The continued failure of Official Science and Public Health

Dr. John Campbell talks with Dr. Pieter Gaillard about the importance of aspirating when injecting mRNA (Pfizer/ Moderna)/ viral vector (AstraZeneca) vaccines and the role of lipid ‘nanoparticles’ in each of them. None of the clinical trials investigated this aspect. They just treated them as classical vaccines.

This is without doubt an experiment conducted en masse without the knowledge or consent of most participants.

Question for those vaxxed: did the vaccinator aspirate to check they were indeed injecting the vaccine into your muscle and not into a blood vessel or did they not?

End this Mickey Mouse police state NOW!

Dirty flying pigs

Over the last two years since the covid mania began we have endured regular flights over my suburb by the police air wing.

That it is a frequent event to go outside, in your own yard and be subject to Mogadishu type overwatch by our pathetic wannabe paramilitary police farce is disgusting.

That we are becoming used to being treated like the residents of a Judge Dredge Mega city on the cusp of civil war is deranged. These people are deranged.

Today they were doing slow laps of my suburb yet again. I went out to look and shook my fist at the thing. You can see in the photo above exactly what I was confronted by overhead at low altitude. It promptly began circling around my house, and then in what can only be an attempt at intimidation, hovered directly over my home where myself, my wife and young daughter live.

What possible role these aerial pigs are playing over sleepy outer suburban homes on a Sunday morning is a complete mystery.

Vicpol idiots: Your demented over policing of covid and your arrogance has lost you many friends. Keep it up and it will be 100 years before any member of the public welcomes your presence.


When you give young men millions of dollars of technology, put them literally above the citizens, let them use it at their own discretion, allow a culture of contempt for “civilians”, here’s a hint: they act up badly.

They will, eventually be held to account by a legal, correct and democratically elected people. So too will the “leadership” that allowed and encouraged this. So enjoy your little thrills today boys. You are not soldiers, you aren’t Dirty Harry, and this isn’t a movie.

[Comments that threaten violence against these useless arseclowns will be deleted. Keep it sensible and proportional]

RE fails in SA as usual


Checking at 6.30 Sydney time, South Australia has turned the corner as the sun went down in the mid to late afternoon after exporting power since late morning and is now importing bigtime. Check the live display and the dispatch summary. The wind across the South East has been at drought level all day, with NSW doing better than most while at present in SA and Victoria (the wind leaders) the windmills are delivering 4% of installed capacity.

Gas is providing 2/3 of the generation in SA and coal is delivering over 80% with the brown coal clunkers cranking at 95% of capacity. Not bad for equipment that is unwanted. But Sandgropers and Victorians would have cold dinner without them.

Bright and early on Sunday morning and the RE enthusiasts are predicting that RE will establish a new record of penetration into the grid this afternoon after a rousing performance yesterday.

But right now SA would be black without coal power from Victoria. The top bar in the chart represents demand and the bottom bar is the local supply.

The wind in SA is contributing 260MW compared with Gas at 450 with another 450 from Victoria.

This is the picture an hour later as shown by the NewWatch widget.

The wind has picked up but not enough to make up the gap to meet demand.

The picture will change during the day as the sun comes up, this is the dispatch summary, this is the widget and this is the Aneroid 24-hour rolling display.

10.15 in Sydney. As the sun builds up SA is no longer a power mendicant state but lo and hehold, Victoria is importing! There is next to no wind in SA, Victoria and Queensland as you can see in the Aneroid display if you tick and untick the boxes to look at individual states. 80% of local generation in Victoria is brown coal compared with 2% from wind.

Early this morning the much maligned “ageing” brown coal clunkers were delivering 91% of installed capacity! OK, they are out of service occasionally, but solar is out of service every night and widespread wind droughts are more frequent than individual coal station downtimes.

In response to comments. The briefing notes of the Energy Realists (see here!) go to 830 state and federal politicians. We know that most will be intercepted by green staffers and trashed but the point is to put them on notice that they can never say that nobody warned them. The wheels will fall off before long. In the meantime we have to get the best information in the clearest possible form to our friends and relations and anyone else who is prepared to discuss the matter.

I like to think that we are getting better at explaining the key issues even though things are going to get a lot worse before we can hope to make much impact on public opinion. Simplicity and graphic visual displays will be the key to convey the critical issues – wind droughts, no grid-scale storage, the flood protection wall effect. Sustainability has to be measured by the low points of RE supply, not the high point or the average penetration.

Noon update. All the states now have negative prices, mostly near -$30 with SA the standout at -$92. Imagine a market where the goods are not worth anything! Apart from the subsidies provided to the wind and solar providers. The usual suspects find this to be very exciting and a sign of success. Well us we know, RE can displace coal but not replace it!

Was the 2009 Swin flu pandemic a milk run?

Yesterday, twostix posted on the OOT this very interesting study, WHO and the pandemic flu “conspiracies”, published in the British Medical Journal over a decade ago. It looked at the many connections between research scientists, national and international public health officials, and BigPharma, and how they were implicated in the development of responses to future pandemics, from the Continue reading “Was the 2009 Swin flu pandemic a milk run?”

The socialist takeover of the American economy


What we are getting is an economy that will be increasingly shaped and driven by government decisions rather than by business decisions. The size of the public sector will increase relative to the private sector, but that is the very aim of what is being done. Taxes replace business revenue as the means to finance these decisions, along with the money-creation process. Just expect real personal incomes to fall, but economic statistics to show a continual improvement in the pseudo-outcomes GDP and employment data provide. The rise in prices will be about the only stat that will remain available to show something is wrong, because there will be no disguising the fall in living standards that is to come.

And where America leads, others in “the free world” are sure to follow.

The stolen climate debate

Richard Lindzen is probably the dean of climate science. In this very short video he explains how the real science of climate was stolen by three groups of people in defiance of the majority opinion of genuine scientists associated with the IPPC.

The reputable scientists who contribute to deliberations of the IPCC agree on the fundamentals – the climate has always changed, since the Little Ice Age there has been about one degree C of warming, life on earth depends on CO2 and CO2 makes a minor contribution to the beneficial warming that we have enjoyed lately. There is no way to accurately predict the future climate and its impacts. There is no prospect of catastrophic warming.

There is a difference between two sub-sections of that group. Some think that problems may arise if warming persists for a long time. The others have no worries at all.

So why all the fuss?

Lindzen identifies three groups on the fringe of the IPCC who convey the IPCC message to the world, based on the short summary that is produced by the IPCC secretariat when they shepherd the members of the panel as they hammer out the distorted version of the science for public consumption.

The three groups that end up holding the megaphone are activist politicians, the green NGOs and the media. Their careers and the success of their organizations are based on climate alarmism and their grip on politicians and the public has so far enabled bogus science to drive out the real thing. See the video and circulate it. Only five minutes!

Thanks to Cliff Boof in the comments for this great commentary on Twiggy Forest and the quest for wealth from green hydrogen! Not quite on topic but a great contribution to the current debate on RE rorts.

Helpful comments from Roger and Cassie, the video is a few years old and Lindzen focussed on the climate debate. Since then it has become more apparent that other groups are implicated, notably school teachers, the RE industry and behind them the world of finance and banking that can see rivers of gold from a carbon tax and all the other “investments” in short-term assets that would be stranded without subsidies and mandates. On top of the massive power of specific vested interests is the pervasive community support for the religion of environmentalism and the climate scare.

Why so keen?

Why are so many Australian’s so keen to be part of a medical trial? A question for the ages, right?

The answer is simple: they probably don’t know they are.

Let’s start with the mother of all lies from our very own Health Department.

Reference: Department of Health

What utter bullshit!

A ‘Full Assessment’ (as most people would understand it) would result in a ‘Full Approval’ – not a shortcut Provisional Approval.

As for, “This is the same process as any vaccine approved in this country”, I’m left speechless that they think they can get away with such lies. This is almost ‘Actionable’.

Let’s go to our noble Health Minister:

Reference: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

There’s that ‘Full and Thorough’ bullshit again.

Hint Greg: you are either lying or being lied to. Either way, get a grip of it and start telling the truth to those who pay you. Start understanding the risk involved before allowing mandated vaccinations to continue.

And as for our fearless Press:

Reference: The Guardian

Dear God, “Full Approval”! Another outright lie. The weasel words around Emergency Approvals is just the gravy on top. I guess you can’t inform your readers that our Provisional Approval is the equivalent of their Emergency Approval if you’ve just told them that the vaccines have Full Approval.

Wonder no more why a good portion of the populace are calling the hesitant “Anti-Vaxxers”, “Anti-Science” and other assorted goodies. They have no idea what’s going on, by design. Those who they should be able to trust, are just outright lying to them.

Opportunity cost

I received a letter from an old friend who asked:

I have a friend who is a writer and artist. One of his current projects is a novel. At one point he needs to explain opportunity cost. It recalled for me that you wrote a book for kids explaining the fundamental principles of economics.

Would be willing to share the text with us?

This was my reply.

I would of course be willing to share my text with you. The title is Economics for Infants.

However, not sure you find opportunity cost discussed, at least not explicitly. However, there is always this you can look at (it can be ordered by the library and the paperback is pretty cheap): 

Free Market Economics, Third Edition. An Introduction for the General Reader

The Elgar webpage is  here. And I do notice that Opportunity Cost is discussed on four separate occasions within the book, once even using a diagram. Highly recommended, if I do say so myself. In fact, I do say so myself.
I just put up a blog post referring to the book, which I will copy below. Here is what I said:

From The switch to green energy may be the biggest bonanza in history.

Australia is the best placed nation on earth to be the global winner in the net-zero world, with 672,000 jobs created and $2.1 trillion in economic activity generated by 2050.

In my economics text, Free Market Economics, the single most important chapter is the third, on Value Added. No other modern textbook that I know of actually discusses value added beyond a para or two, but without value added at the core of one’s grasp of economics, you will never understand a thing that matters.

Jobs can be created by getting rid of technology. Economic activity can be driven forward by useless and non-productive forms of “investment”.

But living standards can only rise if the value of output is greater than the value of the inputs used up. If you think massively increasing the cost of inputs through alternative forms of energy will increase value added, and therefore living standards, you are an economic incompetent.

Value added is the core concept surrounding opportunity cost, which also necessitates understanding the economic meaning of cost within economics. Which reminds me of this, which I may or may not ever have sent to you before: I, Mechanical Pencil: Why a socialist economy can never work.
There you find this, which is near enough the core concept of opportunity cost as it is practised in the market:
What prices must do is reflect how much something costs. And what information about costs does is help entrepreneurs work out which is the least costly way to produce whatever it is they produce. It is important to find the least costly way to produce because the fewer resources used up in making each particular good or service, the more resources are left over to produce something else. Keeping production costs down is essential to maintaining and building our prosperity. This is why prices matter so much. If prices are properly set in the market, the revenue received by each entrepreneur will cover all the costs of production. If every producer sets their own prices, then the prices charged for every input will provide the essential guidance to entrepreneurs on how to keep production costs down.
There I am. Give me an inch and I take the mile and then some. 

Persecution Without Objection

Bolt to Dean expressing surprise that medical apartheid, segregation, selective persecution, had gone so smoothly in Sydney. Presumably he meant that there had been no riots in the streets. People throwing themselves in front of race horses.

Dean to Bolt explaining that social media had carried a lot of objections and that Perrottet was on record as objecting to segregation and would soon end it. End of story really.

All quiet in Shanghai. What’s that about the Uighurs?

Jews herded up you say? Well, it passed without any fuss in meine town.

Medical apartheid, Sydney style, is mild compared with selective persecutions throughout history. But persecution it is just the same. And people not affected look the other way. No prominent principled conservatives around – no need for anyone with even an ounce of the courage of Dietrich Bonhoeffer – to rail against the mindless injustice of it all. I’m alright Jack, stuff you.

Even if the episode ends without further persecution of the unvaxxed; it is a forever-stain on Australia. And it makes it that much easy to single out dissidents for special treatment in the future. Those perimeter-secured, purpose-built, quarantine camps are ready and waiting. It can’t happen here? It has already.