The Adverse Reaction of Chantal Uren

From Chantal Uren
This is my story…
My name is Chantal, I’m a 37 year old Police Officer from Western Australia and I had a severe reaction after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.
To the people who threatened me with defamation charges and disciplinary action for telling my story, I am disappointed. I’m disappointed that your priority is to silence me for your own ego and agenda rather than ask if I’m ok and offer me any help! At no time have you asked if I’m ok or cared for a second about my health or welfare. You decided that putting me under more stress, when that stress can cause further risk to my life is your priority. It makes me question humanity and how any person can have such a lack of empathy towards another.
If defamation and disciplinary action is what you deem suitable than I’m not afraid. I’ve done nothing wrong, I did what you wanted and look what happened. No one has the right to take away anyone else’s experiences or tell them how they should feel. Please believe me when I say, there is nothing that you can do to me that will even compare to what I am currently experiencing. Treating someone in this way is never ok and if people can take any lesson away from this then please stand up for yourself. Set standards as to how you should be treated and don’t ever be silent if someone is treating you poorly regardless of their relationship to you.
To all the people who have told me that my experience isn’t real and that this could never be true. Before you tell anyone that they are a liar or voice your opinion, ask yourself two things. Firstly. Do I have all the information to voice my opinion and challenge the experience of another and secondly, am I qualified in voicing this opinion.
In August, my employer announced that anyone who was not vaccinated against COVID would be treated differently by having to wear masks at all times in the workplace; excluded from buildings and moved out of their positions that they have worked hard for into office type roles if they are not vaccinated. (confirmed by an industrial relations staff member). This announcement is no secret to the community as it was published on the front page of the West Australian newspaper.
Prior to this announcement, I had decided I was not getting the vaccine. I am entitled to my choice. Please note that I am not an anti-vaxer as some may call it, but I make decisions based around having sufficient information available to me which I believed and still believe I do not have. My reasons for not getting the vaccine should not be anyone else’s business but for the purposes of this post I am including it. For me, there are insufficient studies on long term health issues and the vaccine didn’t meet the usual safety checks which makes me uncomfortable. I had never had a flu vaccine in my life and I had not had a flu since 2009. I believe in good nutrition and always use nutrition to cure ailments wherever possible. I created a company based on this premise and I am very successful. I had also had a reaction to an unknown allergy and wanted to wait to speak to an immunologist prior to making a definite decision. However, this appointment was two months off. I felt as though I didn’t really have a choice. I was worried that I would be moved out of my position which is seen as a privileged role.
The morning of my appointment, I was really scared about getting the vaccine as I knew it wasn’t right for me. I spoke to the doctor about my concerns and she was willing to write me a letter to delay it but asked me what would that mean for my job. I didn’t know and it worried me. That day she had spoken to a lot of people from my job and she said that a lot of them felt threatened and put into a position to make a choice that they didn’t want to and whilst in the waiting room, my colleagues told me the same thing. The doctor told me that she was concerned about giving the vaccine to people who weren’t doing it freely by their own choice. Sadly, I joked with the doctor saying “I’ll be the one the vaccine kills.” Sadly, it could have.
Within 10 minutes of getting the Pfizer vaccine, I got vertigo and nausea and within 15 minutes I had hives all over me. The doctor and ambulance officer got the rash under control but as soon as I got home I had a fever, chills and felt very unwell. For the following 3.5 weeks I suffered rashes every day, fevers as high as 39.7, aching muscles, flu like symptoms, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pressure in my sinuses and a cough so bad that it felt like my blood vessels were going to explode in my face. Some days I cried because I thought I was going to die. I was so sick. When I thought I was starting to get better, I still had extreme fatigue and was constantly light headed. I went back to work but spent a lot of time laying on my office floor and struggling to get through the day.
On a Tuesday night, I noticed that my eyes felt weird. They had a heavy feeling and felt like they needed rubbing all the time. The next morning I woke up to go to work and one eye wouldn’t open and the other wouldn’t close. The one that wouldn’t close also wouldn’t blink. I thought that I had allergies so I took an antihistamine and drove one hour to work. By 9:00am, I felt my top lip go a bit funny and my work colleague told me that my face was drooping sideways and she was taking me to emergency. I will be forever grateful for her making me go as she saved my life.
Within 1 minute of being at emergency, everyone was rushing around me and I started to panic. Next second I’m getting wired up to machines and a stroke specialist and multiple other doctors and nurses were in my cubicle. I was admitted to hospital.
The next morning, I got up and had a shower but instead I ended up having a stroke. I was in the shower by myself and my body started waving uncontrollably and the right side of my body got a weird sensation. I could no longer stand and I was on the floor scared. My right side got really heavy and felt numb with a weird pins and needles type of sensation. At this stage the left side of my face was fully paralysed and I had extreme muscle weakness in my left arm and leg.
I was taken for more tests which showed that the main artery to my brain had a rupture and I had suffered a mini stroke (TIA). I was transferred to the stroke ward at a different hospital that day and from that moment on, I was monitored hourly.
I can’t tell you how scary it was being in a stroke ward with all elderly patients thinking what the hell am I doing here. I was tested for every illness and nutrient deficiency that could cause a stroke and the doctor said I was perfectly healthy and had no possible cause to what had happened to me.
While in hospital, I was monitored hourly. It was crazy. No sleep, and I was constantly scared that it would happen again. I couldn’t eat or drink properly and dribbled everything down the side of my face. It was humiliating. This was a minor issue for the doctors but for a 37 year old girl, it was a big deal. I was told that there was a 25% chance it wouldn’t heal and if it did, it would take months. This by itself was highly distressing.
I cried multiple times a day. It was mentally hard to get through every moment. I was not allowed to move at first but the nurses let me have bathroom privileges because going to the bathroom in a tray was too upsetting for me. If I moved too much or too fast I could have another stroke.
I was unable to have any treatment as the doctors deemed it too unsafe so the only thing that the doctors and I could do was wait and hope that my artery will heal itself. This will take a long time and in the mean time, my usual activities are on hold.
When I was discharged from the hospital, I was really happy as I couldn’t stand being locked up in the hospital. Don’t get me wrong, my nurses and doctors were amazing and I can’t say one thing wrong about their efforts and caring nature. However, it was so scary being home without the constant care. I wasn’t allowed to be left alone and the risk of having another stroke was and still is very high. I was in constant fear and even though my confidence is increasing, I still worry every second. I am further away from instant care and the risk of permanent brain damage is very real. I now also suffer constant nose bleeds and painful joints.
I was booked in for an appointment at the vaccine safety clinic. Sadly, there were about twenty other women the same age as me sitting around waiting. I didn’t really understand what the appointment was about until I was taken into a private room with a doctor who tried to tell me that the vaccine had nothing to do with what had happened to me but then also couldn’t tell me that it didn’t. He sat in his chair stating that it was worth the risk of having another stroke to get my second Pfizer shot. How can a doctor sit there and tell someone those things. He was willing to risk my life to meet what I believe his goal to be of getting as many people vaccinated as possible. He didn’t care about my safety and even asked after I refused the vaccine if I wanted him to call me back in three months time to see if I changed my mind. There was no respect for my decision.
The mental side of this is very hard and has required a lot of strength. I am a very active and busy person and to go from that to only being aloud to walk around the house is highly distressing. I have to be very aware of my mental health and I can’t thank my partner and friends enough for dropping everything to help and support me. I am very lucky.
I don’t want anything from telling my story accept the acknowledgement that no vaccine or medical procedure is safe for everyone. This is not my opinion, this is fact and the COVID vaccine is no exception. No one has the right to tell someone else that they have to put something in their body as they don’t know the risks to that person. It is causing a sad division in our society and not making anyone happy. If you choose to have the vaccine then great and if you don’t then that is ok too. Please be kind to each other and treat each other fairly and equally, we all deserve it.
* Photo was me in hospital showing left side facial paralysis.
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N.B. I will update this story if new info comes to hand.

Which 18 studies?

The National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce (NCCET) very recently updated its Ivermectin guidance (h/t: Muddy on the OOT).  Apart from the standard mention of the ‘dangers’ of ivermectin, they write: 

The certainty of the current evidence base varies from low to very low depending which on outcome is being measured, as a result of serious risk of bias and serious imprecision in the 18 included studies.

But they don’t actually mention which studies they’ve included. However, they Continue reading “Which 18 studies?”

“Citing new modelling”

Five million Melburnians will be freed from a months-long lockdown this week after the Victorian government accelerated the easing of restrictions, citing new modelling which has drastically cut projections for hospitalisations.

This was the lead para in the front page story in The Oz today: Melbourne lockdown: Vaccine surge delivers freedom for five million people. New modelling! That is, up until now their calculations have been wrong and they now have an improved calculation. Any chance of an apology? 

What a despicable crew of incompetents! The real change is in the government in NSW which has led the way. Dan had little choice but to follow along. 

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews.

Guest Post: Gab – Action Item on the Trusted Digital Identity Bill

URGENT: You have until 5pm 27 Oct to ‘’have your say’’ against the ‘’Trusted Digital Identity Bill’’ currently being proposed by the (Liberal) Government of Australia. This Bill has been deliberately kept quiet and it is now at Stage 3. Stages 1 and 2 have been passed.  Stage 3 means the public has an opportunity to voice opposition to it. If we as Australians do not speak out against this Bill, the Government will assume that our silence is consent. This is a fact not rhetoric. They are proposing Facial Recognition, amongst other things. It will affect the way we shop., it also allows for our locations to be constantly monitored – more so than now. Continue reading “Guest Post: Gab – Action Item on the Trusted Digital Identity Bill”

Guest Post: MatrixTransform – The Langoliers

The Langoliers

On the Open Thread, Makka  says: October 16, 2021 at 9:27 am

“The fact is most people threw their lot in with the Man long ago. Credit cards, mortgages, the o/seas holidays, keeping up with the Joneses. Debt up to the eyeballs. To service it there can be no interruption whatsoever to income. Then there is the family ties spread across the wide brown land. That’s life as we know it and for it to continue the turds governing us know the vast majority will comply just to get on with it. The bud has blossomed and died long ago.”

In maybe 2014, I woke one morning with a premonition. Well, a hunch … or maybe a clue.

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Left Authoritarianism vs. Right Authoritarianism

Pinochet / Stalin

There is a fundamental difference between authoritarian regimes of the right, and authoritarian regimes such as we are currently experiencing from the left.

But first, imagine a person who is a hypothetical perfect moral person in touch with God or some universal arbiter of good and evil. Imagine that there can be a left wing or a right wing version of such a thing. This person always does the right thing, even at the cost of breaking rules or laws.

A right wing version of this would be the original Dirty Harry, who when Scorpio had a young victim buried in a hole and running out of air, Harry ignored rules, the rights of the criminal, and even his own career, to beat the location of the girl out of the crim.

Where’s the girl?

Dirty Harry

Because right wing regimes care about law and order, we can say that in this case Dirty Harry is acting as a perfect moral person substitute for a right wing regime.

And it is this that is a difference between left wing authoritarians and right wing authoritarians. We can imagine individual people driven by a moral imperative to act as a substitute for the things a right wing regime might want to achieve, But there is no such possibility with left wing regimes.

Take Stalin forcing industrialisation by taking all the grain off Ukrainian peasants to send to cities and overseas, making them sell every last grain to a centralised authority and thus causing mass starvation. Is there an analogous possible to imagine person who could commit an individual act to achieve likewise? No, there just isn’t an individual act that corresponds to mass starvation.

Abortion is another example that explains this difference. One could imagine an individual who discovers an abortion clinic like that Gosnell fellow’s and responds by taking the dude out with extreme prejudice if the law refuses to intervene. However, there is no counter case where a left winger could possibly think of a moral case, even from a left perspective, where it would work to break the law to kidnap some preggo woman off the street and abort her baby.

There are however cases where left regimes do such things on a regime wide level. For example, China’s one child policy. Now look at the regime level right extreme on abortion: Even when a right regime makes it illegal or extremely difficult to abort children, no one can actually physically force a woman to take a baby full term. It’s not possible. Now you might think that a Victorian era backyard abortionist is a left wing example of a perfect moral person (from the left viewpoint) breaking laws in an individual effort that achieves the same result as a left wing regime might by fiat. But this is not the case, because they were butchers who left many woman dead from infections and were motivated by profit, not morality.

Try it for yourself. Think of any thing that can be broken down into left and right, and try to think of ways in which a left wing person could act individually from a moral perspective in it’s name. It doesn’t exist.

It is because the right acts from an individual perspective and the left collectivise everything, that it is impossible for a leftist to act individually to further their causes from a moral perspective.

This is why leftist regimes tend harder to authoritarianism and stay there longer than right regimes. The left agenda does not lend itself to individual acts of moral courage.

In other words, the goal of the left in all things is to collectivise: collective guilt, collective ownership, group identity. You cannot achieve a collectivist goal through individualistic action. This is why, even in their authoritarian guises, the left and the right are fundamentally different and manifest themselves in completely different ways.

The continued failure of Official Science and Public Health

Dr. John Campbell talks with Dr. Pieter Gaillard about the importance of aspirating when injecting mRNA (Pfizer/ Moderna)/ viral vector (AstraZeneca) vaccines and the role of lipid ‘nanoparticles’ in each of them. None of the clinical trials investigated this aspect. They just treated them as classical vaccines.

This is without doubt an experiment conducted en masse without the knowledge or consent of most participants.

Question for those vaxxed: did the vaccinator aspirate to check they were indeed injecting the vaccine into your muscle and not into a blood vessel or did they not?

End this Mickey Mouse police state NOW!

Dirty flying pigs

Over the last two years since the covid mania began we have endured regular flights over my suburb by the police air wing.

That it is a frequent event to go outside, in your own yard and be subject to Mogadishu type overwatch by our pathetic wannabe paramilitary police farce is disgusting.

That we are becoming used to being treated like the residents of a Judge Dredge Mega city on the cusp of civil war is deranged. These people are deranged.

Today they were doing slow laps of my suburb yet again. I went out to look and shook my fist at the thing. You can see in the photo above exactly what I was confronted by overhead at low altitude. It promptly began circling around my house, and then in what can only be an attempt at intimidation, hovered directly over my home where myself, my wife and young daughter live.

What possible role these aerial pigs are playing over sleepy outer suburban homes on a Sunday morning is a complete mystery.

Vicpol idiots: Your demented over policing of covid and your arrogance has lost you many friends. Keep it up and it will be 100 years before any member of the public welcomes your presence.


When you give young men millions of dollars of technology, put them literally above the citizens, let them use it at their own discretion, allow a culture of contempt for “civilians”, here’s a hint: they act up badly.

They will, eventually be held to account by a legal, correct and democratically elected people. So too will the “leadership” that allowed and encouraged this. So enjoy your little thrills today boys. You are not soldiers, you aren’t Dirty Harry, and this isn’t a movie.

[Comments that threaten violence against these useless arseclowns will be deleted. Keep it sensible and proportional]