Time we faced the future

The following is a guest post by Cassie of Sydney

Hi Cats,

A few months ago in Sydney, just before the second great lockdown, I attended a panel hosted by the Menzies Research Centre.  One of the panel’s subjects was “free speech” and one of the panelists was Stephen Chavura who currently lectures in history at the private Catholic Campion College and prior to that he lectured in history at Macquarie. You might remember Stephen Chavura, back in 2017 he courageously spoke up against SSM and for his free speech he was hounded, smeared and vilified by the progressive Stalinist left as a “bigot” and a “hater” and they attempted to get him sacked from Macquarie. As we are always told progressives are such a tolerant mob.  

Having personal experience of cancel culture lynch mobs means you’re in a good position to talk about it, such as how the progressive left operates and what that means for those of us who refuse to subscribe and submit to their dictates, whether that be about SSM, transgenderism, language, climate change, abortion, sexuality, race and so on. Chavura said something that has struck a chord with me and something I’ve been thinking about a lot since then; namely, the left has now captured everything, education, academia, entertainment, politics (including so called conservative parties across the west), the MSM, social media platforms, most corporations, to the point where those of us, whether we be centre-right, right, conservative or libertarian are finding ourselves increasingly marginalised and frozen out of mainstream debate and this will only get worse, leading to full marginalisation. The likelihood is that soon there will be no place for us in the mainstream.

The scenario Chavura described was that we on the right will become like “recusants” in England before Catholic Emancipation back in the 1830s.  Whilst we will be allowed to exist, barely, we will be denied participation in mainstream society, just like Catholics, Jews and non-conformists were denied participation in mainstream English society from the late 1600s to the 1830s; specifically we will be denied entry into politics, education, academia, the MSM and so on because our beliefs will no longer be tolerated and we will rightly refuse to submit and swear oaths of allegiance to progressive nonsense such as “men can give birth” or “sex is assigned” or “climate change is entirely man-made” or “it is the state who are custodians of children, not the parents” and so on.  Throughout history there have been other similar scenarios…Christians in eastern Europe during Communism also existed on the fringe.  Rod Dreher writes and speaks about this, particularly in his book “The Benedict Option”.  Jews in Soviet Russia, who dared to practice their religion and celebrate their culture, were called “refuseniks”.  

So am I being a doomsday prophetess?  I no longer think so.  I think we need to face reality.  This is very likely our future and we need to start preparing for it or at the very least, we need to acknowledge that such a scenario will emerge, and because we on the right know and understand history, we can use this in our favour.  We need to separate ourselves and build resilient communities apart from the progressive mainstream.  There are others on the centre-right and right who, like Chavura, are speaking up about this more and more. Last night I listened to a great Youtube discussion between Will Knowland and Dr Michael Robillard.  You might have heard of the name Will Knowland, he was sacked late last year from Eton College, yes Eton College, for uploading a Youtube video called “The Patriarchy Paradox” where he questioned current radical feminist orthodoxy.  Robillard is a practising Catholic, who studied and lectured in moral and political philosophy at various universities, and he recently wrote and uploaded a piece on Substack called “How I Left Academia, or How Academia Left Me” where he describes how academia is now completely lost to the far left (something Peter Boghossian and Jordan Peterson also write about) and that the only solution for universities is their complete destruction.  In the discussion, both Knowles and Robillard discuss and elaborate on what Chavura and Dreher talk about, how we need to separate ourselves, how we need to become self-sufficient, how we need to build up our own community infrastructures and they give modern examples, such as the Muslim community in Dearborn, Michigan, which is a completely self-sufficient community.  
Please listen, it’s a great discussion.  Here, also, is the link to Robillard’s Substack essay…

BTW, Will Knowland, as of two days ago, was cleared of any professional wrongdoing by the UK Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) which found that his comments in the video did “not amount to any unacceptable professional conduct” and the TRA ruled the case should be closed.  Knowland, who now tutors privately, is taking Eton to an employment tribunal.  Let’s hope he wins. 
Also, please subscribe to Knowland’s Youtube channel, it’s called “Knowland Knows”.  Such things are worth supporting.

Cassie of Sydney