4 thoughts on “Pitch perfect”

  1. We are certainly being led by buffoons, dangerous ones. The NSW Police Minister Baffoon on Rita this evening simultaneously white-anting Gladys and the freedom demonstrators, without evidence in either case. An overpaid oaf, like Hazzard, Chant and all of them. We could get over this virus if governments got out of the way and let people make responsible decisions, like we did with AIDS.

    As for the abuse of our children, here’s a thought: The Leprachaun has said no jab, no job with Qantas. How about, no jab, no job as a teacher?

  2. It’s a rarity to have a journalist who’s a great writer and thinker who’s also committed to the public interest. Carlson’s daily broadsides against the corrupt, decadent, tin-eared American ruling class are inspiring.

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