12 thoughts on “Mater’s Musings #39: I’ll just leave this juxtaposition here!”

  1. May God give strength to the people to rise up and overthrow these wicked rulers.
    Keep holding the line.

  2. Hmm? Now I wonder who those people are? They must be Far-Right activists in some foreign country. Could be the French. Nothing in the Age or their ABC about this.

  3. Indeed.

    And I now see that Andrews’ glove puppet Sutton is whining that the Feds’ dawning understanding that it’s not that great an idea for the lunacy to go on indefinitely doesn’t include economic support for Victoria proportional to the damage inflicted by the Dictator, with Sutton’s connivance, on Victoristan.

    Who’d have thought the Dictator and his acolytes would try to sheet the blame home to someone else? Gosh.

    Not that I’ve any time for the arch-appeaser jellyback Morrison either.

  4. …We should listen to this idiot Sutton who destroyed a great family business iCook, with a stroke of a pen? The day of reckoning is coming for him.

  5. As Thomas Jefferson put it:

    “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but the newspapers. “

  6. Keep holding the line.

    That picture should illustrate *perfectly*, to *both* the citizens, and the police, just how thin the police lines are, and how easily the citizens can change things, if they can only muster the courage.


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