To Boosters and Beyond

It was reported today in NSW that thirty-two people had died with covid in the previous 24 hours.

Five of those who died had received two jabs plus a booster. That’s 16 percent. Less than the 28 percent of adults who’ve received a booster in NSW. That gap seemed to instil cavalier confidence in CHO Kerry Chant. To wit: “Five had received a booster underlying the importance of a third jab.” Well, of course, it doesn’t underly the effectiveness of a third jab at all.

The boosters are very fresh. Despite that freshness, five people succumbed. A rather high percentage of deaths in the circumstances. Expect it to rise as the boosters rapidly run out of puff.

Recall when the boosters came in. At least six months after being double jabbed was the call. Now it’s now to three months. After what interval will a second booster become de rigueur; essential in fact. Who’s for a rapidly-following third booster and beyond?

Reportedly eight of the thirty-two deaths were among those unvaxxed. That’s 25 percent, which is far higher than the 6 percent unvaccinated. But the relative incidence of deaths among the vaxxed and unvaxxed is narrowing as the apparent short-lived protection of vaccination is lost.  Unfortunately too, constructive ambiguity (propaganda?) colours the extent of information made public.

We need to know the age and morbidity status of those dying cross referenced against their vaccination status. It seems quite likely to me that among the old and very sick, there might be a disproportionate reluctance to be vaxxed in case it causes harm. If that’s the case, it would not be surprising that the unvaxxed are disproportionately represented among those very sick and dying. At the least, this factor might be skewing the figures somewhat. It’s hard to find the unadorned truth in times of war they say. Ditto in these times of covid hysteria.

We’re all in this together

Over the last two years, despite being assured by our Prime Minister Scott Morrison that “we’re all in this together”, the plain truth is that we are not and have never been “all in this together”.  The facts are that all those tyrannical Covid rules and regulations have been applied selectively and specifically, the application has been dependent on one’s sporting prowess, one’s celebrity status and one’s business connections.  To put is simply, rules for thee but not for me.  Whilst borders have been slammed shut to ordinary Australians, various athletes, celebrities and businessmen and women have been allowed to fly in and out of this country and they’ve been awarded privileges and dispensations denied to other Australians, even during that dark year of 2020 Continue reading “We’re all in this together”

Scott Morrison’s fig leaf

On Friday in the Federal Court of Australia, and after CoB, the Minister for Immigration, the Hon. Alex Hawke, cancelled Novak Djokovic’s Visa for a second time after the defending Australian Open Champion had earlier in the week won his case against the Government cancellation of his Visa for denial of procedural fairness.

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Keep it real

A friend just went through a rough trot with the virus and she posted this up Facebook.

Years ago, she came here as a 20yo from Bosnia without a word of English and I’ll wager she was on my father’s bus out of Portsea when she did.

The size of her intellect and wit is only exceeded by that of her heart.

This may take a couple of reads to digest before the enormity of what isn’t being said falls on your understanding.

Without giving anything away, here it is.

I just want to say thank you to all my family and friends for being there and caring so much for me.

Thank you for all the soups and goodie drop offs. You know who you are and without you I would have been screwed.

For everyone that offered to help and who was there to positively surround me with their kindness and loving energy I am forever grateful. When you’re down on your knees struggling for the next breath all on your own, love and kindness from others will get through hard times.

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We are governed by totalitarians with the battleground worldwide and not just in Melbourne

This is the background which I was sent a few days ago. The video was released yesterday – one hour and forty-one minutes in length. This is what you are being prevented from seeing.

As you may be aware, Battleground Melbourne, a feature-length documentary is out in a few days and is free to watch! I think they accumulated over 100 terabytes of data for this one. 

Topher has been making videos for quite a long time but this will be his finest. 

Here’s Topher’s latest post:

This is the Full Trailer for Battleground Melbourne, a documentary which tells the story of the fall of the World’s Most Liveable City through the eyes of those who risked everything to save it.

Melbourne was voted the World’s Most Liveable City 7 times… now Melbourne is the most locked down city, and has spent the last 2 years being rocked by anti-government protests and unprecedented levels of police violence in return.

Battleground Melbourne tells the story of these protests, the people, the events, the courage, the violence, the hope… through the eyes of the people who were there.

Who are they really? Are they really as bad and evil as the media and politicians claim? Why did they keep going even as police were arresting, assaulting, and shooting them?

You’ve heard the politician’s side of the story, you’ve heard the media’s version of events… now see it through our eyes.

Above is what you get if you now try to watch the full video which was released yesterday and them immediately suppressed. Below is the trailer which you can still watch as I post it here, but I wouldn’t count on it lasting very long.

Basically, it is the story how Melbourne went from being the World’s Most Liveable City to an ash heap and dump under Daniel Andrews and his mates. Still, they remain odds-on favourites to win the next election so who is there to blame for any of it?