Could there be a more woeful time?

This letter to the editor in The Oz made the point all too well. This was the feature letter as well so was the one the paper wanted you to read the most. If you are wondering why Covidiocy is not about to end any time soon, read this.

Could there be a more woeful time to drop masks, QR sign in, vaccination certificates and allow the unvaccinated to mingle among us?

Rising case numbers in NSW project a considerable spike (“Omicron Christmas case surge fears”, 14/12). Have we learnt nothing from the past 21 months? Are we looking at data from Europe, Britain and the US which all admit they jumped too soon in dropping the most simplest of protection, masks?

We are told we have to live with Covid. Indeed we do. However, to go forth today in NSW without contact tracing is totally reckless and inappropriate


Chief health officer Kerry Chant has repeatedly said contact tracing minimises the spread and allows fast detection of those present at a venue who came in contact with a super spreader.

The next two weeks are by far the heaviest retail and food shopping weeks of the year. The party season is in full swing. We all want out but it may be two weeks of fun and another year of reintroduced restrictions as evidenced in Germany and Britain.

The timing of dropping all protective armour flies in the face of irrefutable evidence coming out of the northern hemisphere.

There is little doubt that the people who make the rules know better. As for example: Boris Johnson Aide Resigns Over Downing Street Christmas Video — The Outrage Explained.

Allegra Stratton, an adviser to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, resigned Wednesday following backlash over a video that recently surfaced from December 2020 showing her and other senior staff joking about an alleged Christmas party held at Downing Street during the height of lockdown restrictions.

And then there’s this: Sanna Marin: Finland’s PM sorry for clubbing after Covid contact.

Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin
Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin apologised for not double-checking the Covid guidelines on isolating

They think the people whom they govern are pathetic idiots, but what choice do they have but to legislate the rules their communities demand?