A Conservative Hero?

monty writes:

Lt. Michael Byrd of the Capitol Police is a conservative hero, but in the strictly small-c sense. People who identify with the Conservative movement in America tend to hate him, because his action did more than anyone else to stop an insurrection which would have installed Conservative politicians in a coup. What Byrd did, though, was act to conserve the institutions he was sworn to protect. If you truly believe in conservatism with all the respect for authority and adherence to societal norms that entails, you should laud Byrd as an everyday champion.

Is Lt. Byrd a conservative hero? He shot an unarmed woman that posed no threat to anyone in her immediate vicinity, including armed Capitol Police officers that were directly behind her not in another corridor as was Lt. Byrd. Nor did he ‘do the most’ to prevent an ‘insurrection’. Only last week, the FBI conceded there was no evidence of an organized attempt to mount a coup at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

What he did contribute to, unwittingly though successfully, was an end to any Congressional oversight of the administration of the 2020 US election, that might have allayed some of the suspicions that the election was not conducting according to law. Given the extent of the changes to election law largely brought about by executive orders and administrative discretion in many of the States, which is contrary to Article 1, Section 4 of the US Constitution, on the grounds of COVID, Congressional oversight was entirely justified.

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The Cathedral bears its fangs

We live in strange but dangerous times when even our legislative representatives are routinely censored by BigTech, acting in collusion with other state actors, when they depart from or resist the grand narrative on election integrity, mask and vaccine mandates, diversity, open borders, and the like. New Black Legends are being written as we speak, spreading calumnies relating to this or that nation’s past. There is now a coordinated attempt to stifle any resistance to the new hegemonic order emerging in the post-Cold War era both in Europe and the Anglosphere. Consider the effort being expended on the denigration of PM Orbán in Hungary merely for offering his people a reasonable alternative to liberal globalism that would not have battered an eyelid a generation ago. Do not underestimate the viciousness of this campaign; their will to power is terrible.