Arizona Election Contest

Barnes summarizes the case from 1:47:40 on.

Over the weekend, lawyers for Kerri Lake filed a lawsuit against Katie Hobbs, both as contestee and in her capacity f Secretary of State, and various election officials of Maricopa County, re the gubernatorial election in Arizona this past mid-term election. You can find the lawsuit filed here.

The vote margin at present is 17,117 for Hobbs. Lawyers for Lake allege that hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots (p. 4) contaminated the final count. They also allege that tens of thousands of election day voters (p.3) were disenfranchised by tabulator and printer failures across a majority of voting centres across Maricopa County. Taken separately or together, the numbers involved are greater than the margin of victory.

According to Arizona law, citing Findley v Sorenson, “the Arizona Supreme Court held that mistakes, omissions, and irregularities in the conduct of an election may void it if they “affect the result, or at least render it uncertain.”

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