What are we Doing?

‘What are we doing” was the question that went through my brain a number of times the last two days. As another poster on here and I did our very best to make a particularly stupid spectacle of ourselves.

Which I’ve done before, and no doubt will again, as will a number of you reading this. Now I know its fun to be cynical, and it’s enjoyable to land some barbs on your foe. Also, the tut- tutting, finger wagging and censorious belongs to the other side, not to us. And if I were to lecture on something I just did, well that would be quite silly.

However, (groan- here it comes) if someone I met in real life and I can in the space of an hour interacting online be at each other’s throats and convinced that the other party is the very embodiment of evil itself, to be run off if not utterly destroyed, and we actually get along pretty well in person, despite disagreeing on almost everything, the question is: Just what the hell is that?

For sure the answer might be: “Well, you two are just a pair of nutters”. Which I wouldn’t completely discount, except for the fact that we are very far from being the only ones. I notice if two people are at each other’s throats on the blog, other feuds, long dormant or previously simmering also break out. It’s an interesting phenomenon at the very least.

Which brings me back to “What are we doing”? As the media pumps fear into the populace on an hour by hour basis, as we polarise around vaccinated v. unvaccinated, as there are huge profits to be made by corporations, and good employment to be had by individuals in presenting every single thing from only the most extreme viewpoint.

The new establishment of big, globalising government, big tech and Marxist academia will look at the crazy stuff online and say: “See? They must be monitored, controlled, censored and corralled”. Meanwhile, the internet is home to all that is the very worst about humanity, our society has stared into the abyss for far too long, and that abyss now knows exactly what our worst instincts are and how to exploit them, in the form of vast data sets tailored to teach the new artificial intelligences.

Only it won’t be the sickest and worst things that disappear, it will be the open debate of ideas contrary to the interests of… big, globalising government, big tech and Marxist academia. Already we can’t get out there effectively that there might be more to this vaccine issue than “reaching herd immunity”.

We’re going to have to get a damn sight smarter about a lot of things if we want to make even the smallest dent in the massive amounts of stupidity and depravity rolling over us in stinking waves every day.

Sorry that I got distracted by something very dumb instead of doing my bit.