Weekend Reading #5

Over at The Lamp Magazine, Peter Hitchens reflects on the Christian background of the British (and European) monarchy and why it inevitably is a sign of contradiction to all moderns.

Mark Granza interviews Darren Beattie about the next stage of Populism in IM-1776.

Stone Age Herbalist discusses the metaphysics that underlay the Aztec’s justification of human sacrifice and war at Grey Goose Chronicles.

In light of the EU’s designation of Hungary as an ‘electoral autocracy’ and ‘no longer a democracy’, Sohrab Ahmari’s latest essay in Compact, Orbán’s warning for Europe, is timely.

Weed is the new black. Leighton Woodhouse discusses Big Pharma and Tobacco’s interest in THC products in The Tablet, while William Pecknold muses over the capacity of Conservative Inc. ability to resist either their libertarian habits or their donor interests in Compact.

Lastly, Elbridge A. Colby outlines the moral argument of The Strategy of Denial: American Defense in an Age of Great Power Conflict at First Things, while Dimitri Simes outlines how the Ukraine War has accelerated Russia’s pivot to the East in The American Conservative.

Rafe’s Roundup Sept 17

James McPherson Report

The disintegration of Russian/German economic affairs – first shots of a new trade war

The Chinese fast trains trillion dollar debt disaster.

Energy Matters

Idiots guide to the Hydrogen Hype.  Pay attention Twiggy!

The green energy transition has hit the wall. Save our Coal Power Stations!

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What is happening and why

Guest post from Cardimona

There is not a shred of evidence that CO2 has the capacity to “trap heat” or affect the climate “dangerously”. No scientific research paper has ever empirically proven that oft-repeated assertion. It has always been based on faulty maths, contrived research, and propaganda.

That’s why sea levels haven’t risen, cyclones aren’t more frequent, and we still have Arctic ice.

“Climate change/global warming” is a massive lie, one of the three biggest lies in history. It has been spread by the billionaires’ club who currently call themselves the World Economic Forum – and their supporters in the Chinese Communist Party.

The WEF used to be mainly known as ‘The Bilderberg Group’, and before that ‘The Club of Rome’.

The WEF tell the big climate lie, and others, because of their insane desire for ultimate power. When you have all the money in the world, and control of the world’s economies through companies like BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street, all that is left to crave is ultimate power.

And, as we know, power corrupts, and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.

All around the world, small businesses were crushed in the name of a “very deadly and highly contagious” disease – which turned out to be nothing of the sort. That advice came from the WEF-controlled WHO, and massive wealth was transferred from the middle class to WEF members.

The damage to global supply chains was done deliberately, to suppress small business resurgence.

Then there were all the other lock-stepped responses to covid of so many governments. They all deployed measures that defied traditional medical processes and procedures, disregarded laws, ignored established pandemic plans, and created far more medical problems than they prevented.

That was planned in the “Operation Lock Step” chapter of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 2010 document “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”.

The WEF is quite open about their intentions for humanity. We’ll live in pods, eat bugs, own nothing, and be happy. We’ll be stripped of our properties and superannuation and, if our “social credit score” remains OK and we don’t generate too much “carbon”, we’ll get a “universal basic income”.

All as described in WEF chairman Klaus Schwab’s books “Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “The Great Reset”.

What are our politicians doing about this? Well, 60% of them are “sheeple” – unquestioning herd animals. Around 20% are WEF-trained subversives. About 17% are awake to the WEF but have been compromised. The remainder are awake and uncompromised but ridiculed as “conspiracy theorists”.

And if there were no such thing as “conspiracies” we wouldn’t have a word for them or provisions for them in law.

Humanity has a destiny out amongst the stars, but we will not reach them if we allow ourselves to be crushed by this secret society of evil, inbred, globalist conspirator families who have been plotting and working towards the destruction of our nations and our enslavement for centuries.

We can win this war of elites versus commoners, but only if everyone who knows these truths speaks out in every way possible to awaken those who remain oblivious to it all.

Mater’s Musings #58: Does the Guardian write for the AMA?

Or do they receive the same talking points?
Or are they one and the same?

The Guardian – 16 Feb 21 – Just days before the first vaccine was administered in Australia

The Guardian – 16 Feb 21

AMA’s Submission to the Independent Review of Australia’s COVID-19 response from 31 July 2022, a whole year and a half later and, one would hope, a whole lot better informed. But alas…

Australian Medical Association – 31 Jul 2022

Both lies are so similar that it’s hard to ignore the possibility they are singing off the same set of deceptive talking points, especially considering the time difference.

Mater’s Musings #57 – Bing-Bong, You Were/Are Wrong!

AMA, RACGP united on COVID-19 vaccine rollout

So lacking ‘fully approved’ vaccines, you happily started stabbing the community with a ‘provisionally approved’ version? Did you even inform them that was the case?

Seriously, two peak professional bodies for the healthcare sector weren’t au fait with the approval process the vaccines were going though? No wonder I had stand up fights with several GPs who continued to insist they were ‘fully approved’. Does such advice from a practitioner constitute informed consent?

AMA Submission to the Independent review of
Australia’s COVID-19 response –
31 Jul 2022

Right, so nearly a year and a half later, and during a review (read: roundup) of the event, the AMA STILL hasn’t clued up to the fact that they STILL aren’t ‘fully approved’. Or are they being deliberately deceptive?

For the record, the approval process may not have the ‘emergency’ label attached, but ‘provisional approval’ is the closest thing the Australian system allows, and up until the Covid vaccine, was solely used to race through approval for unproven (but promising) medication for cancer sufferers. Medication which, incidentally, is voluntary and offered without coercion, after full disclosure of the associated risks. The Covid vaccines were assessed under “some form of emergency authorisation”, and a bastardised version at that!

But why should I be surprised; this is still showing on the Federal Health Department website:


This is the same process as any vaccine approved in this country”?

Demonstrably untrue. The Provisional Approval pathway was only added to the process in early 2018. I’m pretty sure we’ve been vaccinating long before that.

Is anyone else getting sick of being lied to by all and sundry?

Weekday Reading #22

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Aris Roussinos discusses the mythic power of monarchy and the field of action available to King Charles III.

Michael Anton looks at the The Godfather with the eyes of The Prince.

Helen Andrews on Why Women Can’t Have it All.

Edward Feser reflects on the political disorder that is bashing at our door.

Lastly, Big Serge considers some of the possible outcomes of recent events in Kharkov for the Russo-Ukrainian War.

Don’t judge our performance, we’re central bankers

I see Philip Lowe didn’t resign. Said he’d no intention of resigning. Claimed credit for low unemployment. I would have thought Morrison might claim credit for that? In any event, whatever the Reserve Bank’s total mission in life we all know that keeping inflation in check is its raison d’être. All else is embroidery. Could be the ‘note printing and payments agency’ if not for its role in ensuring price stability. No need for all those economists.

So, in reality, Lowe and his army of economists have one job for which they’re paid handsomely. That is to prevent inflation. They didn’t. Ergo, they failed in fulfilling their primary responsibility. Then, to boot, they’ve determinedly set out to compound the failure by implementing a policy of steep and rapid increases in interest rates. Go hang those who took out mortgages, or borrowed more generally, having been informed by the Reserve Bank near the end of last year that interest rates would not rise until beyond 2023.

Of course, panicking is afoot; not edifying for central bankers, but not surprising when they’ve royally messed up and there’s no hiding place. Having messed up and created inflation a better response (as advocated by Milton Friedman) would have been to rein in monetary growth slowly and gradually. As it is, the growth in the money supply could well collapse as bad debts grow and new bank lending falls off. Result: at the least, economic distress for many people and businesses; at the worst, recession.

Not bad if the Reserve Bank pulls off both inflation on the one side of things and unemployment on the other. Hopefully, we’ll get away with it. The lucky country. Exporting heaps of primary products, much coal and gas included. But if the economy does go into some kind of tailspin don’t expect resignations. There are no defining KPIs in government service.

An excuse. The Reserve Bank is at one with the Fed, the ECB and the BoE. They can’t be all wrong surely? They can’t have all stuffed up? Well, yes, they can. They all follow a Keynesian script. In this script, the money supply hardly rates a second thought. The Quantity Theory of Money, popularised by Freidman, is a footnote, if that. And what is the Quantity Theory? Simply put, it says that if you allow the money supply to grow faster than the real economy, then the excess money growth will find its way into prices. If excess money growth is material and persistent, as it was in Australia, in the US, in the UK and in Europe during 2020 and 2021, inflation will very likely occur.  As indeed it did.  (See here for my longer take on it.)

Too much money. Money falls in value.  Correspondingly, the prices of goods rise. Not hard to understand. Unless, that is, you’re the product of economics faculties run by lefties. Wait a minute. Isn’t that mostly all of them? There’s a depressing thought.