The War in Ukraine: Past, Present and Future: A Conversation between Michael Vlahos and Douglas Macgregor

This is a superb discussion involving two well-placed interlocutors, who have been in the middle of international and strategic affairs for at least the last four decades. It comes in three parts. The first looks at the war in Ukraine, its antecedents, and its prospects, particular whether the situation is entering its culminating phase. The second is concerned with the strategic failure of NATO, the cultivation of poor relations with Russia, as well as the role of the media, think tanks, etc. in propagandizing to the American electorate. And, lastly, the third part, considers how the two are interrelated; namely how the failure of American strategic policy are culminating now in Ukraine, and what prospects there are for correction in the coming years. Highly recommended.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Wokeism, Soft Power and the Globalist American Empire

This is a very good short video that outlines Darren Beattie’s argument that Wokeism is the official ideology of the GAE, which it uses at home and abroad against its enemies. To the extent that it is a successful instrument in the projection of power, the success of Wokeism is inevitably tied to the success of the GAE and the latter will defend the former by all available means. I would add, Wokeism isn’t, as some suggest, simply the march through the institutions of ‘cultural Marxism’, rather, it is the unfolding of political liberalism within our political regime.