WolfmanOz at the Movies #4

Well we could probably do with a bit of cheering up now.

So, to get the smile on our faces let’s look at a film that’s 100 years old this year!

Buster Keaton’s comedy short Cops tells the tale of a man who inadvertently is mistaken for a terrorist at a police parade and is chased all over town by the entire Los Angeles Police Department.

I vividly remember first seeing this over 40 years ago at uni as part of a double-bill with The General, Keaton’s marvelous feature length US Civil War comedy.

Both movies had the student audience in fits of laughter throughout and after each film had finished, a spontaneous standing ovation was given. In fact, an encore of Cops was shown again to rapturous enjoyment by all.

The attached 6 minute clip is a procession of hilariously inventive and impeccable timed physical comedy that is still a wonder to behold.

As long as people enjoy movies, then there will always be a special place for the titans of silent comedy in Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin.