I have often wondered what it must have been like for ordinary people in Russia, China, Germany, Cambodia, Korea, Iran, and other countries, to wake up and realise they were living in a country that had been overtaken by a sinister, fringe, and radical political ideology. Did they think the political madness would pass and everyone would finally come to their senses? Perhaps some people were bewildered, bamboozled, puzzled, confused and overwhelmed by the radical change. I am sure some understood what was happening, but no doubt most people thought they could wait it out. As a student of history I understand how radical ideologies, once they obtain power, be it through elections, revolutions, or coups, never waste any time consolidating power and never waste any time implementing radical social, political, economic, sexual and racial agendas. The left are masters of this. It happened very quickly after the Bolsheviks seized power in 1917, and it was replicated fifteen years later in Germany when Hitler was appointed chancellor in January 1933. And once in power they never voluntarily relinquish power. They use state apparatuses to propagandise, to indoctrinate and to groom. Communism, Nazism and Fascism enforce their agendas by grooming.  All totalitarian ideologies groom, they are experts at it.

In democracies like Australia we do not have the excuse of sudden radical ideological change (although the jury is out with this current Albanese government). No, instead we have allowed radical and fringe ideologies to gain influence and power slowly, by infiltrating and corrupting our mainstream political parties, government departments, media, academia, education, entertainment, charities, even religious groups. This process of infiltration and corruption has been slow, but it has been highly successful, and it is now entrenched. And nowhere has this process been more successful than with the whole LGBTQI+ ideology. What began as a genuine and sincere campaign for equal rights for gay men and gay women has now morphed into a sinister campaign for the compulsory acceptance of radical queer theory, and as part of this compulsory acceptance, the push is to normalise sexual perversion and to breakdown societal and sexual taboos. Queer theory is unapologetically revolutionary in its desire and intent to destroy heterosexuality (or as they prefer to call it, “heteronormativity”), to destroy the family, to destroy biological reality, to destroy male and female, to destroy our Judeo-Christian heritage, to destroy religion and to destroy consent laws. In queer theory, all children, even infants, are regarded as sexual beings who can consent to sexual activity. LGB has now evolved into LGBTQI+ and it’s the last three letters and the plus symbol that now runs amok through western societies. I call it LGBTQI+ fascism and this fascism is now entrenched across western societies.

I live in inner-city Sydney and the city is currently hosting “WorldPride,” a festival promoting global LGBTQIA+ pride. Sydney is currently drenched in LGBTQIA+ pride propaganda, there are banners, flags and murals everywhere, almost every shopfront displays the LGBTQIA+ pride logo and flags, walking through David Jones today I noticed how even the ground floor of the store has been painted with LGBTQIA+ pride colours. It is everywhere, you cannot escape the propaganda. Building facades are painted and daubed with pride colours, one hotel near Hyde Park has LGBTQIA+ pride ribbons hanging for metres down the front of the building. Footpaths, steps and roads have been painted with the LGBTQIA+ pride colours. As I walked through all of this today, I became increasingly bewildered, puzzled, disturbed and irate, and then I realised something, it was akin to walking through Berlin in 1938, where the swastika and other Nazi imagery were omnipresent, in 2023 I walk through Sydney’s streets and stores and the LGBTQIA+ pride colours are omnipresent.  Just like the Nazis used the swastika as a symbol of its sinister ideology, just like the Soviets used and the Chinese and North Koreans still use murals and military parades to symbolise and promote totalitarian ideology, the LGBTQIA+ pride colours are also designed to intimidate, to indoctrinate and to promote, and all of this is a message to ordinary Australians that they no longer have the reins of power in this country, that power now belongs to fringe, radical ideologues.

I felt sickened by the display today, it is everywhere. I now live in LGBTQIA+ land. This has nothing to do with equal rights for gay men and women. This is state sponsored grooming and indoctrination. I will have nothing to do with it. Yet if I dare protest, I am the reactionary, the bigot, the homophobe, the transphobe, the racist, and the Nazi. And all of this will only get worse, so I am prepared for the day when I hear a knock on the door and I will be confronted by police who will question why I refuse to celebrate LGBTQIA+ pride, why I think paedophiles are dangerous and should not be allowed near children, and why I believe in biological reality. The police will probably say that they want to check my thinking. I am ready for all of this. And do not laugh, such police visits are already happening in the UK.

Once upon a time East Germans lived in Stasiland, Australians now live in Prideland.