“Just zip it Andrews…we have had enough of you”

I think Daniel Andrews is finally beginning to see what a screw up he has been and how tragically he has mangled the response to Covid. Of course, he doesn’t put it quite that way: Andrews declares Covid response a ‘triumph’. From the article:

Daniel Andrews has declared Victoria’s response to the pandemic has been a “triumph” but has conceded his government has made mistakes in its handling of COVID-19.

And then he gnashes at the ungrateful sods who fail to appreciate his towering genius:

“We’ve got some people who just can’t find it in themselves to say ‘well done’ and to speak out against extremism.”

As a completely clueless buffoon, he reaches astonishing heights.

More broadly, Mr Andrews argued it was state governments, and not federal ones, who now play a more consequential role in driving the economy and improving people’s standards of living….

Mr Andrews said states now oversee the “big levers of productivity” including health, education, energy and infrastructure, which will drive future economic growth.

“The big drivers of our standard of living and our quality of life, productivity and therefore people’s prospects, sense of security and options in life … are all run by the states now,” the Victorian Premier said.

“It’s the main game.”

This is from the man who has left the state a financial wreck and taken Melbourne from The World’s Most Liveable City to a barren wasteland. But he does now say this.

But Mr Andrews – who presided over the world’s longest lockdown in Melbourne in an effort to quash the virus – admitted his government’s response to the pandemic hasn’t been flawless.

“I wouldn’t want anyone to think we regard our pandemic response across the board as having been perfect, he told former Labor campaigner Stephen Donnelly.

Not flawless, was it? As noted by the first three “Most Liked Comments” out of 620:

Victoria under Daniel Andrews has become a tragedy – for those people who never vote Labor, but worse still for those of us who entrusted him to the role of Premier of our state. Power has gone to his head and when he is not trumpeting his triumphs he resorts to lecturing those who are opposed to him. He has become addicted to power and control so he needs to be removed as soon as we can do it. You cannot argue with individuals like this who have become so fixated on their own self preservation. The only option is to vote them out as soon as the opportunity arises.

I am so over him using the word extremist to describe everyday Australians voicing their opinions. Thousands upon thousands demonstrating against him for weeks and no arrests, no damage and no injuries. Where are the people getting hurt dan? Do us a favour and release the data used to inform your restrictions instead of wasting taxpayer dollars to keep it hidden.

Just zip it Andrews…we have had enough of you.

Worst premier ever is how he will be remembered.

All-cause mortality tells the story

Slowly but surely, evidence is emerging that the COVID vaccines are not fit for purpose. Once you focus on all-cause mortality rather than COVID deaths alone, the picture changes remarkably.

His colleague, Prof Neil, explains the situation in this thread:

Here is a longer discussion by Prof Fenton here:


As you know, Stalin was known as “Old Stone Arse” for his ability to sit through hour after hour of boring meetings debating the minutiae of seemingly trivial organisational and policy details. It was through this ability, and his utter ruthlessness, that he gained complete control over the party and therefore the state.

He did this by exploiting that human characteristic of tribalism. More specifically, by always having an “out” group to use as a whipping boy.

At first the members of the out group might think it was just because of one of those seemingly trivial details discussed at the end of some interminably boring meeting where one of them had taken a position, and it was because of this position that for some unaccountable reason the Vozhd had taken offence. That it was a matter of policy or organisation that was at stake.

Of course, we can see they were chosen for the role of sacrificial lamb, and once chosen Stalin would use them, turn his rhetoric on them, play with them, and then dispose of them after they were used to cement his power over the rest of the group, and then he would choose his next “out” group.

We can quite imagine the turmoil that went through the brains of these individuals as at first they wondered why this or that statement had so offended Stalin. As they made attempt after attempt to reason their way out, thinking that the dispute was a real one that could be talked through. Stalin played this game so well that many of them probably went to their deaths still not understanding the crucial role they played in his rise.

And what of the other Bolsheviks? What did they think as over the years their close friends and colleagues were turned into dead meat? After these last two years you still have to ask?

Stalin information from:



As someone who spent some of his formative years in the “out” group, I can say it doesn’t bother me.

I’m rather comfortable there.

So when I find myself on the out, despite being in one of the rare places on the internet that agrees with me on much about this vaccine stupidity, I’m strangely at peace in a way that I am not when my scribblings are receiving mostly acclaim. Which is monumentally stupid. Ask Trotsky.

Suffer the Little Children

Israel started vaxxing young children in late November, as did Canada and the United States. Reports out of the UK suggest it may start there in Spring.  I see from this morning’s news that the TGA here has “provisionally approved” Pfizer for 5- to 11-years-olds.

Only one child under 12 years has died with Covid in Australia and that child in Victoria, sadly, had serious comorbidities. So, what exactly is the rationale for vaccinating Australian children?

In a recent article on the-pipeline (a North American site) I quoted Dr. Eric Rubin, professor of immunology at Harvard, and a member of the FDA advisory committee. When asked, prior to FDA approval, about the safety of the Pfizer vaccine for children, he replied, “we’re never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes.”

The question I posed and will pose again: why are children akin to lab rats among those on the left? The median age of those dying from Covid is 85+ years. The only rationale, therefore, for experimenting on children is to save the old. This kind of thinking is so at odds from the moral standards of the quite recent past and from common decency that it’s mindboggling.

There is no medical justification for vaccinating young children against Covid.  Older children too for that matter. They face no risk to speak of from the virus. Nothing of certainty is known about the risks they face from the vaccines. Outside of these abnormal and hysterical times, the vaccines would not be given to children. If the principal rationale is to inhibit the spread of the virus among adults, it’s grotesque and unconscionable. “Close enough to evil to scare me,” I said in the article I referenced above.

Mater’s Musings #44: Again, why stab the kids?


As of October, the CDC started providing weekly data on COVID-19 cases and deaths by vaccination status. Let me start this thread by saying that I’ll treat this data as though it is a true reflection of reality, and not perverted by some of the chicanery that we’ve so often heard about.

Regardless, the accuracy of the data is largely irrelevant to my main point. Don’t glaze over just because I present some graphs. It’s what’s not presented that is more important. A detailed understanding of the data is not necessary

First Graph showing the number of Cases by Vaccination Status and Age Group:

Ref: Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

Just look at the big picture here. The CDC is out and proud that the unvaccinated 12-17 year olds represent the largest proportion of cases, especially when compared to the vaccinated in the same age group.

Let’s change the selection to Deaths, and let’s see what we get:

Ref: Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

That’s right, “Deaths for ages 12-17 are not shown due to low numbers”

Let me put that in quotes for prosperity:

“Deaths for ages 12-17 are not shown due to low numbers”

The unvaxxed kids represent the greatest number of Covid cases in society, yet the associated deaths are too low to represent? Tell me again why our kids are being subjected to this experiment when they have the longest time remaining to suffer any potential consequences?

Ok, I hear the vaccine boosters say:

“But, but, but…maybe it WAS too small to represent on the graph. Maybe the scale on the axis didn’t allow it?”

Quite apart from the fact that this statement validates my point, watch what happens to the ‘Incidence’ scale when you select specific age groups:


That’s right, it adjusts and can go as small as it likes. It takes an AWFULLY low incidence to be unrepresentable in a Microsoft Power BI graph.

No, it’s quite clear, even from their own figures, that our kids DO NOT NEED this vaccine. Whoever is claiming the Risk Assessment favours giving it to them, has clearly confused the risk from the virus, with the risk from incredibly stupid government intervention.

Our kids deserve better protection than that being provided by the cowardly Curs currently in power. Disgraceful and contemptible barely begins to describe it.

Guest Post: BBS – Is there a payoff for the PM in his unholy alliance with State Labor?

It has taken me some time for the penny to drop in the cosying up of the Prime Minister to the State Premiers, for I kept thinking what does Scott Morrison gain in continuing to provide protection for the worst of state government excess imaginable who have continued to undermine his position throughout most of the pandemic?
Then I recalled how politically burnt to a cinder Morrison was looking mid year because of the “slow vaccine roll out,” which Sally McManus cuttingly called a “stroll out.”  Morrison’s electoral chances would not be good, if that stroll-out did not quickly become a stampede. Taking a look at Federal-State relations meant realising that while the Feds have the money, the States have most of the infrastructure, both legal and physical, to solve any logistical headache.  This means that for the vaccine roll out to succeed, the States are absolutely necessary. Without the States and that mafia-like contingent of <strike>second</strike> third rate premiers, there could be no efficient jabbing of arms.  However, there was one more factor required to draw this mRNA and Viral Vector vaccine sausage-making factory together; enter Lieutenant General John Frewen as <em>Vaccine Supremo</em> (h/t Yes Minister).

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