Free speech is your only protection from a tyrannical government

Let me come back to my articles on conservatism that was published in Quadrant at the end of last year. Here’s the conclusion at the end of the second article, Conservative Thought in the Time of Covid (Part II):

These are the elements of conservatism as it needs to be understood if we are to defend ourselves against the rising socialist beliefs that are its major political alternative.

1. An individual’s right to be left alone to live one’s own life as one pleases with no interference from government unless to prevent harm to others.

2. Absolute right to free speech—anyone can say or write anything about anything they like at any time as part of a public discussion.

3. Market economy—economic outcomes should be almost entirely based on individual personal decisions to produce. The government’s role in the creation of wealth is minimal.

4. Adherence to a legal and moral tradition with historic roots based on individual rights and freely determined religious beliefs so long as those beliefs are not imposed on others.

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