Guest Post: Cassie of Sydney -Gay Wars & Biological Denial

Last weekend, at a Manchester UK “Pride Parade”, an ordinary gay man…yes a gay man…was heckled, abused and screamed at, called a bigot and transphobe and required police protection to escort him away from the parade. You might ask what his heinous crime was to elicit such outrage and hostility, well you see this ordinary gay man was wearing a t-shirt that triggered other Pride marchers and they very much objected to it. Those same outraged marchers didn’t have a problem with the men in the parade dressed in sexually explicit outfits that fully reveal their bottoms or the men dressed up as bears, dogs and cats (apparently dressing up as furry animals is a fetish) or the men dressed up in bondage simulating sex but they were outraged by an ordinary gay man wearing a t-shirt with the following on it….

LGB Alliance

Note the missing letters….no Q, no T and no I.  LGB Alliance was originally set up in the UK two years ago by a group of gay men and women concerned that organisations such as Stonewall had been hijacked by militant transgender ideology and activists. There are now LGB Alliance organisations in the US, Canada and Australia. The whole purpose of LGB Alliance is to separate itself from sinister queer, transgender and intersectional ideologies.

For the sin of creating this new organisation the founders of LGB Alliance have been smeared as far-right, transphobes, white supremacists, anti-Semites, Nazis and all the rest of the smears and slurs that many progressives love to throw at their ideological enemies. The Oz chapter of LGB Alliance has among its members the wonderful Professor Holly Lawford Smith, who lectures in political philosophy at Melbourne University and who is currently under vicious attack by the always tolerant (sarcasm alert) transgender activists and their militant allies. They want to silence her.  You might ask what was Lawford Smith’s crime to warrant such attacks? Well, she dared to assert that…yes wait for it…biological sex is real.  Lawford Smith believes, as I do, that men with penises who identify as women are not women and such men should not be given license to enter women’s safe spaces such as change rooms and toilets, such men should not be allowed to compete against biological females in sport and such men are engaging in sexual fetishes such as autogynephilia; fetishes that once upon a time were either rightly derided and laughed at or rightly regarded as something more sinister.  Now we might laugh at all of this but militant transgender ideology is making its way through our education system, government departments and corporations.  So we now have situations where male prisoners, such as rapists, are identifying as women and being transferred to women’s prisons….only to rape women there.

For further reading on this, please read Helen Joyce’s superb new book, Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality. Helen Joyce is also currently under attack by the oh-so tolerant transgender and queer activists, her book has been cancelled by the biggest bookseller in the UK, Waterstones, because of complaints made by a few noisy and very militant activists.

Here, also, is another discussion involving Abigail Shrier who has been similarly targeted for harassment for her own book, Irreversible Damage: Teenage Girls and the Transgender Craze, in the US:

Biological sex is a reality.  Sex is not assigned at birth, it is recorded at birth.  Transwomen aren’t women.

Guest Post: Vicki Campion on Priority Confusion

Climate change, benevolent sexism, lockdowns for areas without a trace of Covid-19 – this perpetual war of distraction plagues us whilst the US Embassy in Kabul tweeted a Pride flag, as the Taliban wearing little more than sandals and AK47’s in the scorching sun, readied to attack.
The role of the Australian Infantry is to seek out the enemy, kill or capture him, seize and hold ground, and repel attack by day or night, regardless of season, weather or terrain. It is not to seek out the enemy, engage a diversity officer to record their gender preference, sexual orientation, and attitude to wind farms, by bike or carbon-neutral canoe.
Our defence force is there to fight for freedom, but our army has been caught in the distraction, losing focus on Kabul to patrol the streets of western Sydney and the Tweed River. Brigadier Mick Garraway told Sunrise soldiers are delivering groceries and supporting police. Forget kill and capture; it’s about keeping a five-star rating as they morph into UberEats and Covid Cops.
Unemployed drivers in western Sydney who can’t leave their LGA would be thrilled to be paid by the government to deliver bread and milk.
The sobering issue is not terrorism or even the Taliban; our chief ally is sailing away from us. How are we going to defend ourselves in the new world? Apparently, climate policy.
How do you feel about climate change? Terrible, they say as they get into their Range Rover. I can’t sleep at night, they say, as they plan their home renovations.
What is the prize in winning the climate debate when the Chinese Communist Party, happy to accept delegations from the Taliban, glad to make the Taliban part of their Belt and Road Initiative, and seemingly having no problem with the change, has kept its Kabul embassy open?
Most of our primary communication channels go under the South China Sea, which China believes it now owns. They have weapons to turn off our satellites.
China has 50 attack submarines and four ballistic missile submarines with many more planned. We have eight submarines, and not all of them work.
China has around 2100 fighter planes, attack jets and bombers. We have 110 combat aircraft.
Our defence force – not offence force like China has – is not even a big day at the cricket; all our serving personnel couldn’t fill the MCG, while China’s military is bigger than the city of Adelaide.
Did Senator Matt Canavan believe he was belittling the efforts of troops when he said on social media, “Does anyone know if the Taliban will sign up to Net Zero?”
He issued a wake up in 44 letters only to be cancelled before he could explain the world is changing, and it’s time to understand the real threat. Senator Canavan, who went against the grain when he called for repatriation planes to rescue Aussies stuck in India, who believes Afghani’s hunted for helping Australians should get refuge, has nothing but contempt for the Taliban.
However, more righteous is the ever-eloquent Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe, who told a Senate committee, “you can’t con this little black gin” , appearing on top of the cancel culture pile-on, tweeting:  “What a fucking joke!!! You are disgrace!!!”
Apparently, his tweet is the problem – not people dying in Kabul while our soldiers patrol the border of one Covid-free community to another.
The Greens called for 20,000 visas, but Senator Thorpe took it a step further: “We need to protect and give all people seeking asylum the protection they need.” Music to the ears of a range of brutal terrorists set to embed operatives on a Boeing to Blacktown.
Other MPs who have fought to bring Afghan interpreters to Australia are warned off from advocacy after intelligence investigations bring up violent terrorist links – in one case, gauging out the eyes of a six-year-old girl.
According to the Greens, we need to give them a house next door to you, preferably carbon neutral.
Is it climate, or a totalitarian rein that has spy ships off your coast, hacks your Parliamentary computer system and openly states it seeks to invade Taiwan, with a military bigger in number and soon to be more powerful than the United States?
Seven years ago, the Arctic was supposed to be ice-free, and by 2005, children weren’t supposed to know what snow was anymore. Now the IPCC tells us global warming of 2°C will happen during the 21st century, and it’s all Canberra can think about.
If the CCP launch hypersonic missiles over the horizon, you can shout, “I drive a Tesla”, “my house is carbon neutral”, “my dog is vegan”, “you will not define my gender”, “English is the language of the oppressor”.
This war won’t be won with solar panels or the non-binary box in the Census.
Our kids inherit our priority confusion. Afghanistan has shown us another mum is not going to offer her son to fight your war.