Mater’s Musings #9: “Literally a War!”

“Oh, that is all well and good, but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

– Herman Goring, Nuremberg Diary, Gustave Gilbert, 1947

‘[W]e are in a war against this virus and all Australians are enlisted to do the right thing.’

— Prime Minister, Scott Morrison

“An exacting, intricate and exhausting job against a more wicked enemy than we’ve known before.”

– Daniel Andrews, Victorian Premier

“Because of the efforts of every Victorian – the sacrifices and the hard slog – we can be confident that slowly, and surely, we are driving the virus into the ground.”

– Daniel Andrews, Victorian Premier

“This is literally a war, and we’ve known we’ve been in a war for some time, but never to this extent”

– Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Premier

“We are in the fight for our lives” 

— Jenny Mikakos, Victorian Health Minister

“This is a clear and present threat in Queensland and we need those reinforcements there to keep our border safe”

— Annastacia Palaszczuk, QLD Premier

“crush and kill this virus”

“…we have to continue to suppress with [a] vengeance COVID across Australia”

— Mark McGowan, WA Premier

Solzhenitsyn: The Bluecaps – #1

The Gulag Archipelago, Vol 1, Part 1, Chapter 4 – The Bluecaps, p146/47

“What prompted them all to slip into harness and pursue so zealously not truth but totals of the processed and condemned? Because it was most comfortable for them not to be different from the others. And because these totals meant an easy life, supplementary pay, awards and decorations, promotions in rank, and the expansion and prosperity of the Organs themselves. If they ran up high totals, they could loaf when they felt like it, or do poor work or go out and enjoy themselves at night. And that is just what they did. Low totals led to their being kicked out, to the loss of their feedbag. For Stalin could never be convinced that in any district, or city, or military unit, he might suddenly cease to have enemies.

That was why they felt no mercy, but, instead, an explosion of resentment and rage toward those maliciously stubborn prisoners who opposed being fitted into the totals, who would not capitulate to sleeplessness or the punishment cell or hunger. By refusing to confess they menaced the interrogator’s personal standing. It was as though they wanted to bring him down. In such circumstances, all measures were justified! If it’s to be war, then war it will be! We’ll ram the tube down your throat – swallow that saltwater!

Excluded by the nature of their work and by deliberate choice from the higher sphere of human existence, the servitors of the Blue Institution lived in their lower sphere with all the greater intensity and avidity. And there they were possessed and directed by the two strongest instincts of the lower sphere, other than hunger and sex: greed for power and greed for gain. (Particularly for power. In recent decades it has turned out to be more important than money.)

Power is a poison well known for thousands of years. If only no one were ever to acquire material power over others! But to the human being who has faith in some force that holds dominion over all of us, and who is therefore conscious of his own limitations, power is not necessarily fatal. For those, however, who are unaware of any higher sphere, it is a deadly poison. For them, there is no antidote.

Remember what Tolstoi said about power? Ivan Ilyich had accepted an official position which gave him authority to destroy any person he wanted to! All without exception were in his hands, and anyone, even the most important, could be brought before him as an accused. (And that is just where our blueboys are! There is nothing to add to the description.) The consciousness of this power (and “the possibilities of using it mercifully”- so Tolstoi qualifies the situation, but this does not in any way apply to our boys) constituted for Ivan Ilyich the chief interest and attraction of the service.

But attraction is not the right word-it is intoxication! After all, it is intoxicating.”

An unvaccinated doctor is reportedly lying to her bosses about having had the vaccine

What should one make of this: ‘No need to rush’: Senator warns of FDA’s shortcuts to full approval of COVID-19 vaccine.

Sen. Ron Johnson called out the Biden administration’s health agencies Sunday for shortcutting the usual safety reviews in a rush to give final approval to COVID-19 vaccines, including failing to account for thousands of deaths and adverse reactions among people worldwide who got the shots….

He said the fast-track decision appeared more political than scientific since it skipped the usual formal advisory committee meeting and did not fully account for the reports of deaths and disabilities suffered by people after being vaccinated.

There is then this which I find of more than just slightly interesting. From HOSPITALS IN DARK OVER JABS in the Herald-Sun.

An unvaccinated doctor at a major Melbourne hospital is reportedly lying to her bosses about having had the vaccine.

Her mother revealed the deceit in a Reignite Democracy Australia group chat, saying: “She’s now telling people she’s had it; she’s using this as a strategy to get people off her back.”

Aside from this doctor having such a repulsive mother, the real question is why she doesn’t wish to be vaxxinated. That would be a much more interesting story even if it might be contrary to the political narrative of the moment. And interestingly, the full story is that hospitals cannot find out which members of staff have been vaxxinated. I wonder what their un-vaxxinated staff members know that we don’t know but perhaps should know.

Let me also add this: Hundreds of doctors sign open letter to PM: Need debate on ‘flawed covid guesses’. It comes with this at the end, which suggests there may be others who have the same view but are keeping quiet.

The signatories, from a broad range of specialities, came forward despite the risk of doing so to both their jobs and reputations.

And this is what the view was of those who did speak up.

A hundred and thirty three doctors, nurses, psychiatrists paramedics and midwives signed the letter released today which states that despite a “complete lack of widespread approval among health professionals,” of the pandemic policies, “no attempt” has been made to measure the harms of lockdown policies. The letter, also addressed to the Health Secretary and First Ministers for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland states: “You have failed to engage in dialogue and show no signs of doing so. You have removed from people fundamental rights and altered the fabric of society with little debate in Parliament.

And this, which is just another example of how ridiculous Australia is increasingly seen by the rest of the world: The Taliban are beating fewer people in Afghanistan than police in Australia. Comes with this picture.

AND I MEANT TO INCLUDE THIS FIRST: FDA Ignores New UK Study Showing Pfizer Vaccine Destroys T Cells, Weakens the Immune System. Begins with this:

Editor’s Commentary: The FDA is expected to fully-approve the Pfizer Covid-19 injections this week in spite of a new study coming out of the United Kingdom that shows they may be the most dangerous of all the shots in mass circulation today.

This is not an accident. Pfizer isn’t the first to get the approval out of luck, bribes, or cronyism. They definitely didn’t earn it through effectiveness; as bad as the numbers have been for all of the so-called “vaccines” throughout the rise of the Delta Variant, Pfizer’s have been by far the worst. And that’s the point.

The US government seems to be run on behalf of the Chinese

Why does no one ever mention the possible role of the Chinese government in the Biden administration? Why are things like this no longer ever brought up: Hunter Biden and China: A timeline of his business ties to the Far East?

Joe Biden claims he never spoke with Hunter about his dealings, and never profited from any group his family set up, but e-mails and text messages found on Hunter Biden’s old laptop hard drive — first published by The Post — show “the big guy” being referenced repeatedly.

Certainly nothing that Joe Biden has done as President have done anything but undermine the United States, while pretty well all of it has assisted China’s foreign policy aims.

Might also mention this which seems relevant: British Parliament Unloads On Biden: ‘Biden May Have Condemned The World To Chinese Domination In Future’. Includes comments such as this:

Lord Stirrup:  President Biden purportedly wishes to withdraw from Afghanistan in order to concentrate on China. Yet his actions have immediately benefited China on several fronts. China is increasingly engaged commercially in Afghanistan and has been negotiating with the Taliban. Taken together with Pakistan’s increasing reliance on China, this creates a disturbing nexus of power in the region. Even more important is the perception of other countries. If the western powers are to resist China’s assault on the current rules-based international order, they will require strong political, economic and technological allies in the Indo-Pacific region. Who now, though, will be prepared to throw in their lot with a US-led effort, when that country’s leadership has proved such a fickle friend to Afghanistan?

Self Defence? The Most Violent in 20 Years?

Now admittedly, I’m not overly experienced in this ‘suppression of your citizens’ gig. The only time I’ve stood the line was when a mass of humanity was coming at us with raised Machetes, in a foreign country*. ‘Peppering’ my own citizens for wielding freshly emblazoned placards, is not my speciality.

However, I do know a little something about provocation and response. Below is a video I cut down for ease of viewing. It is 1 minute long. Rest assured the proceeding 30 minutes consisted entirely of normal people walking down the streets of Melbourne conversing about their frustrations. Take note of the intersection, the lack of people in it, the lack of provocation, and the obvious commands to open fire. You can make up your own minds.

No, I don’t buy the ‘only in self-defence’ line in regards to the use of VicPol’s new toys. Take note of the bloke who obviously copped it in the mouth.

If you want a fight, this is precisely how you bring it about. I’m not for a second denying that VicPol got a response, you’d be blind not to have seen it on the MSM. That is exactly what you get when you trap an animal and start belting it. Even a cornered Rat will fight back.

The provocation which resulted in the volley of Kinetic ammunition was hardly of Zulu standards, if the video is any indication:

As for the Chief Commissioner’s claim about the ‘most violent’, Arky and I watched both the Riot in Flemington in 2017 (Milo Yiannopoulos), and the fracas outside of the Lauren Southern Event. The former constituted an endless stream of bricks, bottles, and God knows what else, for hours on end. I’m dubious of the Commissioner’s claim, to say the least. More to the point, the differences in what was being protested are light years apart.

*Yes, when the Machete-wielding individuals charged at me, I did have my rifle raised. Yes, I did have a round up the spout. Yes, I did have my finger on the trigger. No, I didn’t end up firing…because even the lowliest baggyarse soldier knows what crowds do when you start shooting at them, even if only to hurt.

‘The FBI comes up empty-handed in its search for a Jan. 6 plot’ – No, no, surely not.

I guess you’re surprised as I am that the lies of the Cathedral are unravelling, but they have served their purpose.

This is more than just a slippery slope

There has been mass confusion in Victoria about who can access childcare. The Premier’s office has now confirmed children can access childcare if just one of their parents is an authorised worker.

And so it says in The Age. An “authorised worker”? You do have to wonder where this will end up, and if you don’t wonder, you really should.

And this is from the US about us: Police Fire Rubber Bullets and Pepper-Spray Into Large Crowd of Anti-Lockdown Protesters in Melbourne (VIDEO). They think this is appalling. Why don’t we?

And this is also about us from the US: Massive Unrest as Australia Adopts China’s Authoritarian ‘COVID-Zero’ Approach.

The emergence of SARS-CoV-2 and the resulting illness, COVID-19, has caused mass hysteria on a global scale. Perhaps no response is as shocking as what we see in Australia. The country is included in the group of western democracies globally and among the Five Eyes intelligence community members. Yet, the nation’s response to the pandemic can only be described as authoritarian.

I find this particularly on the money. We really do accept insanity as a rational response.

In early August, Melbourne, Australia, imposed a mystifying sixth lockdown because eight cases of COVID-19 were detected. As cases of the Delta variant spread from the early clusters in the cities, nearly every major metro went back to implementing lockdowns. They remain in place and bar people from leaving their homes except for essential exercise, shopping, and caregiving.

Eight deaths in the midst of a flu epidemic in a state with 5.5 million should hardly cause a tremor never mind eight cases. We are such clowns.

A friend of mine who is a doctor was made to stay home for fourteen days because he was in some supermarket when some other person who supposedly tested positive was there at the same time. The kinds of damage we are doing to our ability to just get on with life is absurd.

Yearning for B.C.

One of my sons-in-law runs a carpet repair business. He has established rules which he hopes will allow him to continue to earn a living. For example, customers can make arrangements to leave their keys in a particular spot so that the repairers can enter and do the job while the occupants either leave home or ensconce themselves in another room.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the strata committee of the apartment building where I live in Sydney has just announced that renovations to two apartments cannot resume because zero contact between workers and residents in common areas can’t be guaranteed. Imagine the effect of this abundance of playing it safe across all apartment buildings – on electricians, plumbers, tradesmen generally, never mind the anguish of those living in apartments with half renovated kitchens and bathrooms.

Like delta, the madness spreads. From health bureaucrats, to politicians, to the media, to the police, to strata committees and, of course, to scolds on the streets. Hard to remember what it was like in the B.C. era. “Yes son, we didn’t wear masks then.”

Mater’s Musings #7: Take a knee…

Police taking a knee during the BLM Protest, amidst restrictions:

Police taking a knee during yesterday’s ‘Freedom’ protest:

What struck me strange whilst watching a replay of the Nine News live feed of the event was how many of the rolling comments reflected this thought (or something similar):

OMG, Morons! They are just giving Dan an excuse to extend the lockdowns.

[As if he needs one]

There was a real dearth of comments concerned about spreading the ACTUAL virus, just the government response to it. It was quite telling, and a little bit sad.

The sight of broken spirit is never pretty.