Save our rural surroundings

And our farmland and forests.

The Menzies Research Institute is hosting a webinar forum on the rising tide of protests from rural communities faced with the wreck and ruin inflicted by wind and solar factories and the transmission lines associated with them. Express interest here. The date is 15 December at 6.00 Sydney time.

These short films show you what is going on in north Queensland.

Upper Burdican, Caban, Chalumbin

We can applaud the efforts of the greenies in these instances while at some stage we might remind them about the way they fought tooth and nail to eliminate the sustainable timber industry and the jobs in the mills.

The Complete Footprint of Expensive, Unreliable and Unsustainable Energy from Wind and Solar Factories

See Bill Stinson’s survey of environmental impact from mining to the end of the road with disposal of the junk and the toxic waste.

The first chapter of Triggerwarming is a catalogue of the human, environmental, economic and social disasters caused by misguided climate-control policies, chiefly the dash for unreliable energy. And the second chapter points out that the green dream of the Energiwende in Germany was a dead duck by 2018 according to the official review of progress. Buy here before it is too late! The link has been updated to cater for Australian buyers.

The information starter pack for energy issues has been revised to include more short films


Recently AEMO added a “Renewable Penetration” tab to the Data Dashboard to show the increasing contamination of power in the grid by unreliable energy. Currently this stands at 68.7% on Friday October 20 at 12.30.

That is supposed to show the giant strides that have been achieved to get rid of cheap and reliable power from “dirty” coal which is claimed to generate “carbon pollution”. The problem is, apart from the “dirtyness” of wind and solar power, we have gone as far as we can to reduce the supply of coal power because the critical consideration is not the maximum generation from wind and solar, rather it is the minimum on windless or low-wind nights.