Month: February 2023

  • Open Thread – Tues 7 Feb 2023

    Daedalus and Icarus, Charles Le Brun, 1645

  • What is this shift to wind & solar?

    How many times have you read something like this? Written by an experienced member of the press corps. The shift to renewable energy is unstoppable and accelerating. The role for gas and coal will rapidly diminish as renewable technology advances to ensure a cheap, clean and reliable supply of power. Fact checking: Where in the…

  • Greens mugged by reality

    In north Queensland the useful idiots of the not-so-green environmental movement have been mugged by reality at Chalumbin. After spending years closing down forest-related industries and putting their neighbours out of work they find that the not-so-green wind industry is coming to get their trees and wildlife. You could say it serves them right. Short…

  • Rabz’ Radio Show February 2023: Electronica

    The term “electronica” is used in this thread to define music that largely utilises electronic instruments, as opposed to placing it in any particular timeframe or referring specifically to any group of artists (as Wikipedia does). The use of electronic instruments and the creation of synthesised music has it roots in the early twentieth century.…


    Traitors to Everything Australians Love. Discuss.

  • Open Thread – Weekend 4 Feb 2023

    The Bazincourt Steeple, Camille Pissarro, 1895

  • Meme of the Day #64

    h/t: The Middle-earth mixer Also, if you’re unware of the reference, the outline and elaboration provided of the scene here is wonderful. It puts Tolkien’s genius on full display. He really understood how far to go and what to leave hidden. An absolute master.

  • The death of “old Australia”? Perhaps that’s premature.

    ‘Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated,’ is a well known quote from Mark Twain. This quote came to mind while reading Craig Emerson’s column – Why Australia Day will just die of old age – in Monday’s edition of the Australian Financial Review. Emerson’s column argues that the Grim Reaper of demographics is stalking…

  • Popper on Rules and Orders

    The catastrophic state of the gas market in Australia demonstrates the failure of Labor’s new economics practically before the ink is dry on Jim Chalmers’s forthcoming manifesto in The Weekly. A piece in the Fin Review today tells the grisly tale. If you think we had problems with power prices last year, you ain’t seen…

  • WolfmanOz at the Movies #56

    The Man in Lincoln’s Nose Was the original title that Alfred Hitchcock initially thought of for his spy thriller North By Northwest where he envisaged the leading man hiding from the villains in Lincoln’s nose at Mount Rushmore and being given away when he sneezes. Although I have already written about Hitch very early in…