie served as a figurative foundational myth for the establishment of a good city. He didn’t name it as such so much as proposed the concept. I’m sure the principle preceded him by centuries too.

Is that what we have here in Victoria? A good city? No. We have a fractured and economically divided one that is bifurcated by believers and non-believers.

It has got to the point where the Bat Eared Mong Dan Andrews speaks…no, he holds forth, like a kindergarten teacher over unruly toddlers. It’s getting difficult not to see the anger and impatience on his face during his oratories.

In desperation, he and his party and some ‘lubricated’, dirty, self-serving independents have torn up and destroyed due process so that they can all go harder and faster. Do people really believe that the direction we are heading in is Progress?

Gawd knows what today’s edicts are, I’m sick and tired of hearing the shit drip from his lips. All of it shit too, both big and small. All deceit. I’m personally hoping he goes full “Downfall” one of these days because if he did it would be both the funniest, and scariest, thing I’ve seen on TV for ages.

We are criminalised right now for undertaking any normal trivial behaviour. Even going for a loaf of bread requires masking, timing, Cartesian mapping and QR coding. At any point, there is potential to be harangued by a Nanna for letting a mask slip or interrogated by the polis … for your welfare.

Polis: why aren’t you wearing a mask?

Matrix: I had pneumonia as a 6yo and I have scarred lungs. Can’t breathe mate.

Polis: Did you get a certificate from your doctor?

Matrix: Nah, he’d probably be dead now since it was 50 years ago.

Polis: You’re done smart-arse … summary fine and fuck off home

Matrix: But I just want to make some toast.

Half of you readers have already normalised the message that all this is necessary and are still comforting yourselves with the conceit that you’re an incorruptible freethinker. Your mind is a fortress, right?

Sure, knuckle-down and grudgingly accept more restrictions out of an abundance of caution.

Phht! that phrase, An Abundance of Caution…every time I hear it, I think, “more like an Abundance of Bullshit”.

Soviet psychiatry comes to Australia

New vaccines have a 98% failure rate after 10 full years in development. How can more than a dozen COVID vaccines possibly be ready for prime time?

Found here with an interesting video also at the link. On the one hand virtually no one is dying from Covid. On the other hand, there are potentially serious medical consequences if things go wrong. And if things to go wrong, who is accountable? 

But if you would like to see another video, this one from Perth, the one in WA, there is this:

I don’t know any other details other than what you see yourselves.

Get vaccinated, still die, don’t question

I subscribe to the UK Telegraph. Supposedly conservative. Its readers seem to be at any rate. This email headline came through this morning: “Majority of under-50s of people who died [in England] with the delta variant were unvaccinated.” That means that a distinct minority who died were fully vaccinated. In fact, twenty-four percent. That seems significant to me and more worthy of being headlined. But wait. I read down. Of the 1,076 deaths of people aged over 50, sixty-one percent had been fully vaccinated.

Imagine, if 60% of people dying from, say, smallpox had been fully vaccinated against this disease; and recently. There might be an inquiry. There might be questioning. But no, in this case, the proffered solution is vaccinating children to stop the spread, even though there is increasing evidence that it won’t, and booster jabs to prevent fully-vaccinated people getting very sick and dying.

Someone who I have known all my life has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Her daughter hopes that medications will help but distressingly says that she could have been on these much sooner if her medical appointments had not been cancelled because of COVID. Saving lives and improving the quality of life used to be the aim of medicine. Now its focus is on COVID and go hang the rest. And, to boot, the vaccines don’t work effectively and treatments have been pushed aside. What an unholy mess. Perspective and reason have been lost.

Mater’s Musings #5: 1 Year, 4 Months and 21 Days too late

Reference: My phone

I received this unsolicated SMS message on Thursday. Apparently it went out to 287,000 ‘Veterans’, everyone on DVA’s books and not limited to those who served there.

It’s a nice touch, I guess, but in my opinion, it addresses the wrong event and is 508 days too late. I didn’t sign up to make or keep Afghanistan free from oppression, but I did dedicate my life to that ends with respect to this country, Australia.

If they genuinely think that the loss of liberties in a faraway country can have such an effect on the entire Veteran community, one that warrants this type of response, what do they think the suspension of even the most basic rights in their own country (for what appears to be an indefinate period) is doing to their psychological state?

Everything most* servicemen thought they were sacrificing for (not just for a tour or two, but their entire military careers), has been decimated in the blink of an eye.

Like everything that comes from Governments in Australia nowadays, a non-solution to the wrong problem, too late.

Soldiers have a collection of acronyms that may be considered appropriate in 2020/21:

WOFTAM: Waste Of Fucking Time And Money

FUBAR: Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition

BOHICA: Bend Over, Here It Comes Again!

* This blog knows of at least one who would be the exception.

Trump discusses Afghanistan

This was Donald Trump speaking to Sean Hannity on August 18. Only 6772 views, it says, which is an example of just how powerful and deceitful the media in America now are. Part of the text.

This is the greatest embarrassment in the history of our country….  Biden put us in this position. He should have gotten the civilians out first. Then he should have taken the military equipment. We have billions of dollars of brand new, beautiful equipment. Take the equipment out and then take the soldiers out. And frankly, I said, take the soldiers out. But before you leave, blow up all the forts because we built these forts that are being now used by the enemy. It’s not even believable.

It is unbelievable, especially how fantastically ignorant of anything that matters the left across the world actually seems to be.

TRULY FANTASTICALLY IGNORANT: Having written the above, I then came across this. I wouldn’t say it’s representative, but I would say it is accurately suggestive of a deeper reality.

Naughty, naughty Victoria

This really is over the top. Who is he to get angry? What is he getting angry about? Does he get angry if people catch a cold? From The Herald-Sun: ANGRY DAN WARNS RULES MAY TIGHTEN

Mr Andrews said the spike in Victoria’s cases was “a very significant challenge, making today a bad day.

“I have no restriction announcements or rule changes but I can’t rule that out, ministers and public health officials will be sitting down this afternoon, this evening and into tomorrow determining whether there is any more we can do in terms of rules and settings to try and pull this up.

“Earlier in the week we talked about being at a tipping point. This is very, very serious, very serious indeed.

“I can’t be any clearer with the people of Melbourne and more broadly the people of Victoria. If we have a weekend this weekend like last weekend, next week it will be like Sydney.”

“It’s now up to every single Victorian to make the best possible choices, so we don’t get overrun with cases, so we don’t get locked into the year, so our nurses are not having to deal with hundreds and hundreds of patients who need a machine to breathe.

“We are right on the edge of this getting away from us.”

In total, 28,601 vaccine doses were administered and 48,273 coronavirus tests were received.

And maybe, just maybe, it is Andrews who is screwing up. After all, it is Victoria that has had the vast majority of the fatalities within Australia associated with Covid. Whose fault is that, Daniel?